Osun Tax Drive, Full Weight Of Law Await Defaulters, Says Govt

By Nofisat Marindoti

Government of the State of Osun has urged organizations and individuals doing businesses in the state to pay their tax, saying the full weight of law awaits any defaulter.

Directing all tax collecting agencies to use all means necessary to obtain companies cooperation and enforce all relevant laws on taxation, the State Government reiterated that it is determined to collect its revenue to the last kobo.

“Council received report that some professional groups in the state have not been cooperating with the state’s tax administrators. Council condemned this and urged them to begin to cooperate with the tax agencies and obey the state’s tax laws forthwith.”

In a statement issued at the end of the state weekly Executive Meeting and signed by the media adviser to the Governor, Mr Sola Fasure, the State Government also directed that all processes and modalities for offsetting all outstanding allowances of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members, past and present, posted to the state be started immediately.

Lamenting the fact that some residents had continued to dump refuse by road sides, the State Government directed all law enforcement agencies to apprehend anybody caught in the act.

“Council is saddened by reports that some residents have been adamant and have continued to dump refuse on road medians in major cities in the state, in spite of government’s efforts at clearing them timeously. If this is not stopped, it is capable of reversing the gains made by this administration in ridding the state of filth.

“Those who engage in indiscriminate dumping of refuse, wherever catches their fancies, are deliberately jeopardising the health of the rest of the people and making our environment to look ugly. Council consequently directed law enforcement agencies, particularly the Civil Defence Corps, sanitary inspectors and members of community development associations in the state to apprehend these saboteurs and make them to face the full wrath of the law.

“Council was informed and approved of regional youth summit to hold on the 9th and 10th of January. The summit will be the largest gathering of youths in the West. It will also provide the platform for fellowship and expression of diverse opinions and ideas by the youths.

“The Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, will declare it open. Council urged the youths and the people of the state to participate at the summit and maximally cooperate with the organisers in welcoming and making the delegates comfortable. Council wished the youths a successful parley.”

PDP: The Imposition, The Implosion! By SOC Okenwa

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ruled Nigeria for sixteen uninterrupted years — from 1999 to 2015. Today, having lost the presidential poll of 2015, it is struggling as a major opposition party in the country. The ‘umbrella’ is too big to accommodate everyone, even the strange bedfellows. In the PDP one can find all manner of folks — politicians, contractors, swindlers, glorified criminals, and killers. In the party you can find gubernatorial riggers and professional coup-plotters; prostitutes and ten-percenters. There, it is easy to count members responsible enough to make any list of honor anywhere. But they have rabble-rousers and spin-doctors in their midst too. They boast of those who can talk the talk and defend the indefensible. In the PDP there is enough room for reprobates and shameless elements.

In any democracy worth its name opposition to the ruling party is allowed but such opposition must be organized and responsible enough to be taken seriously. To oppose responsibly you must be both constructive and sound in your arguments providing alternatives to programmes and policies of the administration you want to be changed or replaced. You must show that you are a better party and if given the opportunity to serve you would be a better manager of men and resources at your disposal.

Losing the 2015 presidential election to the then opposition party (now the ruling party) All Progressives Congress (APC) seemed to spell inevitable doom for the PDP but they have rebounded or so it seemed. After the APC deserved victory in the presidential poll confusion had set in in the PDP and that confusion is still visible even today –two and a half years down the line. With Goodluck Jonathan as President then and seeking a second mandate corruption was a national staple and slush funds were thrown into the pre-election campaign leading to the discovery of both Dasuki-gate and Diezani-gate. Sambo Dasuki played a Santa Claus while Diezani Allison-Madueke played a Jezebel — all tailored towards winning a second undeserved tenure for GEJ by hook or by crook.

When you combine the two ‘gates’ (measuring billions of Dollars on a staggering fiscal scale) you come to the conclusion that GEJ ‘achieved’ something ‘great’ indeed during his years in Aso Villa. He empowered the privileged and abandoned the less-privileged; he produced millionaires and billionaires with some doing practically nothing to deserve what they got. He surrounded himself with the ‘best’ materials in the sleazy business of governance Nigeriana.

