Barack Obama’s Victory: Oyinlola Cannot Lay Claim To Democratic Credentials

President-elect Barack Obama beaming with victory smilesIt was amazing to see the Osun State Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola attempt to share the glamour of Barack Obama’s victory in the November 4, 2008 Presidential poll in the United States of America . For a man whose stay in public office has been established in the use of extreme violence, vote robbery, banditry and cold-blooded murder of opponents to attempt to raise his voice like other civilized people displays a high level of shamelessness.

Prince Oyinlola should not run away from the fact that he is occupying the office of the Osun State Governor today with a mandate procured with the killing of Ayo “Kemba” Oni in Igbajo, Saheed Adebiyi in Ikirun, Mojeed in Ede , Samson Olanrewaju in Ile-Ife and Septuagenarian Pa Lawal Adesina in Ikoyi, Isokan Local Government.

Aside this, Prince Oyinlola is the direct beneficiary of the the cold-blooded murder of Deacon Gbenga Kayode, Abraham Jalto, Kola Lawal in Ilesa on the elections day last year.

For a man whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent people to share the limelight with decent humanity is unacceptable and reprehensible. Prince Oyinlola is a murderous despot whose credentials as an anti-democratic operator in Nigeria and Somalia are well documented. The message he tried to pass across to Obama is unacceptable as it was parceled in the package of innocent blood.

Oyinlola’s disgraceful pontification on the grace of Senator John MacCain in accepting defeat is an attempt to draw the wool on the face of the civilized world. Unlike how Oyinlola shamelessly rigged himself to office last year, the American elections held without ballot box snatching by agents of either of the candidates. None of the polling agents who represented Obama or MacCain was killed by gunmen.

Senator MacCain did not suffer vicious display of violence and banditry like Oyinlola did to Aregbesola, his arch-opponent during the last poll. Obama won a clear mandate without shedding the blood of his opponents or rigging his way to fame.

Till now, Oyinlola has not explained where he sourced the toxic votes that returned him to office against the popular choice of the electorate of Osun State . From all the polling units where Oyinlola claimed to have bagged his dubious victory, tell tale signs of massive vote robbery abound.

From the accounts of all witnesses that testified for Oyinlola at the Election Petitions Tribunal, the whole world was told that the average time for a voter to cast his ballot was a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of five and ten minutes. If the Electoral law, 2006 specified that the voting day was seven hours, and we allocate one minute to one voter, the votes returned for Oyinlola could only have come from another planet.

In Odo-Otin Local Government where Oyinlola claimed huge votes for himself, our findings of time used by every voter was that each of them spent 33 seconds to cast their votes. At the Oyekunle D.C. Primary School where Oyinlola cast his vote, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was allocated 481 votes while the Action Congress (AC) was credited with eight.

This means that each of the voters spent 33 seconds to perform their civic duties within the seven hours allocated by the law. In Ife East Local Government, only two polling units met the average voting time of one minute per voter. The total of 35,942 votes from 60 polling units in this Local Government excluding Modakeke were those cast under one minute; an impossible feat in a seven hour voting day.

Till now, Oyinlola cannot justify the existence of 130,728 votes that fell out of the time analysis for the voting day in the 12 Local |Governments areas challenged by AC at the tribunal. The analysis did not include the infractions discovered during forensic examination of ballot papers and physical examination of same which showed that they were at variance with the schedule of distribution of ballot papers by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

It was not surprising that Oyinlola’s legal team resorted to dubious compromise of the Tribunal through the infamous Kalejayegate telephone scandal to keep him in office and has been pretending as if nothing went wrong till date. Even if Oyinlola attempts to deceive himself, the entire world is aware that he has murdered sleep by his acts of infamy and repression of opponents.

Oyinlola and his co-travellers should not attempt to find accommodation among the civilized world until they purge themselves of their contempt for decent conduct, the rule of law and democratic practices.

Those who shun the basic tenets of grace should not find accommodation under an arrangement that is alien to their conducts.

By Gbenga Fayemiwo, Director of Media to ACTION CONGRESS (AC) Gubernatorial Candidate for Osun State, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola

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