Dealing With Indecent Dressing Among Girls

An adage says, “Dress the way you wish to be addressed”. Indecent dressing is a social illness uttered by the youth and not only the youth, but also among married people.

It simply means an act of exposing oneself to the public and dressing inappropriately in a way that does not comply with the values and culture of the society particularly in Africa.

Civilisation has played a negative role in fashion to the youth and this has increased sexual assault and harassment in this generation. Most girls in the bid to show off different fashion style wear net dresses that will expose all they put on underneath them such as bra, knowing fully that the bra will not cover their breast.

Any girl that looks around her and sees eye popping seductively needs to look at herself and the way she dresses.

Some parents who ought to react strictly to this act and rebuke only encourage their children with their unwise silence.

Mass media also has greatly influenced our youth negatively by following the steps and ways of the foreign culture in terms of videos and dressing have however failed to play this role. It is a complete shame that our youths have embraced the life style of the Europeans.

Though, it is rather not difficult and not impossible for this wrong to be corrected though, it has eaten deep into the lives of the youth which is putting a stain on the Africa culture.

Therefore, I will advise the youth to stop exposing themselves to the public by putting on an indecent dresses.

And in conclusion, parents, religious leader and government should play their different role to amend the defects in the way youth dress today.