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Osun State has the worst human right record through out year 2007. At no time ever from the creation of Osun State have we witnessed a violation of human rights of citizens like now. The political tolerance is completely nil, as perceived opponents were arrested, manhandled, tortured, and even killed. Many were clamped into jail without tried, The climax was in April 2007, during gubernatorial and presidential election. The aftermath crisis that erupted after the election gave the government the opportunity to disregard the rule of law and several human right abuse were recorded.

We condemned the Governor for inviting the military into the situation, admission which resulted into. Several human right abuses. Several opposition members were beetting, maimed, and even killed in the process especially at Ilesa, on allegation of arson. It was a terrible sight to see the Chief executive of the state on the state and a senior military officer from lbadan with some soldiers on the state owned Television station chasing innocent youths at Ilesa and even shooting them at close range.

Also, during the military occupation of the state especially at Ilesa and Osogbo, several women were raped by the uniform men brought ‘in by the government. Several Okada riders were also illegally arrested and tortured, some died in the process, on the assumption that they have sympathy for the opposition party (Action Congress).

During the period many privately groomed party thugs owned by top members ,1′ the ruling party with the knowledge of the governor and ably assisted by the former Police commissioner Fakai, embarked on series of attacks on many opposition member., An example of such notorious gangs are, “MopoI 14,” “Uncle Ola boys,” and” lmolede boys” etc.

Year 2007 witnessed the worst form of political attack on ORANMIYAN house which serves as the Campaign headquarters of the main opposition gubernatorial candidate of Action congress. Engr. Rauf Aregbesola. Several shots were fired at the people in the building, injuring the editor of Osun Defender in the process.

During and after this major attack the police led by Mr. Fakai did not arrest the perpetrators. It was believed that Oyinlola’s government sponsored the attack, as most of the attackers were recognised members of the ruling PDP.

Another worse form of human right abuse was carried out by the men of the special Anti Robbery Squared (SARS) of the Nigerian police. The SARS was used by for of the PDP to harass, intimidate and clamp into detention notable opposition without trial. Several arrested opposition members died in the SARS detention camp. Those that were ‘: released after, suffered various degrees of body injuries. A case of gang rape was r carried out by a chieftain of PDP in Ilesa, Alh. Gani Oladiran on a 17-year old girl whose parents belong to the opposition party ACTION CONGRESS. Alh. Oladiran has not been prosecuted by the police, possibly on the intervention of the state government.

Although the present police commissioner has promised to reduced violence to the barest minimum, while remaining objectives professional and non partisan in the of his duties in the State; We still however, demand that special investigations should be conducted into all previous cases of human right abuse and extra judicial killings that occurred in Osun State, and the culprits be made to face the wrath of the law.

We call on the inspector general of police to launch a panel of enquire into the activities of SARS in Osun State, so as to refocus the unit as a crime combat one military wing of the Peoples Democratic Party.


Extravagant life styles of most political appointees under Governor Oyinlola call for questioning, the type of government we have in the State.

Political office holders display affluence at will, so many within shortest time they were elected or appointed bought exotic cars, built mighty estates. They threw expensive parties and lavish money at will. A case of the state PDP Chairman who before the advert of the PDP government could not boast of N20,000 in his account, but now claim to have a wrist watch estimated to cost about N450,OOO, is a clear example of high level corruption that persist in Osun State corridor of power.

The PWL frowns at the attitude of the governor to this ugly development. The Governor through out the year kept a sealed lip preferring to look the other way. However, we all know the reason for his action. Birds of the same feathers, flocks together.

We use this forum to call on the EFCC and ICPC to look critically into the activities of the Osun State government without any fear or favour. We are sure a lot of can of worms will be opened.


The fatherly role expected to be played by Traditional Rulers was totally eroded in

2007 by the adverse effect of Governor Oyinlola’s government. The performance of some Traditional rulers did not justify the huge money and respect allocated to the Traditional Institution in the budget speech of Governor Oyinlola. Many Traditional rulers have derailed to the extent of exchanging their fatherly advisory role with that of party boys taking orders from Governor Oyinlola. With all the 5% of the statutory allocations given to them by Local Governments and the benefits from state government, one would not expect them to desecrate the Traditional Institution as many of them are doing. Imagine Traditional rulers dancing at political rallies, taking part in picking of party candidates, these actions are disgraceful to the exalted seat they occupy and an indication that they have exchanged their exalted crowns and beads with pots of filthy porridge.

