Fears As Fulani Herdsmen Invade Enugu Communities

Fears As Fulani Herdsmen Invade Enugu Communities

Fears As Fulani Herdsmen Invade Enugu CommunitiesAbout forty Enugu state communities in Ezeagu Local Government Area are in a state of panic due to the appearance of Fulani herdsmen allegedly armed with AK 47 rifles in their communities.

The herdsmen had entered the area two weeks back with their lifestocks and due to illegal grazing, they have managed to destroy local crops in farms and raped some local women in village.

Due to the sudden invasion by the northerners, Agriculture production by the region is at an all time low, and the locals can’t protect their citizens due to the superior arms carried by the invading herdsmen.

Ex Ohanaeze leader Justice Ozobu spoke on the recent invasion by the herdsmen and said the issue needs to be controlled fast and his people were on the fringe of death and anarchy. Ozobu, who is now the Traditional ruler of Imeziowa community of Ezeagu LGA area revealed he knows nothing if the security agents in the state are doing anything to stop the herdsmen.

He said: “I do not know what government has done or any action taken by security operatives to checkmate the insurgency by the Fulani herdsmen. These people who we thought carry only sticks and machetes now carry AK47 rifles openly and we wonder where they got those guns from. “People no longer go to farm anymore and every one now lives in fear of these people.

They come in and settle down as if it is their home, nobody is doing anything to stop them.

“In my own place, my brother who retired as a police officer, came out in the night and asked them what they were doing with guns they were carrying. At some point, he had to bring out his gun and shot two of them.”