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Monday, 10 March 2008

God really blessed Osun State with worthy spiritual and temporal fathers. We have prominent obas and clerics that can rub shoulders with their counterparts the world over. The reactions of these our spiritual fathers to political events in the state should be of concern to all and sundry because the survival of the state would be dependent majorly on the sound and Godly spiritual guidance from these our spiritual fathers.

That Obas, clerics etc. attend government functions all the times is not a misnormal and that prayers were offered at such occasions were not out of place, but political comments that were always “erroneously’ credited to them might cast aspersions on such spiritual father vis-a-vis the spiritual positions they occupy in the nation. In fact, there are places that one would not expect such spiritual fathers to be, even through it is in such abominable places that we find many spiritual fathers often and not only being there, they make statements that belittle the spiritual positions they occupy.

We must remind ourselves of some salient facts. Engr Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola or any other indigene of Osun State has every right to aspire to govern the state and that spiritual fathers should not turn themselves into instruments of oppression of oppositions and suppression of decent voice of oppositions. The oppositions are not enemies as erroneously proclaimed by the tune of prayers from spiritual fathers, but they (opposition) are check and balance organs of the society to forestall the excessive activities of the brigands that temporarily rule Osun State.

Why are obas and clerics against the voices of oppositions when they have every right to tilt to any side of their choice. The clerics can shed their cassocks for political garment, while the obas are free to put aside their beaded crowns for political caps, as such steps would give them more honour and respect than hiding under the cassocks and beaded crowns while swimming in dirty waters of politics. Why can’t these spiritual fathers and obas realize that they would outlive these political office holders and as such, should not allow them to rubbish the exalted spiritual sit they occupy?

The prayers offered by two prominent clerics at Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s 57th birthday ceremony, as reported by Nigerian Tribune of 8th February 2008, page 7, was pleasant and appealing to Oyinlola’s hearing but spiritually bankrupt as the prayers were politically motivated and directed by “Ghana-Must-Go” spiritual force. Since when has it become a crime for one to legally seek to reclaim the stolen mandate through an election tribunal even at the risk of one’s life? Why must a legitimate demand of stolen mandate be misconstrued as “the activities of those who see nothing good?” Must Engr. Rauf Aregbesola allow the mandate armed robbers to go unchallenged as if armed robbery is entrenched in the Holy Bible and Holy Koran?

It is a pity that one cleric even equated elections with wars and battles. Hear him: “His creator has destined him to be victorious in wars and battles”. If a “respectable” cleric can refer to elections as “wars and battles”, one can see how “Ghana-Must-Go” can change a respectable cleric to disrespectable cleric. The prayers of the “respectable” cleric have exposed their (clerics) hidden agenda of a one party state.

Listen to him: “It is time for his challengers to see the war they are fighting as one against God’s designs. It is time for them to surrender.” According to the cleric, the designs of his (cleric) ‘god’ is that there should be no challenger and as such, we must end up with one party Osun State. The cleric also claimed it was a sin against their ‘god’ for anybody to challenge Governor Oyinlola as they were not engaging in electoral process but ‘war’ against ‘god’s design. No wonder the clerics had flambuoyant thanksgiving services, for Oyinlola, to their “gods’ that maimed and killed innocent citizens of Osun State, to steal Engr. Rauf Aregbesola’s mandate at gunpoint for Governor Oyinlola. No wonder, there were showers of blessings, cars, jeeps, etc for clerics from Governor Oyinlola and plenty of “Ghana Must Go” to appease the “gods” that stole mandate at gunpoint.

No wonder, the house of God have been turned into merchandising houses where prayers are readily purchased by “Ghana-Must-Go to force the challenger to surrender. Thank God, for God! God cannot be mocked! The respectable” cleric also described Governor Oyinlola as “a man created to build, remould and reform masses”.

The cleric should explain to the whole world, what Governor Oyinlola was building, after stealing the mandate of Engr Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola by maiming and killing innocent souls at Igbajo, Ikirun, Ile-Ife, Ilesa, Ede etc. It was indeed a fact that Governor Oyinlola remoulded and deformed the wasted citizens of Osun State from mortality to immortality. Governor Oyinlola has also remoulded the JOY of the berieved families into eternal melancholy.

The Bible says: ” I (God) am coming soon and my reward is with me to give to everybody according to his due”. Honestly, I always feel terribly sad, when I hear or see clerics, singing praises of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola and I always wonder which book of authority the clerics use as reference, as the doctrine being preached by such clerics are outside the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran. How can the clerics sing praises of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola, a man, who stubbornly refused to accept the practice and culture of democracy, which entails equal right of all members of the society to have a free and fair elections. A man, who believes in stealing mandate of the people of maiming and killing citizens of Osun State; a man, who brought soldiers to waste lives in Ilesa; a man, who has the devil reincarnated human being, Olusegun Obasajo as his mentor; a man whose only training has been on the foundation of deceit etc.

The clerics whether honourable of dishonourable must know that, today, ordinary citizens of Osun State, look at Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola, the PDP government of Osun State and the sympathizers of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola, be they obas and clerics, as a den of arsonists, assassins, armed robbers, blood suckers and mandate snatchers. that is exactly what they are and with the prayers of the saint to God/Allah, they would be brought to justice soonest. Amen.

OYAGBILE wrote in from Ward 5, Odo-Otin LG, Osun State