Don Carpets Partisan Monarchs

A university don, Dr. Tayo Alegbeleye has carpeted the ignoble role of traditional rulers in the current political dispensation, saying that they have deviated from the role of custodians of culture and values of their domains.

Tracing the history of the traditional institution pre and post-Nigeria independence, the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) lecturer said that the natural fathers of the past had contributed meaningfully to the development of their respective towns and villages.

Frowning at the way and manner the revered traditional institution was dragged in the mud for monetary gains, Alegbeleye said that traditional rulers now have become part of the problems for their subjects.

“Our traditional forbears had contributed meaningfully well to the development of their nations and tribes, demanding for the collective benefits of the communities; but things have changed now, our traditional rulers could be passed for brief-case contractors, who are only chasing few crumbs on the table of politicians for their personal interests,” said the don.

The academic however charged the traditional rulers to retrace their steps, arguing that the era of an obaship should matter to them, not monetary gains.

It would be recalled that the Osun State Council of traditional rulers and chiefs was dragged into political fray during the last year electioneering campaign, where they reportedly pitched their tent with the incumbent Osun State Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola.

Alegbeleye then submitted that the only way the nation could attain her greatness is to administer a surgical operation to the societal decadence.

Calling on the government and the traditional institutions to reprioritize the development of the nation, the don said that the resultant effect of long neglect was the violence in the Niger-Delta.


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