Happy New Year you may say aloud and clear to our own evasive actress. Welcome back to our midst Bimbo Osin. Can you still remember how we informed you that Bimbo Osin was nowhere to be found? Thank God for his mercies. As year 2006 was going to fold up, the mother of one came out of the blues looking fresh and lovely.

The most surprising aspect of the gist is that, she did not just come out with a new home movie titled. “Temi Ye Mi”. She was able to confirm the rumour of her relationship with her financier and producer, Ola Ibironke (Dudu Heritage).

Over the years, Bimbo,a product of Lagos State University who had severally denied the love affair between her and Ibironke, would not let the cat of her bag. Even when she had her baby, which was a carbon copy of Ibironke that the media was agog with the news; Bimbo who wrote “Eji Ewuro” still vehemently denied the union.

Well, the latest addition to her maiden which she wrote thus; Bimbo Oshin-Ibironke, has put all rumour to rest.