Nigerian music promoters have been called upon to organize healthy competitions among upcoming musicians with a view to projecting them to the outside world.

In a chat with OSUN DEFENDER, Mr. Leye Williams, a Gbongan musician said music is the best language people understand, saying without music the world couldn’t exit. Williams, who has been making waves in and around Gbongan stated that Nigerian promoters are in the habit of promoting those that have made it in their career instead of the upcoming ones.

“We have new stars that are not yet discovered, it’s only if the Nigerian promoters could focus their searchlight on them because there is nobody to promote them,” he said. While speaking on his styles of music, he stated that it was the combination of Fuji, juju and highlife that made his music unique from those of others.

Leye further revealed that the name of his musical band is Leye-Willy and his Golden Voices band also known as “OGURO,” saying he started his musical career from his teens.The talented musician also maintained that he and his band have played in different parts of Yorubaland, adding that he would use his music to project Osun State.

Oguro also stated that he now believes in music than any other job in life, saying he will not do engage in any other jobs except music. “We still have problems with promoters because they look down on us; this is because they don’t know the value of music in a society,” Leye said.

He said: “Let people like King Sunny Ade, and some other well known musicians who have reached the peak of their career join hands together to organise something like talent hunt for us upcoming artistes.

“I am still young and talented, anybody that hears my music will never be disappointed. I am ready to showcase my culture, my state and my nation to the outside world. All need is a promoter that will believe in me”, he said.