Fayose Please Watch It!

I was amazed when I read one of the dailies dated 25/02/2009, where it was stated that the so-called who-is-who in the PDP converged in Abuja and the arrowhead of their meeting was Ayodele Fayose, who not only invited, but was made a member of the campaign committee for the re-run election in Ekiti State coming very soon.

Fayose, if you are being deceived, please don’t deceive yourself. PDP, as we know is a shameless party that has no foresight. With hindsight, the way you were treated, dumped and disgraced out of the party call for attention. What was your offence and why did the power that be in Abuja descendon you?

Where are those selfish big party loyalists of Ekiti origin that worked in tandem with Abuja to remove you? Let PDP go back to them now or if I may ask, where are the so-called PDP governors of the South West during your political travails’.

Suddenly they have now turned you to the proverbial stone that the builder rejected.

For avoidance of doubt, let the whole PDP governors, vice-president, senate president, chairman of chairmen of whatever category come to Ekiti State, there they will come and meet their waterloo. The hoity-toity way PDP misbehaved and treated him is now telling on them.

Ayodele Fayose is enjoying his popularity today because of his achievements during his short reign in Ekiti. He was wonderful. Engr. Oni should equally be proud of his own achievements too. He cannot be compared to Ayodele Fayose.

Ekiti is an enlightened state where both human and natural resources abound. I know they will not want any stooge, solely hand-picked by the so-called farmer to direct them again. What can an average Ekiti person say is his gain from the federal authority. Federal Government that cannot guarantee free education, free health and reasonable shelter etc to the citizenry, should not be taken seriously.

Lest I forget, my people, please take whatever amount they give you because this has always been their system, They may decide to part with as mucn as N 10,000.00 or even more per vote. They are coming to give you part of your national cake. N10,000:00 or more cannot fund your children education nor build a home for you. They are bunch of deceivers, who want to enslave and perpetuate hunger in Nigeria as far as they remain in power. God Almighty father will restle power from these cabals.

Where is PDP BOT chairman now who years before, equated himself with almighty God. He should go and campaign for Engr. Oni and PDP now.

Yoruba has woken from slumber and this is forever. NO! to conservatism, act of slavery and bad rulership. Progress! Progress!! is now our watch-word.

God Bless Ekiti State.


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