Boko Haram In The South-West Nigeria?

IN the present day Nigeria, the mere mention of the dreadful Islamic sect called Boko Haram, which has been wreaking havoes on innocent people in the Northern part of Nigeria, is enough to send jitters into the spines of the people. It is on record that since members of the faceless Boko Haram group began their nefarious activities,scores of Nigerians and foreigners legitimately living and working in Nigeria have been unjustifiably sent to the great beyond. Maiduguri, which is in North-East geo-political zone of the nation, has not known peace since the activities of the dreaded group widely believed to have its root from the zone became a controversial issue. These people had struck in Abuja, the seat of the Federal Government,
where the security of the National Police Headquarters was infiltrated, leaving a countless number of vehicles burnt, many people killed and wounded,through the activities of a suicide bomber. As if that was not enough,the United Nations building in Abuja which was housing so many
international organizations, also became a target of the Boko Haram, thus, once again, exposing the apparent laxity in the nation’s security. At the end of the bombing of the UN building, the building was not only brought down, so many people were killed, scores of others wounded, while a sizeable number of people are said to be missing. Niger State had also had a sour taste of the dreadful activities of the Boko Haram. IT is disheartening to note that the untoward activities of the Boko Haram have given a bad name to the nation among the comity of other countries in the Western world. With the latest development on the issue at stake,it may not be totally wrong if Nigeria is classified a terrorismprone nation by a foreigner who does not have an in-depth knowledge of the country. It is true that what affects the part may not spare the whole. But I want to say
it categorically that the Northern part of the country does not constitute the whole nation. It is not a gainsaying that out of the six-geopolitical
zones making up the complex Nigerian nation, activities of Boko Haram are more or less a rarity in the South-West, South-South, South-East and a larger part of the Middle Belt. On this basis, it may not be totally correct to say that the whole of the country is engulfed in terrorism. Each of the
regional zones has its own peculiar challenges.Since the enthronement of progressive government in the whole of the South-West Nigeria and part of the South-South, the joint action plan of progressive states that has caught my fancy is that of regional integration among the member. What is my business if a government is constructing roads, providing water, electricity,affordable health-delivery services,qualitative education and security? These are the routine reasons for the existence of any government. Since the time I have been able to know my right from my left, I wept
each time I saw people rolling out drums to sing-praise a government, be it Federal, state or local governments, for providing essential necessities of life. If properly harnessed, it is through this regional integration alliance of the affected member states that alot of developmental projects that
had eluded the region can be restored. The creation of a separate ministry for the regional issue by the member states is a welcome development. Now that a green light has been put on for the integration matters, the accomplishment of the set target must be carried out without let or
hindrance. AN agenda for the regional integration team across the South-West geo-political zone requiring an urgent attentionis the systemic incursion of the nomadic Fulani into the zone, the nefarious activities of which are fast graduating into what may make a child’s play of Boko Haram’s activities. In Oke-Ogun area of Oyo State, there have been cases of these nomadic Fulani killing, attacking and molesting their hosts.In some cases, young indigenous girls were defiled, wives were raped in front of their husbands, while farmlands were destroyed by the grazing cows of these nomads.Some of these nomads have constituted themselves into armed robbers, who needlessly attack passers-by. It is on record that about two years ago, a professor of medicine, Adeyeba, who is a principal member of Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG), was attacked while transiting between Osogbo and Ibadan, and shot at a spot close to Iwo by robbers suspected to be nomadic Fulani. The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Hospital Complex professor of medicine, who miraculously escaped being killed by the nomads, was however reduced to a vegetarian, who had to be taught how to talk after an intensive medical care in India. IT is also on record that an illustrious son of Osogbo, Senator Bayo Salami, a prominent member of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), escaped death by the whiskers recently, when he was shot at on Osogbo-Iwo road by hoodlums suspected to be nomadic Fulani robbers. It is because some of the victims are prominent that their woes in the hands of the terrorist
Fulani are attracting attention. Several other victims who are less prominent have got to live with their sorry plight. One noticeable thing about the
nomadic Fulani is that they are found in forests across the South-West, where they are wreaking havocs of various dimensions.Unsuspecting gluttonous royal fathers and village heads give lands to these nomads after their palms might have been greased with Greek-gifts of cows and look other ways when their subjects are being maimed, killed or dispossessed; a situation which is akin to the disposition of some monarchs to the
inglorious absolished slave trade. The un-toward activities of these nomadic Fulani should be checkmated now so that the ongoing Boko Haram activities will not be a child’s play when the bubble gets to a bursting stage. I suppose Governors Rauf Aregbesola (Osun), Abiola Ajimobi (Oyo), Ibikunle Amosun (Ogun), Kayode Fayemi (Ekiti), Babatunde Fashola (Lagos) and Olusegun Mimiko (Ondo) are listening for their prompt action. Any further delay may be dangerous as the armed nomadic Fulani are all in the forests in the region. Hiding under the fundamental freedom of settling in any part of the country by Nigerians, should not be enough shield, as such is with a known caveat of strangers living in amity with their hosts.