EDITORIAL: Gideon Aremu’s Gruesome Murder

The murder, some days ago, of a member of the Oyo state House of Assembly, Gideon Aremu, who represented Oorelope Constituency, was quite sad and shocking. For a young man like that with a promising future to be cut down at his prime – just like that – is really saddening. We ask; what could he have done to deserve being sent to a journey of no return?

Umpteen times this newspaper and others in the country have editorially condemned assassination as a means of settling scores. It’s most barbaric and wicked. We still believe – as we have always maintained – that no grievance; political or otherwise, is beyond negotiation. Every issue under the sky no matter how volatile can be settled through communication and negotiation. To resort to taking life that one cannot give is highly criminal and ungodly. For we believe that it’s only God Almighty that has the sole right to take life since He alone is the sole giver of it.

The killing of this young lawmaker has again sent another wrong signal to us as a people and most especially to the political class to which the slain legislator belonged. While we cannot say with certitude here that the killing of the young lawmaker was politically motivated, it may not at the same time be totally out of place to read political meaning to it since he was a politician and also given the fact that politically motivated killings have always found abode in our land.

At a time that we could say that we are having some respite in respect of assassination of politicians the killing of this young legislator is sending another wrong signal. This leaves a sour taste in the mouth and it saddens the mind greatly. For whatever reason we don’t need unnecessary waste of life like this especially as they involve young and dynamic elements with the potentials of providing good leadership to our country in the nearest future. It’s most criminal and highly condemnable.

No doubt the future of our country is in the hands of young and dynamic people who are also politically upwardly mobile as they are capable of injecting new and progressive ideas into our politics which will lead to effecting positive changes as against archaic and antediluvian ideas that have occupied our political landscape over the years. But when members of this class of political animals are being mercilessly sent to early graves then the rest will be scared away from joining politics thereby being denied the right to make meaningful contributions to fatherland through this platform. And this is why we find the murder of this young legislator highly condemnable. It’s most unwelcome, counter-productive and totally anti-human.

We like to conclude this piece by calling on the security agents to fish out the killers of this young lawmaker. The case must not be allowed to be swept under the carpet like series of similar ones in the past that we have failed to unravel the mysteries surrounding such wicked assassinations. The Police and other security agents must not fail in their duty this time around. They must ensure that they achieve result by bringing his killers to justice. May God help them – Amen.

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