Exclusive: Osogbo Gas Explosion Not Caused By Mobile Phones – Investigation

  • As Osun Takes Over Treatment of Victims


As widely reported, the cause of the explosion at the Grace Cooking Gas Factory in Osogbo on Sunday evening was not caused by Mobile phones.

Impeccable information available to OSUN DEFENDER has it that the unfortunate incident was an explosion that was bound to happen.


This is because the mobile phones belonging to the three victims that sustained varying degrees of injuries are still intact without blemishes.


The State Government of Osun has however taken over the medical bills of the victims.

The State Commissioner for Health, Dr Rafiu Isamotu has also visited the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile Ife where they are currently receiving treatment.

11 thoughts on “Exclusive: Osogbo Gas Explosion Not Caused By Mobile Phones – Investigation”

  1. There is a voice record going around on what’s app as an eye witness to the event that a woman who is a director in Osun state was involved in the incident and she died instantly when she brought out her phone at the gas station. Please I will like the Osun state government to forward the genuine information to the public so as to correct the false information

    1. I just got the WhatsApp voice note and that promoted me to check online to confirm the authenticity of the information. Osun Defender while debunking the Mobile phone message has failed to establish the real the cause of the fire.

      Please i think a little bit of clarity is needed here.


    2. God bless you for your suggestion. I also noticed how this news, different from the same news I’ve read from other websites, did not mention the involvement of this woman or her death and definitely never mentioned if she actually tried to answer a call from her phone. Lastly, it can be inferred that other victims’ phones did not ring at the same time like her phone did, and so, they couldn’t have received the same impact she, her phone, and her car received.

  2. Why the coincidence, there should be no cover-up.There is an eye witness recording confirming that the phone triggered off the explosion and fire!?

  3. I received the WhatsApp voice note too and decided to verify online.
    Isn’t it possible that the frequency or radiations from the phone could be sufficient enough to initiate an explosion but insufficient enough to destroy the source i.e the phone itself.

    Just thinking out aloud as I believe nothing is impossible

  4. Who carried out the so called investigation in the first instance?
    When a spark from a lighter or striker ignites a fire on the cooking gas, does the lighter or striker burns along with the fire?
    Gas is not visible but highly inflammable. All that is required to ignite a fire from gas is just a little spark which can not burn the sender.
    So, a mobile phone can ignite a fire by sending out a little spark which can wreck havoc and still remain intact.
    Today, I was at the scene of the incident and had discussions with eye witnesses.
    The spark came out of the phone one of the victims was holding and being in a gas filling environment, they had been enveloped by the gas already inside their car, the fire caught them. The phone that produced the spark could have been burnt or destroyed since not everything inside the vehicle was completely burnt. It is just a simple logic. Nothing else caused the fire in question other than a little spark from one of the victims’phones. We should stop using phones at Gas Stations. This was not the first occurrence

    1. So the gas enveloped the victims inside the car but not their phones? If at all a ringing phone ignited the spark that caused the explosion, did the phone stop ringing while the fire ravaged the victims but not the source? Please show some empathy and stop blaming the victims because the use of phones is not the only sure way to cause an explosion in a gas station.

  5. What kind of journalism is this? ‘Explosion that is bound to happen’? What is the meaning of this? Osun Defender has to redeem this image and give their reader a full report of what they found is responsible for this very sad and unfortunate incident. Otherwise, this report is totally meaningless and should not have been written. Messages have been going around telling people to be careful on where they use their phone, which I think makes a lot of sense. If the explosion is not caused by phone, then it is caused by what? What is the evidence that the phone that is shown here really belongs to a victim? Please, clear this confusion. Thank you.

  6. This report from Osun defender is unfortunately very poor. it has not told us the real cause of the explosion, if it is not caused by the phone.

  7. This is all around that the explosion was caused by her phone but now it’s all around whatsapp that her phone was the cause of the explosion… But u are telling me now that it was not her phone. Please let ua know what caused the explosion..
    Viait y blog for some healthy tips….and don’t forget to share…Thanks..

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