Desperation For The Limbo

It is very astonishing to see the profound love that exists among the disparaging individuals that would not want to imagine anything good about the government in power in the virtuous state and indeed all governments in the South West that took the vote rubbers and election riggers of almost eight years by surprise. It still appears as a dream in the day light when the mandatory natural demands on the distressed body are to be met. For it to be possible was a divine design because months after the Creator of man and other creatures in the universe Had shown his awesomeness by flushing away those who in their grotty imagination had thought they were higher than God from the stage, they are still behaving as if they can hand- twist the omniscient to bring themselves back to power.
I did not remember any incident of compromise that involved the use of telephone to perverse justice in Nigeria because it was just in the first decade of the twenty first century that this mode of communication was introduced to Nigeria, at least for household and individual uses when indeed all other Nations of the world had started easy communication amongst their citizenry so many years back. Before the introduction of Global System of mobile telecommunication, most people depended on land phones which were mostly available in government offices and in homes of few individuals who were well to do in the society. NITEL that was to make the facility available to many was bedeviled with corruption that saw their operations most inefficiently run, despite the huge investments of tax payers’ money in the sector. Nocturnal meetings were rifge amongst the power brokers of those evil days to influence the award of justice, with many of them not known to the general public.
It is very unfortunate that it was in Osun State that the most celebrated electoral usage through telephone fraud was first detected, when one Otunba Kunle Kalejaye (a.k.a.K.K.) disdainfully chose to shunt justice onto guilt by engaging in frequent dialoging with one Justice Thomas Naron who turned the process of adjudication upside down before the unholy alliance came to the open. The call log of that unethical practice was first published in The News magazine and the incident was investigated and found out to be authentic. Up till now’ nothing, has been done about it; at least to serve as deterrent onto others who may want to contemplate something similar in the future. By now, people like Kalejaye, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, Dama Naron and a host of others ought to be cooling if off behind bars.
Some of the perpetrators of the evil concupiscence in our midst must have forgotten that it is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follow it. That is why they still feel they can go for the jugular to suppress the popular will of the people that translated into the installation of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and Dr Kayode Fayemi as Osun and Ekiti States Governors respectively, among others. I wonder why the NJC has chosen not to bring all that got themselves entrapped in such unholy alliance to book. That is why people like Segun Oni and Olagunsoye Oyinlola could still contemplate having their illegal seats back from those that have been genuinely anointed by the people to be their Governors.
In the case of Olagunsoye Oyinlola, the court of appeal in Ibadan had to determine the case twice before the mandate was restored to the rightful owner. It was the people of Osun State that really paid dearly for it because the funds that would have been spent on the provision of basic amenities were used as bribes to judges and their accomplices. The economic rottenness and social decay of those years can still be felt in Osun State till date. Former Governor Segun Oni of Ekiti State would have had an elongated period in office because he took oath of office twice as governor. It was the same sanitation in the judiciary that upturned the motive that really shows that despair is the conclusion of fools; hence he would have remained governor and be smarting for a rematch with the man he outsmarted fraudulently in the first place to become a kangaroo governor.
There is no gainsaying that disappointments are to the soul what a thunderstorm is to the air. That is why those who do not have integrity and have become unpopular will want to remain in power at all cost; when the devil himself has at least one good quality that he will flee if we resist him. That is to show us that some people are in our midst that are worse and more shameless than the devil. If an escape route was created as it happened to former Governors Oni and Oyinlola, the noble thing to do would have just been to bow out honourably. Their latest moves to unsilt the duo of Fayemi and Aregbesola are indicative of the fact that the devil can make men dance upon the brink of hell as though they were on the verge of heaven. The mistakes of the past must be weighty enough to turn us to people of discretion which soundness is not so much indicated by never making a mistake, but as by never repeating it. Oni and Oyinlola would have allowed a breather for the mistakes of the past and probably they would have been availed of the opportunity to surface on the scene again to right the wrong of the past.
Everybody in Nigeria today knows that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has failure as the main emblem. All steps taken in the realm of governance have epitomized failure. Anytime they make a promise, the opposite is what always results; just because discretion and integrity are lacking. It is in the ruling party at the centre that  failure has established that the determination to succeed is not strong. They move two steps forward and move ten backward. The latest proof is the lingering crisis between government and labour. It was a constant issue in all places that President Goodluck Jonathan went for electioneering campaign that he would increase workers’ emoluments. That has even been regarded as the main issue that made the president a preferred candidate for the Nation. Today, the man has reneged such that the labour force now sees him as someone that cannot be taken by his words; someone whose advances are worthless because he knows how to receive favour, but not how to return one.
With the fits recorded by Aregbesola in just eight months in office, PDP ought to have called its members to order; especially those that have dealt a great blow to its prospect of winning people’s confidence for their votes. The terse silence from the party about the moves of both Oni and Oyinlola to unsit the governors in Ekiti and Osun State is not only condemnable, it is indeed a product from confused folks who have nothing to offer the good people of Nigeria; placing premium on personal aggrandizement over and above quality control that has the propensity to add value to human lives.
Any moment from now, people expect to hear another news concerning the investigations on both the chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) and the President of the Court of appeal (PCA) over their culpabilities or otherwise in various electoral cases of Ekiti, Osun and Kano states; though it is being touted that the latest moves have been initiated in order to cage the person of Justice Ayo Isa Salami so as to pay dearly for disgracing PDP at the appellate court. I am highly delighted that the two South west Governors that are being persecuted have demonstrated uncommon courage that really shows that they have no fear, capable of inflicting pain arising from the anticipation of evil. They have faced the task of governance squarely to the satisfaction of the people that elected them into office. The people of Osun and Ekiti need to know that whatever prevaricated jubilation that erupts from the camps of enemies of progress will only inflict the truth of not wanting to die but ending up not living as it is supposed to be
Unless the federal government intends to worsen the situation on ground by precipitating undue tension that has been doused by the honest assessment made of the political reality of the concerned states which eventually led to the restoration of the mandates of the Governors concerned, the end of the matter is very much around the corner. Silence will then become the permanent emblem for the cheats, while the good fortune and good sense that the persecuted are endowed with will unfold through the physical manifestation in concrete terms of real dividends of democracy. It will then be shown that very little is needed to make a happy life, and that little thing is within, as a potential in the way of thinking. Only time will tell as the ruins and dilapidations of yesteryears can no longer allow for inordinate desperados.