Criticisms Trail Council Boss Over Change Of Football Club’s Name

CRITICISM has started trailing the personalization of Olorunda Local Government Football Club, used to be known as Igbona Warriors, which was recently converted by the chairman of the council, Honourable Ganiyu Ola-Oluwa to his personal name, Ola-Oluwa Asejere Football Club.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that no sooner the chairman emerged after the controversial December 15, 2008 Local Government election and his swearing-in that he changed the name of the football club to accommodate some of his personal agenda.

Investigations showed that the chairman, having realized the numerous political gladiantors that surrounded his unmerited emergence as the PDP chairmanship against a popular member of the party in the local government area and his subsequent declaration, reportedly thought of many ways to accommodate his numerous lobbyists.

The medium also gathered that some of the ambition-driven politicians mutted the idea that the club’s name be changed to reflect something more personal and put off people that might want to know about the ongoing in the management of the football office.

It was also gathered that the politicians reportedly prevailed upon the chairman that the easiest way to siphon public funds without much problem is to invest in the team, since much people are not interested in what happens in the football club.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that some members of the management team of the club are also on the payroll of the state sports council and also receiving salaries from the local government council.
A source at the council, who preferred anonymity, disclosed that the amount appropriated to the team on a monthly basis is usually outrageous, yet the players complained of non-payment of their salaries for two months, which make people to wonder where the money goes monthly.

Another source at the Sport’s Council stated that it is frustrating that the local government council chairman is more interested in rewarding politicians than seeing to the success of the club, adding that the management does not have anything needed to move the club forward.

An elderly supporter of the club told OSUN DEFENDER that if the chairman wants to play politics with the issue of the club, they would wait and observe what happens at the expirations of his tenure, whether he would claim the clubs assets and liability.

The supporter hinted that they only keep mute over the issue and look forward to what is going to be the end result, adding that the club is destined to outlive the tenure of the council boss.

According to the source, the club out-lived the tenure of the chairman that inaugurated it and when Ola-Oluwa leaves office, we will see whether he would claim the ownership of the club.

The medium gathered that the football club has been used on different occasions to defraud the council, as funds were appropriated for different programmes, which were not implemented as investigations showed that the players had to beg the club management for their wages, as they are owed as much as two to three months’ salary arrears.

Most of the indigenes of the council area who spoke on the issue frowned at the situation, as Chief Ayodele Adeniyi stated that the council boss does not need to change the name of the club to give it the support it needed.

He also stated that the football club belongs to the entire council residents and that he ought not to personalize its name for mere selfish interest, adding that the council boss has already politicized the activities of the club, a situation he said does not augur well for the council and the football club.


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