In Defence Of Donald Trump

 It is just a question of time; Donald Trump will prove to be the best thing that has happened to America and to the world, from creation till the end of times. Already there are signs of greatness, arising from his proclamation that America must be great again. The proclamation itself, I dare say, is…”
Uju Nobei
July 24, 2017 1:58 pm
Even African nations treated America like a leper. America could not conquer a band of terrorists who went about with some miserable equipment made up of broken bottles and shrapnel driving fear into the hearts of America. A gang of scoundrels came together, seized planes inside America and launched a blistering attack on the Twin Towers in New York. America under other Presidents from Bush to Obama, could not exact revenge. We are not really sure that Osama Bin Laden has been taken out by Obama people. Now with the coming of Donald Trump, it is clear that there will be no terrorist bombing in America anymore, and Osama Bin Laden will surely be put to death. And America will be winning and winning and winning again!

Ever since he decidedly trounced the Clinton machine in the Presidential elections last year, there has been no let up in the ferocious attack on the positive policies that Trump has for America. For example, as Presidential Candidate, Trump promised to pull his dear country out of the Climate Deal which President Obama had erroneously led America into. It is clear to all, even the blind, that there is nothing like climate change. Rain still falls. The sun still shines. The moon and the sun have remained in place. So which climate has changed? By the way, as President Trump has contended the Arctic needs to melt so that the natural resources there could be exploited for the benefit of mankind. Coal business is good for America so why shut down that antiquated source of power?

Fittingly, Trump has made it clear that he has no time for the LGBT nonsense that Obama smuggled into the land through the Supreme Court. How can men marry one another? Very awkward. What does it mean for two women to marry? Good a thing that Trump has taken over and all the noise about gay rights will be thrown into the dustbin of history. Be sure that with the conservative majority, Trump will overturn the gay marriage stuff, ban all Muslims from entering America and prepare to expel Islam from the Western world. He is also set to reform Christianity from the White House and jail all the pastors who gave and still give support to the gay right’s nonsense of the Obama years. He will set Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. I look forward to Trump bombing the Palestinians and obliterating North Korea. We need a strong no-nonsense man in the White House.

I also suppose that all the hot air about the Russian connection will fizzle out in no time. To hell with all the stupid issues which enemies of progress are pushing in mainstream media! Trump should visit Moscow very soon and have lunch with Putin. While in Moscow he should tell Strongman Putin, Chief Architect of the Clinton defeat, all the top secrets of America. As President, he is allowed to tell anybody anything he wishes to disclose. The Commander-in-chief has the discretionary powers to make deals on behalf of the nation. If the American people think otherwise they will vote him out during the next elections.

I simply admire Donald Trump. While on his first visit as President to the Middle East and Europe, the love between him and his dear wife Ivanka, sorry Melania, was excellently displayed to the world. Some people made a mountain out of a molehill when Melania brushed off his hand in the open glare of the international media. Don’t we sometimes disagree with our wives? The second time, to avoid Trump’s hand, she moved her hand to adjust her hair! That woman deserves to be sacked from matrimony for trying to embarrass her husband, the Imperial President of America in the eyes of the world! I wonder what Trump is waiting for. There are millions of full blooded completely white American women waiting to take over the role of First Lady and suck it the Billionaire in the White House!

I take exception to the German paper which portrayed Trump as a child president on the most powerful seat in the world. I do know that as we get old, we develop child-like tendencies. I remember the character King Lear in the eponymous play by Shakespeare who gave away his kingdom because, at seventy, senility had taken over. I also remember the biblical threescore and ten allocations of life to man. If at seventy he begins to show child-like behaviour, it is not enough to ridicule him. Was Ronald Reagan any better?

Trump is a man from outside the smelly field of decrepit politicians. So far he has not groped his usual targets. He is still groping on the world stage. He is an excellent businessman who believes in making excellent deals. He should be allowed to make all the deals which the American electorate elected him to do. He should sell one of the States of America to Russia so that there would be peace in the world! For as you know, once Russia and America agree to drink tea and live in peace there would be world peace and there would be no need for nuclear weapons in the world. And America will be great again!


Source: The Guardian

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