Breaking News: Oyinlola Going… Going… Appeal Court Upholds Aregbesola’s Grounds of Appeal

Hon. Justice Omage: (11:21 A.M.) – Endorsed the grounds of appeal by the appellant, saying they are credible and satisfactory grounds.

Hon. Justice Omage: (12:08 P.M.) – I am satisfied with the Police Security Report marked “SECRET”. It is a public document and therefore it is accepted by this court.

Hon. Justice Omage: (12:28 P.M.) – Forensic analysis reports by Adrian Forty, and Physical inspection by Tunde Yadeka are important and decisive as documetary support by petitioners to prove their case. We should not allow tecnicalities to batter the substance of the case.

Hon. Justice Omage: (12:33 P.M.) – I hereby direct the case to the President of the Appeal Court to re-constitute a new tribunal to retry this case.

From the accounts above, live from the appeal court sitting in Ibadan, this is a landmark case because, NARON TRIBUNAL HAS BEEN INDICTED, and AREGBESOLA HAS BEEN VINDICATED.

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