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Bimbo Ogunnaike of COMPASS, This is a Sham Report. If you have done this unconsciously not knowing the truth,may the Almighty Forgive you. If you are an accomplice to this unprofessional and evil venture,may the Almighty deal with you most appropriately.

This is a fitting beginning to a patently diabolical misinformation. I happen to be to be privy to Aregbesola’s trips and believe I owe it to God, Truth and The public, to correct the farce this report so devilishly propagates

Concretely , Aregbesola has had to embark on trips abroad since he assumed office for 3 reasons : Spiritual , Government Business & Personal. Interestingly, in most cases these trips and their motives were made known to the public,( and there are references for this), before such trips were made. So, one wonders, where the writer got his falsehood from.

Aregbesola travelled to Saudi Arabia in December 2010, shortly after his inauguration as Governor in the company of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Baba Amzat(a Principal Chieftain of the ACN in Lagos) and his Wife, to thank God, for the fulfillment of His promise. The trip lasted three days. It covered Madinah, Makkah and Jeddah without a cost to the state of Osun. This trip was absolutely spiritual.

Shortly after the April Elections, In May , Aregbesola honoured the long sought Invitation of the London Council of Southwark, made by it’s Nigerian Born Mayor , Mr Tayo Sittu to explore Osun – Southwark partnership possibilities. The Governor spent a week engaging stakeholders in the diaspora and granting interviews. He then proceeded to have a week’s rest. This was an official visit.

In May, On the occasion of his daughter’s graduation from a Medical school in the UAE, Aregbesola made a private visit , again widely publicised. On completion of the graduation ceremonies, Aregbesola proceeded on a 1 week, intensive Medical checkup in India. This was a purely private visit without official aide and security details.

By June, The Governor, after very careful consideration, decided to honour the Invitation of The All China Federation of Trade Union, a major independent Trade union movement in a Country that has grown to be a significant trading and investment force any serious Leader would reckon with . This was also covered in the Media. The ACFTU sponsored the China – Osun Conference, in which the Governor actively participated.The Governor also engaged with the CADFUND, The China-Africa Development Fund, where Foreign Direct Investment options were discussed. As well, the state representation, met with CMEC, an Infrastructure Development Company. It is worth noting that this China engagement trip, was facilitated by Mr Hassan Sunmonu ; Secretary General of Organisation of African Trade Union (OOATU), Accra, Ghana.This trip lasted two weeks and was widely reported by the main organs of news in the country. There was no medical issue about it though.

Aregbesola is at his Yearly Umrah trip to Saudi Arabia, which has been a tradition for twelve years? He will be spending the last 10 days of Ramadhan, Fasting, and Keeping Vigil, seeking the mercy, grace and favor of Allah SWT for himself, family, Osun, Nigeria and for the general good of humanity.

You see, Bimbo Ogunnaike, but for the negative distraction your piece would have on the public, I wouldn’t have replied you. Indeed, you have sold your journalistic honour cheaply. It is irresponsible to say the least.

The question, is really not about How Many Times The Governor has been Out of the Country, Rather How his presence in/outside the country has impacted the affairs of the State. And that’s why, you should be careful at putting words in the Mouth of the Dead. Chief Ganiyu Fawehinmi, being from a similar activist background, would know Aregbesola better than you, and I believe, would have sought his opinion, before equating his trips to others. By the way what is your objective parameter for the obviously misguided comparison?

The achievements of Osun State, Since Novemeber 2010, are such that are arguably unrivalled,to the Glory of God, in the history of the State and Perhaps in that of Nigeria. Aregbesola promised to create 20000 jobs, within 100 days of Government. By February, Aregbesola, while in/out of the country, He vigorously led his Government to deliver Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme, OYES, a 20000 strong volunteer corp, helping with the state’s intervention programmes and for which the Governor has very high Expectations.

By April this Year, Osun state had successfully run, an Education Summit and The ‘Omoluabi’ State Rebranding. In the April Polls, and to The Glory of God Almighty, Aregbesola performed the electoral and political feat of Delivering all contested posts, a feat which pundits didn’t see coming for Osun, a feat that re- affirms the Mandate Aregbesola fought for 3 years , a feat that places Osun in the enviable and honourable state of Resolute Progressive Champions.

