Esu Pofo Testimony: E ni ri ogun akoba ooo! – By Omolebi Sunday

okada involved in an accident

In all things, I am grateful to God always! I am thankful to Him, my Shield and my Navigator!

This evening on my way back home after hours in the traffic, along Ilo-Ajegunle Road, I branched into a gas station to fill in the fuel. Just as I pulled back into the road, alone in the car, a couple of commercial bike riders popularly called “Okada”, were ahead of me speeding, just about then, a woman crossed and the rider tried to swerve to the right and the woman went back to same direction, the rider tried again to flip the bike handle back to the left, unavoidably, the woman collided with the bike. The woman went flat lifeless and the two other passengers on the highway injured severally all in the middle of the highway.

Heaven knows, if I had been distracted a second, I would have run over the body of the woman. God really helped me, I quickly wheeled to the median wall and pulled by the service lane ahead, to come down and lend hands to rescue those lying on the road, acting a Samaritan!

Alas,just about when I was locking the door and alighting,some four bike men and miscreants have suddenly been surrounding the car . “Yes, you can’t go”. “You hit them.” “Come and carry your meat”. Several untoward utterances were coming from their guts! Immediately I became angered and emotive, I shouted back at them, even in my native dialect, mi Olorun laa ko ba hin! Ira Jere! Se oju rihin ni mo ko lu han?

okada knocked down a woman
okada knocked down a woman

And the passers-by and shop-owners about that spot trooped out to my defence that I did not get near them but were knocked down by the bike man.

My people, I could not hide my temper I moved towards slapping one of them. The teeming crowd just prayed for me,”E ni ri ogun akoba ooo”. I made a detour, instead of getting near them to assist as I had wanted,I left them and entered the car.

I just thank God for His mercy. He drives with me always. Oro ti a o mowo mese, o ni kan wa oooo. I cannot thank God enough.

Esu ti pofo!