Facebook Gives Users A Feature To Help Deal With Stubborn Friends

One of the biggest problems Facebook users had has been the issue of the numerous contacts that a person could have. The problem expanded to users having problem managing their friends, thereby making social media addicts move to other social media networks where they could keep a small circle of friends, and could decide if their visibility.

Facebook has recently launched a ‘snooze’ feature that will allow users to mute a person’s posts for up to 30 days. This feature is a less extreme version of the ‘unfollow’ feature and is a welcome development especially for people that have to deal with multiple unwanted posts clogging their timelines.

To use the feature, simply select snooze in the top-right drop-down menu of a post, and the posts you want to avoid will temporarily disappear from your feed. The accounts you’ve snoozed won’t know about it and you’ll get a notification when the snooze period ends.  You can also end the snooze prematurely by manually turning it off.