Thank God for his mercies, Baba Suwe has finally come out at last to reveal his true identity off camera. Not that the Ikorodu born actor who is married to Omoladun, an actress debunked the rumours of alleged dealing in hard drugs, he made people realise that he is 100 per cent opposite the roles he plays.

A comedian, a successful and accepted one for that matter, Babatunde Omidina has been in  the trade for so long. Accepted by his fans, but his inability to shed light on the rumour of his alleged separation from Suwe, his first wife has refused to go down with his fans.

So, Baba Suwe, you are loved. And thanks for letting us into your real life character. We also  know that  you love Omoladun who is mixing comedy with love for you, but won’t you tell us what is going on between you and your first love?

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