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Bimbo Ogunnaike of COMPASS, This is a Sham Report. If you have done this unconsciously not knowing the truth,may the Almighty Forgive you. If you are an accomplice to this unprofessional and evil venture,may the Almighty deal with you most appropriately.

This is a fitting beginning to a patently diabolical misinformation. I happen to be to be privy to Aregbesola’s trips and believe I owe it to God, Truth and The public, to correct the farce this report so devilishly propagates

Concretely , Aregbesola has had to embark on trips abroad since he assumed office for 3 reasons : Spiritual , Government Business & Personal. Interestingly, in most cases these trips and their motives were made known to the public,( and there are references for this), before such trips were made. So, one wonders, where the writer got his falsehood from.

Aregbesola travelled to Saudi Arabia in December 2010, shortly after his inauguration as Governor in the company of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Baba Amzat(a Principal Chieftain of the ACN in Lagos) and his Wife, to thank God, for the fulfillment of His promise. The trip lasted three days. It covered Madinah, Makkah and Jeddah without a cost to the state of Osun. This trip was absolutely spiritual.

Shortly after the April Elections, In May , Aregbesola honoured the long sought Invitation of the London Council of Southwark, made by it’s Nigerian Born Mayor , Mr Tayo Sittu to explore Osun – Southwark partnership possibilities. The Governor spent a week engaging stakeholders in the diaspora and granting interviews. He then proceeded to have a week’s rest. This was an official visit.

In May, On the occasion of his daughter’s graduation from a Medical school in the UAE, Aregbesola made a private visit , again widely publicised. On completion of the graduation ceremonies, Aregbesola proceeded on a 1 week, intensive Medical checkup in India. This was a purely private visit without official aide and security details.

By June, The Governor, after very careful consideration, decided to honour the Invitation of The All China Federation of Trade Union, a major independent Trade union movement in a Country that has grown to be a significant trading and investment force any serious Leader would reckon with . This was also covered in the Media. The ACFTU sponsored the China – Osun Conference, in which the Governor actively participated.The Governor also engaged with the CADFUND, The China-Africa Development Fund, where Foreign Direct Investment options were discussed. As well, the state representation, met with CMEC, an Infrastructure Development Company. It is worth noting that this China engagement trip, was facilitated by Mr Hassan Sunmonu ; Secretary General of Organisation of African Trade Union (OOATU), Accra, Ghana.This trip lasted two weeks and was widely reported by the main organs of news in the country. There was no medical issue about it though.

Aregbesola is at his Yearly Umrah trip to Saudi Arabia, which has been a tradition for twelve years? He will be spending the last 10 days of Ramadhan, Fasting, and Keeping Vigil, seeking the mercy, grace and favor of Allah SWT for himself, family, Osun, Nigeria and for the general good of humanity.

You see, Bimbo Ogunnaike, but for the negative distraction your piece would have on the public, I wouldn’t have replied you. Indeed, you have sold your journalistic honour cheaply. It is irresponsible to say the least.

The question, is really not about How Many Times The Governor has been Out of the Country, Rather How his presence in/outside the country has impacted the affairs of the State. And that’s why, you should be careful at putting words in the Mouth of the Dead. Chief Ganiyu Fawehinmi, being from a similar activist background, would know Aregbesola better than you, and I believe, would have sought his opinion, before equating his trips to others. By the way what is your objective parameter for the obviously misguided comparison?

The achievements of Osun State, Since Novemeber 2010, are such that are arguably unrivalled,to the Glory of God, in the history of the State and Perhaps in that of Nigeria. Aregbesola promised to create 20000 jobs, within 100 days of Government. By February, Aregbesola, while in/out of the country, He vigorously led his Government to deliver Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme, OYES, a 20000 strong volunteer corp, helping with the state’s intervention programmes and for which the Governor has very high Expectations.

By April this Year, Osun state had successfully run, an Education Summit and The ‘Omoluabi’ State Rebranding. In the April Polls, and to The Glory of God Almighty, Aregbesola performed the electoral and political feat of Delivering all contested posts, a feat which pundits didn’t see coming for Osun, a feat that re- affirms the Mandate Aregbesola fought for 3 years , a feat that places Osun in the enviable and honourable state of Resolute Progressive Champions.

Between April and November, the State has made some progress in it’s Rural Enterprise Initiave , OREAP , by commencing the building of inner access roads to Farmlands, to curtail the well known challenge Farmers.bitterly complain they encounter, OCLEAN, the Osun Sanitation Initiative was launched to promote a new Sanitation culture within the State. Also worth mentioning was the release of N150 million to the Farmers’ Cooperative to boost Preparations for the incoming seasons, The spectacular refinancing of the debilitating N18.3 billion loan recklessly taken and spent by profligate Oyinlola administration at the twilight of his tenure. A feat which has saved the state a sum of 4 billion naira on servicing the loan in the immediate and a total of 20billion naira in all, if left to fully mature.

Aregbesola, is not known to do things for Superficial or Subjective reasons, He often sticks to Objectivism perhaps to a Fault. Close associates had expressed concerns on these trips appearing to be frequent. Aregbesola rather taught us, that True leaders will be judged by their Performance and not by the number of Trips made. True leaders make hard choices, even when it may myopically look unpopular. The Truth is, a simple benchmarking of the achievements of his government, in the past 8 Months, as listed above, to current or past Governments, would tell of his Performance and Busy-ness. You see, Times have changed, Technology now allows a leader to direct and drive the business of government wherever and whenever they so desire.

Simply ask yourself, which government do you know within the country, to have made such a bold interventionist response to the very sad unemployment challenge of our country. Or do you think,20000 is insignificant? If you do, come to Osun, and see how this has changed the lives of people for good. And, by God’s Grace, there’s more in the Kitty for OYES and the State.

Osun A dara
Ademulegun Akimgboye