Ekiti Rerun Update 3: Skirmishes As Ekiti People Resist PDP Vote-Robbers

Hon. Femi Bamisile, impeached speaker turned lynchpin for Segun Oni in Ekiti Rerun12:40 A.M. : INEC Election materials left INEC Office in Ado-Ekiti  under heavy police security for onward distribution to the election centers across 63 wards in 10 local governments where the rerun would take place.

09:40 A.M. : Baptism of premeditated violence at election take-off, as PDP chieftains incited thugs to intimidate voters and they (PDP chieftains) went about with dangerous weapons…

10:07 A.M. : Hon. Femi Bamisile, former and impeached PDP Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly from Ekiti East Local Government assaulted and beat up one accredited observer named, Olorundare Pius, at Kota Ward 5.

11:02 A.M. : Nemesis seems to have begun to catch up with PDP leaders, as Former Secretary of Ikole LGA, Dr Amerinjoye was arrested this morning with with guns and duplicate ballot boxes, an exact replica of INEC ballot boxes. He has been taken to Ikole police station as we go to press.

11:05 A.M. : Massive ballot-stuffing has started and PDP thugs are in charge at Awo ward Unit 10 polling of Irepodun/Ifelodun LGA, The polling unit has been illegally relocated to Adetayo compound and guess what? The police with tags on their uniform who were supposed to checkmate these criminal acts, are looking the the other way…. Can somebody reading this help us to alert the concerned authorities to intervene now!!!

11:15 A.M. : The PDP Chairman of Ijero Local Government Council, Mr Adewusi assaulted accredited observers (including one Ms Ene Obi of AAN) in presence of the new DPO because he felt they were too nosy about how he and his fellow vote robbers are going about their illegal ‘”business”. He succeeded in driving the observers out of town with threats to harm them if they returned, all these with the quiet complicity of the DPO.

11:40 A.M. : Another attempt by PDP thugs to illegally relocate a poling unit to the palace of the boasting Oba of Ijan, in order to perpetrate their evil acts were resisted and successfully aborted by vigilant voters in Ijan. The traditional ruler had boasted last week that whether the people like it or not, Segun Oni would be imposed again through rigging.

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