Erratic Power Supplies, Bane Of Nigeria Underdevelopment – University Don

Professor Thomas Makanjuola of the Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, said this last Friday, while delivering a lead paper titled, “Otan-Ayegbaju: A Rustic Community with Extra Ordinary- Problems and Extra- Ordinary Challenges- Need for Visionary Leaders for a Time Like This’’ at the first Otan-Ayegbaju Community Development Summit, held at Olori Ololade Oyinlola Memorial Hall, Otan-Ayegbaju.                                                                                                                                                         Professor Makanjuola said the leadership of the country has failed to address the inadequate power supply imitating the progress of the country with seriousness.

He wondered why the nation’s leaders are deluding themselves with the impression that all is well with the country, when they cannot guarantee regular power supply that could make the dream of industrialisation and economic development becomes a reality.

The university don lamented that the current instability of the country’s electricity supply remains a high risk factor in the nation’s economic instability, since no commercial venture, manufacturing or international business could be engaged-in without stable supply of power.

According to him, the real enemies of Nigeria are those profiting from importation of generators into the country and those who embezzle billions of naira allocated to the development of the power sector.

“Our enemies in this regard are many. They are the countries that produce generators for sale in Nigeria, those who benefit from sales of generators, those tin-gods, who share the annual votes of money for provision of electricity, regarding it as their inalienable share of the national cake, even when they live far away from the oil producing states.

“They are the people who enjoy the centralisation of power as it gives them the lion share of what they call the national cake”, he added.

The scholar observed that Otan-Ayegbaju had undergone three different eras in its evolution, which are, traditional identity, agricultural development and education elevation and gradually, in the fourth era of political consciousness.

Professor Ilesanmi therefore called for concerted efforts geared at harmonising the human and material resources of the community for its progress and development.

He said; “We should bury our hatchets of discrimination and have concerted push to effect the clearance of obstacles on the way of our success. We need to speak with one voice for our common good in order to create a commonwealth for ourselves as a community”.


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  1. The bane of Nigeria underdevelopment is every irrational, erratic, selfish, and insensitive leader who likes to be on the stage to loot or get bribes.

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