Between April and November, the State has made some progress in it’s Rural Enterprise Initiave , OREAP , by commencing the building of inner access roads to Farmlands, to curtail the well known challenge Farmers.bitterly complain they encounter, OCLEAN, the Osun Sanitation Initiative was launched to promote a new Sanitation culture within the State. Also worth mentioning was the release of N150 million to the Farmers’ Cooperative to boost Preparations for the incoming seasons, The spectacular refinancing of the debilitating N18.3 billion loan recklessly taken and spent by profligate Oyinlola administration at the twilight of his tenure. A feat which has saved the state a sum of 4 billion naira on servicing the loan in the immediate and a total of 20billion naira in all, if left to fully mature.

Aregbesola, is not known to do things for Superficial or Subjective reasons, He often sticks to Objectivism perhaps to a Fault. Close associates had expressed concerns on these trips appearing to be frequent. Aregbesola rather taught us, that True leaders will be judged by their Performance and not by the number of Trips made. True leaders make hard choices, even when it may myopically look unpopular. The Truth is, a simple benchmarking of the achievements of his government, in the past 8 Months, as listed above, to current or past Governments, would tell of his Performance and Busy-ness. You see, Times have changed, Technology now allows a leader to direct and drive the business of government wherever and whenever they so desire.

Simply ask yourself, which government do you know within the country, to have made such a bold interventionist response to the very sad unemployment challenge of our country. Or do you think,20000 is insignificant? If you do, come to Osun, and see how this has changed the lives of people for good. And, by God’s Grace, there’s more in the Kitty for OYES and the State.

Osun A dara
Ademulegun Akimgboye


  1. I commend the writer of this write up but need to know some things.
    Mr. gov when he was planning to become the gov of osun state did more havoc to the state image for when oyinlola was there, mr aregbesola will always say one thing or the other bad about osun state. He will always says oyinlola knows not how to govern a state an these and many more he did before assuming office and still doing it.
    it is only in osun that you will see our gov that will make mention of his predecessor in a negative way whenever he is opportuned to speak. Disciplined, intellligent, dedicated, visionary leaders dont do that. He is gov and should he expect everything to be okay and people hailing him that he is the one that knows how to do it best?
    It is not done for whatsoever you sow is what you will reap.
    Osun state needs development and not the propaganda of mr gov.
    God bless osun state.

    1. Habib,thank God. Aregbe,not only him talking about Oyin,but the whole people of Osun state.We don’t like him at all ! even you and your Oyin knew that ! If not for Aregbe intervention maybe by now,we would ‘ve revenged all the agonies we were subjected to during your “Oyin-Omoluabi'” and PDP’s reign.I believed you weren’t sleeping when your “Oga-prefered-Oyin” was scandalously tyranizing everyone that say no to PDP and when he was partying with his cronies with osun’s money. If you are tired of the way Aregbe talk about Oyin you could at least go on hunger strike to press home your colère.There is no single propaganda in everything he says about Oyin,it is the fact known to everyone in Osun.And lest i forget, how do you identify a visionary,intelligent,dedicated and disciplined leader? And if you can identify one,was your “stainless-omoluwabi-in-the-mould-of-Fashola-of -Eko-Oyinlola” a leader of these traits? NB:Propaganda=Fabricated lies to cause confusion.Stop being Munaafiqi,mind you i don’t have any PDP/ACN membership card.I swear on allmighty Allah’s name,just an observer ! Ok?

    2. habib abi what are calling ur self,seek for allah forgivness,are u not in the state when mr oyinlola was calling my gov. “oramiran abi kini ope oruko ara re”. For my gov. saying one thing or the other about oyinlola this time around, he has not pass any insultive words to him, but truth is always better,habib or what is name learn how to appreciate good things and stop saying what is not their about ogbeni.kayode frm lagos

  2. The journey of Umurah at the time workers down tools looks odd. All the pictures showed the Gov. making contacts but messages of hope to the people of Osun State and of appeals to the Labour Unions will be a good idea. Let us put politics apart, Osun state needs serious prayer and divine intervention..

