Bizarre: School Proprietor Nabbed Over Ritual

A continuing education centre’s proprietor (name withheld) in Ile-Ife, who has his school located at Idi Omo area of the ancient town, has been arrested and detained by the police for allegedly sucking the private organs of his male students for what many believe was for a ritual purpose.

According to OSUN DEFENDER’sinvestigation, the parent of one of the victims reported the ugly incident which transpired between his son and the proprietor to the police authority after the proprietor allegedly sucked the male organ of one Demola Awotide, a student of the centre.

Further investigations also revealed that the proprietor was in the habit of inviting the unsuspecting students to his house, for extra-lessons and delayed them purposely till night, so as to carry out his illicit act.

On the day of the incident, Mr Adeoye Awotide told OSUN DEFENDER that his son was invited by the proprietor to his house in company of other boys and they had their lesson till late in the night.

Continuing, Awotide further stated that his son informed him later at night, that the proprietor, who was a middle aged man allegedly sneaked into the rooms where the boys were sleeping and stripped his victim of his trouser and put in his mouth his manhood, the parent alleged.

OSUN DEFENDER investigation at Division A police station in Ile-Ife revealed that the matter had been incidented at the station. More so, other victims of the school proprietor’s act, who were male students taking remedial course to reseat for the NECO or WAEC examination corroborated the claims of Demola.

Awotide’s (Jnr) report about the proprietor’s act to his parents was trigged by the state of his health, since the ugly incident with the randy proprietor.

According to investigation, it was revealed that the proprietor sucked his semen which he later discharged in a bottle, it was alleged.

The police source said the alleged proprietor confirmed that it was true that he sucked the manhood of the students but he only did so, to prevent them from flirting around with female students.
OSUN DEFENDER investigation also revealed that since other affected students had testified to the gay proprietor’s act, he had since denied ever having oral sex with the male students.

The matter had been charged to the magistrate court in Ile-Ife and the date for hearing had not been fixed, OSUN DEFENDER was reliably informed.

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