Chief Priests Turn Against Their Human Trafficker ‘Friends’ In Benin

In a funny twist of events, to fight human trafficking, NAPTIP, Benin Zonal Command have enlisted the support of chief priests in Ayelala shrines, Edo State, in order to combat the crime.


The agency went on social media with pictures saying:


“It is no secret that one of the control mechanisms employed by traffickers over their victims is the use of voodoo and oath-taking, usually at Ayelala shrines in Edo State. This voodoo is meant to instill fear into them and keep them loyal at all costs,”



“In light of the above, NAPTIP Benin Zonal Command felt the need to sensitize the priests at the shrines, with the aim of enlisting their support to stop this menace. This effort is already yielding fruits as some of the chief priests have turned to anti human trafficking ambassadors.”