Breaking News: NBA Moves Against Oyinlola’s Lawyer – Aftermath Of Appeal Court Verdict

nba-letterNemesis seems to have begun its fury of vengeance as the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) commenced investigations into the unethical romance between impostor Governor Oyinlola’s leading counsel, Otunba Kunle Kalejaiye (SAN), and members of the inglorious Osun State First Election Petition Tribunal, led by Honourable (in)Justice Thomas Damar Naron, (apology to late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti).

According to snippets of information that filtered out of the NBA Disciplinary panel, work has commenced in earnest to unearth the allegedly disgraceful act of secret telephone communications between Kalejaiye and the Tribunal Chairman – Naron.

The recent verdict of retrial by the Justice Victor Omage-led Appeal Court panel conclusively pointed to many instances at the lower tribunal where justice was miscarried and perverted against Engineer Rauf Aregbesola. This was a water-shed that pour the cold water on embattled governor Oyinlola on Monday, having been caught pants down. He struggled with many words to reassure his supporters after the verdict of the Appeal court that he is still the ‘legitimate’ governor of Osun State.

Kalejaiye - The Face of A LiarThe cowardice of Kalejaiye was many times exposed when he was challenged by THE NEWS magazine to sue for defamation if the alleged call logs of the tripartite secret telephone communications between Naron-Oyinlola-Kalejaiye during the trial of the case were untrue. He hid his threats inside his shell like a tortoise.

A legal luminary whom we recently interviewed after the verdict last Monday told us of the 3-phase battle of which the first had just been concluded. He said that the second and third phases would go pari-pasu. that is Obtaining justice at the yet to be constituted re-trial tribunal and punishing the culprits who perverted justice at the First Election Petition Tribunal.

The NBA Disciplinary Panel had set a two-week target to get to the root of the matter. Understandably, Kalejaiye had become so tensed and uncomfortable by the heat-beam of investigative searchlight focused on him. He had hoped to escape this ugly end with a declaration of victory for Oyinlola last Monday, Alas! It was a disaster for his hope were dashed by the unanimous indictment by the Appeal Court led by Honourable Justice Victor Omage.

Now, the chicken has come home to roost.

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