‘Felix Awofisayo Is My Mentor’

Dele Omoluwabi and his Juju Band started from his love for music, especially for  music blood that runs in his family.

He had his primary and post primary education in Oyo and Osun states respectively. Though his parents live in Ife, he is from Ilesa in Osun State.

“Apart from the fact that I have music running in my family, my devotion as a choir member of Celestial Church of Christ, Moore, Ile-Ife offered me an opportunity to develop more in music and it brings out the innate talent in me,” he stated.

“More so, all talents without a motivator or actualiser could make such a dream to die off but with the help of my mentor and godfather, Chief Felix Awofisayo, I am what I am today” he added. Though, Dele Omoluwabi is the leader of a popular juju band in Ile-Ife and Ilesa, especially among the elites, he adduced the reason to the composition and the touch of his music, which made him to be admired especially by students of higher institutions.

He thereby solicits for sponsors as its he’s abvout to wax his first elpee.”If anyone is in love with juju music and has not had the taste of Dele Omoluwabi, he is yet to taste the best,” he concluded.