Facts Behind Compromise Of Osun Police Command

Osun State Police Command’s level of rottenness, gross indiscipline and less on integrity, has turned the police institution in the state into an object of manipulation in the hands of politicians, as findings have grossly indicted the force’s leadership in some cases that border on the fundamental rights of the citizens of the state.

According to an investigation conducted by OSUN DEFENDER in conjunction with one Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Committee for Good Governance (CGG), despite the fact that most men in the state command are dutiful, the leadership has not only sold out, but has also cultivated the habit of pushing men and officers to carry out hatchet job for politicians.

Findings showed that the disgraceful acts of some officers who have constituted themselves into a cult within the state police command, that has brazenly been abusing human rights and doing dirty jobs for the unscrupulous politicians in the state, it could be traced to the power from the above.

Investigations also showed that the State Security Service (SSS) under the watch of the erstwhile director, Mrs. Mary Ombu was cleverly dragged into compromise, before the service redeployed her and warned her successor against partisanship of the service.

While the SSS has since maintained its integrity, having smarted from indignity, accidental discharge of Ombu, the state police command under the watch of Commissioner John Moronike has fallen so badly below the line.

Findings further revealed that when the Kwara State born police commissioner was newly transferred to Osun State, after a big mess-up of his predecessor, Mr. Suleimon Fakai, he (Moronike) was more determined to save himself from the partisan posture of the police impression by Fakai.

Employing his gentle mien and honeymoon of a new posting, the incumbent police boss in the state invited all the political stakeholders to a meeting, intimating them about his plan to adhere strictly to the rule of law and professionalism.

It was learnt that the political parties’ leaders poured out their minds, and expressed confidence in the new state super cop, promising to give him unalloyed support.

However, Moronike failed the first litmus test, when some big guns of the embattled ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state reportedly started dangling carrot of different sizes and aroma before him.

It was gathered that the police commissioner mistook the ‘Greek-gift for appreciation, unknown to him that politicians have a way of luring stubborn police officers, and by the time the establishment reportedly brought him into a grand plan to equip the state command, unsuspecting that the implied import was to call his tune and tie his apron to the strings of Olagunsoye Oyinlola, the embattled state governor, Moronike’s flank had completely blown open.

Realizing that Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) notoriety had been exposed to the world by the members of the opposition through media reports, the establishment, tasked the state police boss to create another notorious squad that could help the PDP gladiators do their dirty jobs.

Necked-deep in the power brokers’ trap, Moronike could not resist the demand for the creation of Eagle squad, according to the findings, to violate human rights and humanity.

Meanwhile, the officer in-charge of operations in the state command is another police chief that wields power of life and death, and the political gladiators in government and the ruling party would always fall over one another to serve his meal, OSUN DEFENDER leant.

Information has it that he is so cooperative with the politicians in power that, when he was once transferred, several millions of naira went into lobby to bring him back to the state.

Though his closet is closely guarded from the eagle eye of the press, it is understandable that he is in the know of the repression of the opposition in the State.

Investigation also indicated that SARS is another dreaded machine in the state command, with the SARS men more interested in domestic political issues, than facing the men of underworld.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that at the Eagle Squad, an average bank would be made to green with envy, as money for bail depends on the level of crime and hour of arrest.

It was also gathered that spending a day at the dreaded Squad’s detention, is like spending eternity in hell, as cutlasses, fist gun butts and other dangerous objects are freely used on the naked body of a suspect.

Information also has it that another police officer who has fed fat on the police hatchet job for the politicians is one Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in the state police command.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the skinning police officer has won his relevance through the controversial Osogbo explosion saga, a scenario that has reportedly fetched the Kogi State born police officer, a house in his state and posh cars from his paymasters.

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