Wonders they say shall never end. If not, how do we retell the tale surrounding the sudden separation between two lovers who are both artistes? I mean Binta Ayo Mogaji and Jibola Dabo-Iku.

Until few months back,the two love birds who professed their love openly had a baby named Ademide to crown the union. But about three weeks ago, Binta called it quit with Jibola on the ground that the beared actor was not ready to formalise the union. And before one could say “action”, Ayo legally married her childhood love who just came back from abroad.

Jibola on his own went to the police and ordered for the arrest of Ayo, whom she accused of abducting the product of the affair as well as that of his nephew, a young boy living with them.

Who wins? Jibola is shouting to who cares to listen that, He is ready to spill the beans. Ayo on the other hand is not ready to return the kids on the ground that Jibola will not take care of them in the proper way.