Coutinho Chooses Playing Against Barcelona

Liverpool Philippe Coutinho has decided against playing up this week.

After seeing Liverpool refuse to sell him to Barcelona by last Friday, it was suggested Coutinho could refuse to return from Brazil, where he has been with the national team squad.

Sport says Coutinho discussed with family members about missing this morning’s flight and spending several days in Rio as a show of rebellion.

However, he jumped on the jet in Barranquilla alongside Reds teammate Roberto Firmino.

It’s claimed, meanwhile, that Liverpool officials know Coutinho could refuse to take part in the Champions League, so to encourage Barca to try again for him in January.


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  1. Leave a Comment Liverpool are making a great mistake in keeping an unhappy player which in return might even end up destroying the team once a player make his mind please let him go irrespective of how many years contracts that he signs

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