Diekola’s Integrity Compromised – Famodun

Chairman of All Progressives Congress in the state of Osun, Prince Gboyega Famodun has declared that Alhaji Fatai Oyedele Diekola who claimed to be a leader of the APC in the state has seriously compromised his own integrity by admitting to be instrumental to APC losing Osun West Senatorial seat to the PDP.

Diekola had boasted on a radio programme in Osogbo Monday that he was committed to helping the Adeleke brother (Ademola), who had jumped ship to PDP because (he) Diekola and others he did not mention, wanted to secure the late Adeleke’s legacy. So, he had to work against his own party to make the opposition win.

‘If that is not betrayal arising from deep seated disloyalty what is it?’, Prince Famodun asked.

According to the APC chairman, Diekola in that radio programme, exposed himself and his co-travellers that their inability to influence the governor’s decision to favour their own ambitions was why he sabotaged the APC.

‘Once you have openly admitted to sabotaging your own party’, Prince Famodun stated, ‘you cannot, in good conscience, still claim to be a member of that same party.

‘In the circumstance, it will be patently dishonourable for Diekola to continue to claim that he is still in APC.

‘He doesn’t need the party to tell him to fall out’, the APC Chairman told Diekola.

Prince Famodun further stated that, ‘the party was aware that the question of succession was making a few over-ambitious party men insistent on having one of their own succeed Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

‘In the process, desperation has set in for some who are prepared to sabotage the party, even if it resorted in them cutting their nose to spite their face.

‘It is a pity that some politicians who one would have thought were matured enough to know better, still exhibit culpable ignorance on this question of succession, Prince Famodun argued, stating categorically that ‘nobody can force the governor to be uninterested in who succeed him.

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