Classical Case Of 31 Thieves

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“If a thief is not methodically caught inside a farmland, he might turn around to hunt the farmer.” – Yoruba Altruism

IN Ondo State, the peoples’ Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, after taking his oath of office, ordered the immediate dissolution of councils, constituted illegally by the equally illegal governor, Olusegun Agagu, who was sent-packing out of the Ondo State Government House by the Court of Appeal.

Mimiko relied on a court injunction that had earlier restrained the discredited Agagu from going ahead with a kangaroo election that afforded only his disgraced Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stooges an opportunity to walk straight into the local government secretariats without electoral hassles. However, the councils thieves, who were parading themselves as chairmen insisted on hanging on to power at whatever cost.

Because PDP is a lawless party, the super-thieves, or call them mandate-robbers in Abuja emboldened them with security apparatus, the thieves in Ondo State decided to storm the council secretariats like Lords of the Manor they are, but interestingly, they met their match in the peoples’ army.

Truly, they stormed the councils, but workers, who make the, secretariats were not around to serve the thieves, the janitors in those councils did not release the keys to the offices, and that eventualy ended the drama of shame bloodlessly. And the Abuja mandate super-thieves were defeated with their junior ones in Ondo.

THE Ondo’s circus show has not totally come to a close, when the Court of Appeal, sitting in Ibadan, Oyo State capital sacked the council-thieves in Osun State, but because we are dealing with lawless people, illegal governor and obviously an uninformed state Attorney-General (AG); no sooner the court ordered the sack of the 30 thieves and their cohorts called councillors, than the Ifetedo-born Commissioner for ‘injustice,’ Niyi Owolade went on air to play the role of a higher court, by starting to tell the people the interpretation of the law upside- down.

Pardon me, don’t blame Owolade, you and I know that he has never been a reputable lawyer, who knows his onions all his life, but a mere opportunist, who got an appointment from the suspected mandate-robber in the state, at a time he (Owolade) was about to sink completely into political oblivion; rather blame his pay-master, who thrives in illegality, despite claiming to be a law graduate.

Yours sincerely, the Court of Appeal had displayed our anger against the spurious election conducted by that cocky, arrogant and partisan erstwhile Chief Judge, Adedotun Sijuwade, who recently lost his meal-ticket via an illegal conduct, after the expiration of his first inglorious tenure, as the Chairman, Osun State Independent Electoral Commission (OSSIEC). You need to be in court, you need to read the judgment, and you will see how furious the judges were, when the brazen illegality of Osun stared them in their faces.
I learnt that the council thieves have elected to proceed to the Supreme Court, with a view to buying time, so that they can commence blind-stealing hence forth.

Let it be known that these council thieves are toying with cobra’s tail, and soon they might experience its poisonous venom. I know that the embattled Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola would want to keep them (thieves) in the councils, so as to make the councils’ treasuries available for the war of legitimacy he is facing. But, the only constancy in life is change, and the change is imminent. Maybe the council thieves are hanging on to be caught, who knows?

NOW, that the Court of Appeal has spoken, shall we reflect on an issue of the fraudulent polls, which the thieves claimed, brought them to power.

I remember that the sacked arrogant OSSIEC boss, called the bluff of the stakeholders, who were demanding for due process and free, fair and credible election, saying that if at all the stakeholders have any right to challenge his wobbled style, they had slept on it, and according to him, they screwed it; just like an American would say.

When it was very obvious that Sijuwade was a biased umpire, who was tirelessly working to give victory to his pay-master, the stakeholders walked out with a caveat that the court would settle the rest.
Truly, the affected political parties instituted an action at the State High Court, the state Chief Judge, Justice Fasasi Ogunsola presided over the case, and when a ruling to stop the illegality of Sijuwade was badly needed, the CJ acted suspiciously, fixing the date of ruling to a day before the flawed polls, and as expected, he ruled against the affected stakeholders’ to pave way for the whims and caprices of the governor.

The people’s strength manifested, when the opposition ordered the boycott of the elections, streets were deserted on December 15, 2007, no turn-out of voters, and the Sijuwade-led OSSIEC just walked the council thieves over to the secretariats.

Today, we have known better; that the Osun judiciary is very well under the armpit of the governor, and with the appointment of people like Justice Jide Falola, we don’t need to look for more facts.

AS for me, I have long settled with myself that Osun is a classical case of a failed state, where illegalities and stealing of public funds have become a norm, and the only thing that can change this ugly scenario is our collective action.

Let me remind us, that it was the heroic action of Captain Trafalgar that earned England a pride of place today. Trafalgar led a Queen’s Marine, who wanted to capture an Island for her majesty. He and his troop went to war in a boat and when they berthed, Captain Trafalgar ordered one of his troop members to soak the ship with gasoline; while he instructed another one to fire a shot. The ship was soaked, but the soldier, who ought to fire the shot thought twice.

Trafalgar got angry that the soldier was thinking about pleasure of returning home. He fired a shot at the soldier at a close range and fired another shot at the boat. The disobedient soldier died and the ship caught fire.

Captain Trafalgar then addressed the marines: “Compatriots! Our ship is gone and we are already at war. We have two options: we float together, or sink together.”

Compatriots in Osun State, I call you to watch these council thieves with eagle’s eye, for our collective patrimony is on the line. I beseech the collaborating council workers to stop helping these thieves in their own interest. It is not possible for all our children to become governors, council chairmen and councillors, but a large number of them may end up working in the councils. Let us think.

I rest my case.

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