Fall-Out Of N109m Car Largesse: Oyinlola’s Car Gift Cause Tension In Councils’ Chairs’ Homes

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•Wives Patronise Spiritualists, Witchdoctors •It Is A Conduit Pipe –Diekola

NO matter how, the spoil of robbery would always lead to fighting and perennial war of attrition among the robbers. This fits in for the trouble silently raging on at the home fronts of some council chairmen in Osun State, as spouses of their sponsors, political godfathers and other wives in some cases of polygamists among them have drawn the battle line.

It would be recalled that the state government has authorized the allocation of one Brilliance car to each local government council chairman’s wife in the 30 council areas including oppose the Area Office in Modakeke at the rate of N3.5 million each, totalling N109 million, to be deducted from the source, (federal allocations accruing to the council in the state).

OSUN DEFENDER reliably gathered that a council chairman’s decision to the idea was overruled, as he was mandated to take his wife’s car or lose it and the money respectively.

Information has it that when the council boss who was said to be living abroad before coming home to join politics insisted in getting things done according to the rule, the governor reportedly asked a prominent traditional ruler in his domain to warn him of the dare consequence of his action.

According to an investigation conducted by OSUN DEFENDER, the Chinese car largesse to the councils’ first ladies has resurrected the nearly buried war of polygamy in some homes of the council chiefs.

It was gathered that silent domestic war has brewed at the home front of the Area Officer in Modakeke as he has more than 10 wives and they were all maintaining a position on the prowl for the position of the first lady.

A reliable source close to the family disclosed that Atitebi may want to bully his way around the issue, but, according to him, the other angry wives may go extra-mile to defend their territories.

The situation is not different at the home of the Olorunda Local Government Chairman, Mr. Gani Olaoluwa as the motor park tout turned politician has more than one wife, a situation that has put the man in a fix.

It would be recalled that it was a tug of war at Olaoluwa’s matrimonial home, when he was asked at a meeting of Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON).

Meanwhile, information has it that some wives of the polygamous councils’ chiefs, who considered their positions threatened have started mobilizing some religion spiritualists and witch doctors to work the permutation in their favour.

In a related development, findings revealed that the paternal relationship between the Osogbo Local Government Council Chairman, Mr. Teslim Igbalaye and one of his brothers who took the bill of his election, may be heading for a rock, as the wife of his brother and sponsor has started grumbling the monopoly of the spoil of office by her brother in-law.

More so, some council chairmen according to our checks, are still in dilemma as touching how to present the largesse to their wives at home, for there were existing bickering and intra-matrimonial dichotomy that are known to the husbands and wives alone.

Reacting on the issue, a two-term council chairman in Osogbo Local Government, Alhaji Fatai Oyedele popularly known as Diekola has taken the state government to the cleaners saying that the imposition of the car largesse to the non-existing office of the council’s wives was another conduit pipe deliberately designed to siphon the limited council funds to the advantage of the initiator.

“It has been said that the administration of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola is corrupt, but the recent looting of our councils in disguise, through the non-existing office of the councils’ wives has clearly shown that these people (council chairmen and the governor) are looters, said the former chairman.
Besides, an erstwhile council boss, Alhaji Braimoh Adeniyi, who is a prominent member of Osogbo OranmiyanDynamic Group has lamented the consequences of the car largesse on the timing and project of the councils, disclosing that the timing was wrong; reiterating that pro- people projects would be negatively affected.

“This government is busy squandering money when the world is mapping out strategies for the bail out of the global-economic meltdown and Governor Oyinlola thinks sharing of cars to non-existing councils’ first ladies is the only solution. It is unfortunate that the government has chosen the wrong time for a waste of councils funds and people should expect its consequences on some projects”, said Adeniyi.

However, the state chapter of National Conscience Party (NCP) has vowed to take the matter to court, maintaining that the action if allowed to go unchallenged would bring more absurdities.

According to a statement signed by the party’s scribe, Comrade Ademola Bankole; “it stated now that it has been established that the governor and his council chairmen are looters, we shall challenge them to any level and expose them to the people on the streets”.

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