Ewi Conundrum: If I Talk, Crisis Will Happen In Ile Ife, Adedoyin Says

By Sodiq Lawal

Following the announcement of the suspension of Chief Ramon Adedoyin as the Maye Of Ife by the Royal Traditional Council Of Ile Ife over a trending poetry “Ewi” on Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II released to defame the stool of the monarch, Adedoyin has declared why he has been shunning media interview.

In a phone interview with our correspondent on Friday evening, Adedoyin said that he has been shunning several media interviews so as to avoid crisis or war in Ile-Ife.

“Silence is golden. Many newspapers houses such as Vanguard, Tribune, Punch, and others have been seeking for an interview from me and have been avoiding it because if I talk, crisis will happen in Ile Ife”

“I am a peace lover and I embrace unity, when it is time for me to talk, I will speak,” he said.

He however urged Ife sons and daughters to maintain peace, saying that peace and unity is what can make Ile Ife to metamorphose better to an ideal place.

4 thoughts on “Ewi Conundrum: If I Talk, Crisis Will Happen In Ile Ife, Adedoyin Says”

  1. I now see why peace loving people who know the indispensable value of peace have pleaded that Dr Adedoyin should refrain from making any speach in his own defence. All the speach made by Dr Adedoyin calling all lfes to join hands with Oba Ogunwusi, the Ojaja ll, to build lle -lfe to a greater & more prestigeous city notwithstanding, Dr Adedoyin’s detractors who are behind the current actions to rope Dr Adedoyin into the problems some people have against Kabiyesi, Oba Ogunwusi,are looking for opportunity to destroy his achievements in lle lfe hence they will stop at nothing to twist whatever he Adedoyin says to further call his dog a bad name so undiscerning people can support & join them to hang the proverbial dog.
    Will Sodiq Lawal say Dr Adedoyin’s responses to him amount to issuing threat or sueing for peace ? The caption of your interaction with Dr Adedoyin is ambiguous. Instead of you Sadiq to use the caption that truly reflect the call for peace as contained in your account you used a caption that could be twisted to mean a threat to his detractors as they are now spreading about.
    It is my prayers that the good Lord God will not allow careless caption such as yours Sodiq Lawal to further fuel disharmony in lle lfe in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen
    Prince Elujoba-Oguntoke.

  2. I really appreciate your silence, Ife has quite a good numbers of enemies ready to mock us. So our dirty clothes must not be washed in public.

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