Our advice is that the Traditional rulers involved should purge themselves of these political virus and tow the path of sanity now before it is too late.


Abnormal Salary Increase for Political Office Holders

The public, most especially the civil servant should take a careful look at tbe points stated below. The Osun State House of Assembly has approved an abnormal salary increase for all the political Office holders. In the new salary scale, a Permanent Secretary (PS) now takes a monthly pay packet of about N510,000=00 instead of the previous N145,OOO=00. Whereas, the Director, who is next in ranking to the PS takes a monthly pay packet of about N70,000=00, In the new abnormal salary scale, a Commissioner now takes a monthly pay packet of about N560,000=00. To make the matter worse, the pay packet was approved by the House of Assembly in November 2007, but back dated to February 2007. In a state where the governor always cry of low Federal Government statutory allocation, where poverty is boldly written on the faces of the masses, one is bound to demand explanations from Governor Oyinlola, the rationale behind such an abnormal salary increase and the callous decision to backdate its payment to February 2007. It must be remembered that civil servants demanded for N9,500=00 minimum wage, only for the Osun State Governor to come up with an abracadabra table which was eventually far less than what they demanded for. However the civil servants now know better.

Another abnormality to be noted about the government of Governor Oyinlola is that the Permanent Secretaries that are Medical Doctor’s currently in the service of the present government are still receiving Call Duty Allowances just like those in the state Hospitals without being on Duty. What is the rational for such payment?

Also there are some serving permanent Secretaries that are above the age of retirement, according to pension act, that are still in the office on the order of Governor Oyinlola. This negates

Pensions Act and it is a reckless wasteful spending of scarce resources of the state. We demand an explanation to this developments from Governor Oyinlola.


“It has been confirmed that Governor Oyinlola is the most travelled governor in the Federation. Also it has been confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that Governor Oyinlola has travelled with the largest number of entourage out of the country. It must also be, noted that the Deputy Governor, Chief of staff, SSG etc. are also always out of country with their own

entourage too. All these globe trot tings are at the expense of tax payers money. We condemn the wastage spirit of Governor’s Oyinlola’s government on Jamboree travelling. However, it is being speculated that The Governor always use his incessant travelling as a guise to visit his business interest abroad. PWL will definitely dig into this and provide an answer at the right time.


The government of Governor Oyinlola based the 2007 budget on N5.1b IGR but was only able to come up with N2.2b IGR representing about 200 million naira monthly. Also -in the 2008 budget speech of Governor Oyinlola, the expected IGR is based on N7.3b which constimte 19.25% of total revenue.

PWL is not against having IGR target but we are opposed vehemently to rhetoric’s of Governor Oyinlola by projecting unattainable IGR target. Also PWL is vehemently opposed to the spirit of deceit with which Governor Oyinlola is setting IGR target without working out the modalities to attaining the target set. It must be noted that on paper the budget is balanced in Governor Oyinlola’s 2008 budget speech, but should any negative indices happens to the revenue base, the budget performance would definitely result into deficit. That Governor Oyinlola has not been able to attain the IGR set target shows that he is bereft of ideas.

We advise him to take a lesson from lagos and other neighbouring state on the method adopted in increasing their IGR base.


As of now. Osun State is said to have the least budget figure put at N38,009,639,690.00 for the year 2008. A brief analysis of the budget shows an unprecedented high recurrent expenditure put at N21,707,877 130.00. which represent 57.1 % of the total budget, while the total capital expenditure is put at N16,301,762,560.00. representing 42.9%.

Economically view, even an illiterate, can easily conclude that year 2008 budget is not only anti people, anti development, but also a calculated fraud. The amount of money earmarked for the current expenditure, part of which will spent on the GOVERNORS NUMEROUS TRIPS ABROAD far out weigh the capital vote THAT IS EXPECTED TORE SPENT ON PROVISION OF BASIC AMENITIES TO THE PEOPLE. You

may also wish to know that the entire budget figure is not up to the total capital expenditure of some state, such as Ekiti and Cross River State etc. Obviously, since the capital expenditure figure for 2008 budget is about N1 b. lower than that of 2007, then, Osun State indigenes should better be ready for the worse in terms of developmental projects.

Going through the 2008 bud set speech of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola and critical study and analysis of the 2008 budget breakdown as presented by the Honourable Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development on 14th January 2008, Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola tagged the budget “Budget of Renewal and Actualisation”.

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