  3. The above praise singer is practising his trade.When the traditional singer and drummer combine in rhythimic praise of a person water has passed under the bridge.

    In this day of technology, the internet, the miniature camera, the stealth monitoring, in this time of telecommute anybody can transact business from his bedroom and you can monitor your farm when you are lunching in London but we are talking about the symbol of the State of Omoluabi running round the world under one year in office. Please let us have another story.

    The GOP has the right to criticise the government because it is only in Nigeria that everything has to land on the Governors table because we lack strong public INSTITUTIONS. If someboby is arrested the police cannot prosecute unless there is approval from the ministry of justice and sometimes governors attention has to be sought and where the accused is influential there may be no prosecution. In advaced political system the police is a big institution and not the bolekaja institution that we have.

    You all see what happened to the french national world bank managing director. The NY police did not need the permission of the Mayor small as it is in the political system of the US to arrest him. If it were to be in Osun the governor must be informed before the police can do such.

    It is high time we create strong institutions so that our leaders will not be going to Hajj, umrah and jerusalem to pray for us and for himself due to the stress we put on them, Whatever may be the achievement of the Governor let him stay in Osun and run his government.

  4. Osun defender is fast becoming Aregbesola defender, it is no suprise we all expect it. I want osun defender not to politicise any report that does not favour the osun state governor or his government, some of us that did not miss any edition of your newspaper in the last 3 years knows that that is always an editorial oppinion or the newspaper position on any govt policy or action then. I want to ask the editorial board of osun defender their opinion on the on going strike with particular reference to the strike by the 4 tertiary institutions which has nothing to do with the #18,000 national minimum wage. The striking wokers there are not asking for increament in wages but implementation of COMPOCASS a salary structure which is been paid in all states of the federation including ACN controlled states of Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Oyo & Ekiti. Education is one of the areas that the govt of Ogbeni says he is going to improve. Is this strike not affecting the youth of osun state. Osun defender this strike has happened in the past for this same reason during the PDP regime pls check your achive and see what the newspaper wrote then so that we can know what the newspaper stands for.

  5. @Ahmad, thanks for your concern and really appreciate it. Am not saying oyinlola is a saint if you get me right. Mr aregbe from what i said when planning to become osun gov, he did not come as “omoluabi” and we all know it. If you remember he started with oranmiyan and anywhere he goes, he went all about with clothed thugs, miscreants…we all know. if you will remember too that osun defender was established not because of concern to osun state people but selfish and personal interest of ogbeni? radio station was on air courtesy of ogbeni all in his bid to be osun gov. confusion in traditional settings of osun all began via ogbeni’s action and many more.
    osun state we pray will be great and aregbesola should know there are millions of wonderful osun state indigene who love dearly their state even more than he does . if he will work, he should concentrate on it now.
    workers are on strike and things are not moving as people wants….is it oyinlola again?
    God bless osun state.

  6. @Ahmad, thanks for your concern and really appreciate it. Am not saying oyinlola is a saint if you get me right. Mr aregbe from what i said when planning to become osun gov, he did not come as “omoluabi” and we all know it. If you remember he started with oranmiyan and anywhere he goes, he went all about with clothed thugs, miscreants…we all know. if you will remember too that osun defender was established not because of concern to osun state people but selfish and personal interest of ogbeni and my words are up to date? radio station was on air courtesy of ogbeni all in his bid to be osun gov. confusion in traditional settings of osun all began via ogbeni’s action and many more.
    osun state we pray will be great and aregbesola should know there are millions of wonderful osun state indigene who love dearly their state even more than he does . if he will work, he should concentrate on it now.
    workers are on strike and things are not moving as people wants….is it oyinlola again?
    God bless osun state.


