Exposed: Oyinlola Awards N5bn Stadia Contract To Brother -In-Law

IN line with the non-challant and bare-faced corruption posture of the current administration in Osun State, findings have revealed how the Oyinlola-led government has concluded plans to award the contract for construction of six stadia across the six zones in the state to a construction outfit reportedly owned by a relation of the state’s governor’s wife, Princess Omolola Oyinlola.

Reliable information made available to OSUN DEFENDER revealed the decision to build the stadia by Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola, as contained in this year’s budget, was not borne of his administration’s love for sports or development of the benefiting areas but self-serving purposes.

The medium gathered from authoritative sources that going by the administration’s antecedent in the last six years, the sports’ ministry has been starved of necessary funds for better performances at various competitions at national levels.

Therefore, the sudden decision to build the stadia raises few eye-brows with speculations in several quarters as to the motives behind the administration’s change of attitude to sports development in the state.
According to impeccable sources, the contract was reportedly awarded to one Majekodunmi & Associates believed to be owned by one of Princess Oyinlola’s siblings.

The governor’s wife happens to be nee Majekodunmi, the source added.
Awarding the stadia construction to his in-law was found not to have been the first time the embattled governor would award juicy contracts to members of his extended family or using them as fronts to corner contracts.

A case in mind, the source added, happens to be the importation of various brands of Chinese cars into the state, through which the state’s fund has been siphoned into private pockets, as a close relation of the governor continues to act as a front for the state’s helmsman.

It would be recalled that Governor Oyinlola had included in his 2009 budget his administration’s plan to construct six stadia to be sited in each of the six zonal headquarters across the state billed to cost #5 billion.

In his reaction to the stadia construction, a financial analyst and political observer, Dr. Johnson Atitebi regarded the state government’s plan as sheer misplaced of priorities as, according to him, millions abound in the state that could not afford three-square meals a day while the state government is busy perfecting plans to bleed the state dry through reckless spending on projects that have little or no bearing on the people’s welfare.

He further admonished the Oyinlola administration to stop playing politics with projects but face serious business of governance without minding whose ox is gored, reminding him that posterity would not forgive him should he continue to embark on policies that are meant to serve the interest of few of his partymen.


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  1. New Governor, New Drama in Osun State: Questions Awaiting Answers

    By Bayo Omolola, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

    As ACN members continue to jubilate on the eventual electoral and judicial success their party recently registered in Osun State, several questions come to my mind.
    Will Rauf Aregbesola behave differently from other emerging leaders whose records of governorships have terrified their states and Nigeria instead of helping her? Will he serve instead of creating a wrong impression, making loud noise about little or nothing?
    Will he remember that all local government areas in Osun State need development and require adequate support? Will he avoid following the tradition of name this or that after me because I am the governor?
    Will he make use of competent and credible people to effect positive changes which he constantly drummed into the ears of Osun indigenes before his eventualelection victory?
    I am not a pessimist. I believe any credible politician should work for people, not for his or personal end. But how many Nigerian politicians really love their people? How many will ignore bribe, show fairness in the distribution of the wealth they control on behalf of their people?
    Will Aregbesola consider merit in his choice of commissioners, board members, and other key role players? Will he form a cabinet of progressive, learned, decent, dynamic and God-fearing people? Or will he end up forming a group of incompetent, half-baked, and professional fraudsters who always see the government treasury as their personal property?
    Will Aregbesola register a good name in the mind of the downtrodden by working hard to develop Osun State as a model or just “compensate” the “Abesinkawo” whose main intention is to “eat” as Nigerian political agents would say?
    What will people say after a year, two years, three years, four years after Oyinlola’s exit from Osun State central stage? Will Aregbesola perform below Oyinlola or do better? Will Osun have a better facelift? Or will she remain as she is?
    Will Aregbesola follow the tradition in Nigeria and say “My predecessor has not done anything?” Or will he do things differently and say, “Even though I challenged him and got my stolen victory from my arch-rival, I feel he has accomplished certain things for Osun State?
    How much does Aregbesola worth financially now? How much will he worth when he releases power to a successor in the future? Will he be a millionaire or a billionaire at the expense of his state?
    Will Aregbesola award contracts on merit, or will he follow the old pattern which has messed up Nigeria? Will he allow people to collect the state’s fund and spend it anyhow, or will he make those who spend such money accountable?
    Will he take loans which will mortgage the lives of young and future generations in Osun State, or will he be prudent, embark on laudable projects, and be sincere to the voters and other supporters who hope he can bring positive changes?
    Will people who love or like him today remain with him through out his tenure of office, or will they change?
    All I have for Aregbesola now are questions. I hope somebody somewhere will drum my questions into his ears. As he enjoys the comfort of authority, I hope he will remember that every new journey had an end. How does he want people to remember him?

    Aregbesola is on the path of major history now. He is the only one to create the kind of history he wants. People who move around him can only help or mar his path; however, he is the leader who should make choices and lead the state to either a good or a bad direction.

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