Buhari’s Speech: Human Rights Activist Flays President, Says His Speech Reflects Military Man In Him

As reactions trailed the speech recently delivered by  President Muhammadu Buhari the Director, Ola-Oni Centre for Social and Research, Osogbo,  Comrade Wale Adebisi has posited that the speech showed the military man in the President.

Some Nigerians have earlier criticized the speech, describing it as one that lack substances capable of reassuring the hope of the people of the country.

Comrade Adebisi while joining the set of people that carpeted Mr President over the speech said the President’s speech is an indication of a living military tendency in a democratically elected President.

According to him, “The fact still remains on the speech of Mr President, General Muhammadu Buhari that there is no way you can wash off the spot in the skin of a leper.

“Now, the man, the fact still remains, is a military man and that speech he delivered on Monday showed the military man in him and also quantify the fact that the military in a democracy is an aberration.

“He was talking about crushing terrorism, crushing Boko Haram, already you are in negotiation and you have to respect the rules of negotiation for the remaining numbers of Chibok girls that are still in bondage.

“When you are talking of negotiation, you cannot be talking of crushing and if at all they have another strategy to combat the terrorists, they should have conceived the military tactics, not exposing it or talking it off but then that  still underscore the fact that we are inheriting military that are not well accommodated by the democracy because one, the military we have in Nigeria is an inherited military from the colonialists, it is a military of imperialism.” He added.