  8. Imagine hear urself he went to uae 4 his daughter graduation when education is in shamble in his state ,i am schooling in nigeria and i cant recieve anything from home cos the state is on strike and in the middle of he is now going 4 umurah,what sort of rubish is that? Common sense is common but the use of common sense is not common.’anyway pasan ti afi na iyale nbe lori aja fun iyawo’ thatz how his boss akande started and said sand and tree wil vote 4 him…seriously that voted 4 him but back 2 ila orangun.

  9. I can imagine how evrybody is complaining about d gov trip to abroad.He went to Umra to pray 4 osun to be a secure n prosperious state instead to jjoin him prayer we stated complaint.The strike dat workers embark on now is bcos he (ogbeni)is fighting 4 d interest of d whole people of osun state its only worker is in state n he is not gov of worker only bt gov of all osun in entirety.

  10. And even if Aregbesola travel to Taipei what is your problems with that? Oyinlola that visitED Brazil, China, London so many times, what is the outcome? The tractor he bought from Brazil then, where are they? The investors he promised from his first year in office where are they? Abi is it the importation of thugs to unleash terror on the people of the state?

    A fool like Oyinlola still go ahead to borrow 18BILLION Naira to build stadia! Is he not a fool? 18billion Naira! Can you justify that foolishness? RUUUUUUUUBISH!

  11. Its only in Nigeria that most of our political elites know how to take care of their own children’s education, personal properties and other things and neglect public assets of which they vowed to be the primary custodians. Imagine the governor attending his child’s convocation in far-away UAE while the medical students of LAUTECH and others are languishing at home. The writer of this article is just obeying his masters. Does it means that the governor is so saintly that he has not made any mistake since the assumption of office. Ability to tolerate others’ criticism is part of the dividends of democracy and one of the sterling qualities of a good leader. Look at the US where we borrowed/ copied our style of governance, their Presidents, governors and others what been criticized severally and have accepted their mistakes. Are they not humans like us? Have you not heard of former President Bush and Monica Lewinski’s case, Governor Arnold Swerzzeninger of Claifornia too and many others. So dont make Gov. Aregbesola a tin god or saint without any fault. I am very sure that if his closet is properly examined, some hidden skeletons woould be found. Let him continously remove the log in his eyes before doing so with the specks in Oyinlola’s eyes. And most importantly, 21st century governance in Nigeria and elsewhere goes beyond propaganda and rabble rousing. A word is simply enough for the wise.

    1. @Omo-Oba Ayekotito you are talking as if Oyinlola’s children went to Fakunle High School or UNIOSUN. And did Aregbesola send his daugther to UAE before or after he came to government?

  12. I don’t know people’s problem. When oyinlola was in power can u count how many times he travelled out of this country based on inviting investors to the state, how many investors came to osun state?. What did his trip bring to the state?. Ogbeni went on a few trips and u started shouting, why can’t u wait for the outcome of these trips. We have started seeing some changes in osun state since this man came into power….just wait and see many investors are coming to osun state. what u and i should be preparing for is the employment opportunity these investors will bring.
    Longlive Aregbesola
    Longlive Osun state

  13. Ogbeni Rauf, better go and attend to the striking workers of where God put u as the number citizen instead of travelling here and there. Note that nobody including u knew by this time of last year that u can be the governor of osun but only God. 419 system cannot operate here in osun state because over 90 percent are elites and knowledgeable like your better respond positively for God to judge well.

  14. I can see,you guys just criticize the Guv.’Cos your people are no longer in power ! none of you criticized reasonably.Oh Allah ! thank you for you made me not get ma daily bread from politicians.I ‘ll forever worship none beside you.

  15. In the piece above, I counted more than 4 trips abroad within the space of 10 months, that is an average of 1 trip every other month. A governor is elected to govern his state not travel round the world at every opportunity and to develop local infrastructure including health care so that he does not have to travel to India for medical care.

  16. so you mean in all these innumerable trips, the regular estacodes werent paid? for both foreing and local trips, which word even has it has been largely increased.
    why are people even disregarding local trips and allowances paid? how uncomfortable can a governor be with his own state that he has to be out of it all the time? funny enough, i dont know if Mrs Tomori has left the country once since inauguration or the state. anyway, both partisan and apolitical citizens of osun are watching and i know we can all reason well.

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