Council Chair Advocates Education As Means Of Reducing Vices

It has been recommended that for Nigeria to record stability and eventual development, students and youths are to be exposed to various educative programmes in order to shun social vices like rancour, destruction and bigotry.
It was also emphasised that the youths were not only the leaders of tomorrow, but of today, who can be likened as the pride and jewel of the nation.
This formed part of the statement of the Chairman Caretaker Committee of Ifelodun Local Government Council Area of Osun State, Honourable Olayiwola Sanusi, at the official opening ceremony of the 2011 youth holiday camp programme, which was held at Akirun Grammar School, Ikirun, Osun State.
Expressing joy at the opportunity of officially opening the camp, the caretaker chairman disclosed the plans of his administration to place great emphasis on the proper upliftment of the youths.
In his words, “this present administration places great emphasis on the proper upliftment of our youth’s morally, educationally, physically and spiritually.”
Olayiwola added that it was in realization of the characteristics of the youths, which makes them unpredictable, but active and productive that necessitated the idea behind the youth holiday camp.
He maintained that this period was that of complex change, which was characterised by physical change and awakening.
The council boss also added that part of it was mental alertness and a search for the truth and the meaning of life.
Honourable Olayiwola asserted that his administration had redoubled its efforts on youth development, having understood all these virtues.
Highlighting the achievements derivable from the youth holiday camp, the caretaker chairman disclosed that participants would have the opportunity to engage in activities, which were quite different from the usual ones in the school.
These activities according to him include, “lectures, road walk, observation tests, surprise items and exercises”.
The council helmsman emphasized that the programme afforded the youths a double advantage.
“This kind of programme will not only broaden the individual participant’s knowledge and understanding, but also promote the spirit of friendship and brotherhood of youths of different communities”.
He therefore charged the youths to steer clear of any acts of vandalism, thuggery, examination malpractices, cultism, stealing, drug addictions and disobedient to constituted authorities.
Urging them to always be a shining example to others in all their chosen fields, Honourable Olayiwla admonished the youths to display good virtues of life that would be inculcated in them during the course of the programme.