CDHR Condemns Govt Negligence On Security

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) has frowned at what it described as “bad state affairs in Nigeria” and condemned the negligence of government on national security.
The organisation decried the rising youth unemployment, which has immeasurably aided the activities of the notorious religion sect, Boko Haram, which has portrayed Nigeria as a country of terrorists.
CDHR in a communiqué issued at the end of a 2-day National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting, held recently in Lagos, signed by its National President, Sunny Enenuvwedia, the organisation identified social decadence and absence of good governance as major factors responsible for insecurity in the country.
According to the communiqué, the organization expressed concern on national security, dilapidated condition of major highways, poor health services and the new minimum wage for the workers.
The communiqué read in part “ the NEC, on behalf of the association, condemned in the entirety, the inadequacy and under-development of our social, education, political, and economic life of the citizens, which has immeasurable aided the uproar in the activities of Boko Haram and other militant activities in the country”.
“The NEC also unanimously condemned the prevalent situations in the nation, where the government continuously engages in a jamboree and overblown appointment of executive and legislative aides, to the detriment of the provision of social amenities that will improve the welfare of the citizenry.”
“We equally call for the immediate provision of affordable health facilities and address the increasing wave of unemployed teeming youths in Nigeria, which the government had denied job opportunities after graduation from institutions of higher learning.”
On the controversial single-term proposed bill, CDHR is of the opinion that the current tenure of two terms of four years each for the President and the governors is enough for them to implement their plans of action, saying since the second term will be subjected to the will of the people through credible elections.
“One term of six years is retrogressive, a president or governor who spends four years without accomplishment can equally stay 6 or 10 years in the office without accomplishments. The issue is; what accomplishment does a leader have in his / her agenda, national or personal interest?”
CDHR therefore called on President Goodluck Jonathan, to as a matter of urgency, address the rising unemployment, security situation and social amenities decadence instead of dragging the nation into the “controversial tenure elongation”.
“We want to sound a note of warning to the government at all levels that the citizens are now awake and are ready to resist any move by rulers that will perpetually subject them to indefinite sufferings,” the organisation said.