The implosion in the PDP never started as recently as the national convention of the party held at the Eagle Square in Abuja late last year. Soon after losing the presidential election defections and internal wranglings took over. The leadership crisis rocked the party with two factions slugging it out and claiming to be more PDP than the other. Litigation after litigation the Ahmed Makarfi and Modu Sherrif groups pulled all the legal tricks to maintain a semblance of superiority. But things had fallen apart and the center could no longer hold. It took the supreme intervention of the Supreme Court to bring the dispute to a definitive end. The Makarfi-led group trounced the Sherrif ‘rebels’ and sent them packing from the Wadata Plaza.

Now the national elective convention of last December had come and gone with winners and losers emerging. Before the convention, we had many pretenders to the chairmanship position including the former Governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel; former military administrator and Lagos-based chieftain of the party Olabode George; the Chairman of DAAR Communications High Chief Raymond Dokpesi; Prince Uche Secondus and Prof. Tunde Adeniran.

According to the information following the conclusion of the Abuja event Prof. Adeniran, who lost out placing a distant second to the eventual ‘winner’ Prince Secondus, walked out of the event even before the proclamation of official results. He claimed later that the election was manipulated. Dr. Dokpesi, too, had initially refused to recognize the outcome citing imposition of candidates on the delegates. But he later congratulated the victor.

Among the six that had vied for the position of chairman of the party three had withdrawn from the race leaving Uche, Dokpesi, and Adeniran to slug it out. In the end, Secondus was proclaimed triumphantly over his rivals. But before the voting could even commence the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike and his Ekiti State counterpart, Ayo Fayose had hit the convention ground with what they termed “Unity List” containing the names and positions reserved for favored candidates. After all said and done it became clear that the so-called ‘unity list’ had prevailed! Almost ninety percent of the selected positions were imposed on delegates in a sham election that demonstrated yet again the lack of internal democracy in the PDP.

Governors Wike and Fayose had sought desperately to hijack the PDP at the national level and it appeared that they had succeeded in doing so by the Secondus ‘unity list’ imposition. It remains to be seen however if this huge victory would stand the test of time given the recent discord. Following the emergence of the national leadership of the PDP, division had set in with nay-sayers growing in number and strength. These ‘rebels’ in the PDP establishment, unhappy over the ‘unity-list’ imposition, had risen to create another rival political party called the “Fresh PDP” (FPDP). To demonstrate their seriousness they have even opened up a secretariat in Abuja!

Those behind the formation of the new unregistered party are not yet fully known but It is led by one Prince Emmanuel Obi-Nwosu. Other members included Alhaji Hassan Adamu, Chief Olusola Akindele, Chief Godwin Duru and Franklyne Edede. The splinter group re boasting of the high and mighty as its members saying that sooner than later their names would be made public. Their primary grouse remained the imposition of Uche Secondus and other principal officers during the convention at the Eagle Square.

In politics, imposition could lead to implosion and implosion to a division. And such division is always difficult to resolve since reconciliation is as hard as hell. With selfish interests and egos waiting to be satisfied or massaged such political organization in the eye of the storm finds itself besieged as it were.

While the PDP led by Secondus has conveniently accused the ruling APC party of being behind the splitting in the PDP there is no evidence to buttress such point or back such accusation. If the PDP were not able to manage its affairs as regards elective office convention then the ruling party should be left out of it all. It was not the APC that produced and distributed the ‘unity list’ during the convention unless the PDP is telling us that Wike and Fayose are APC members! Nothing is impossible in the Nigerian politics! Today Atiku Abubakar is no longer with the APC while Musliu Obanikoro has left the PDP.

The PDP is dreaming to return to power at the center next year. Given the past and present political circumstances and the probable political permutations of the future, the possibility exists of a resurgence come 2019. But to pull it off all hands must be on deck. Before the 2019 general elections, however, the PDP must resolve the festering internal crisis if it hopes to position itself for victory both at the states and national levels. Otherwise, another spectacular failure awaits it in 2019.

SOC Okenwa

[email protected]

APC Blasts Omisore’s Aide For Saying Aregbesola Never Won Free, Fair Election

By Nofisat Marindoti

The governing All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State of Osun, has blasted the Media Adviser to Senator Iyiola Omisore, Dr. Jide Fatokun, for saying it is on record Governor Rauf Aregbesola never won a free and fair election, describing the claim as factually inaccurate and politically nonsensical.

Fatokun had accused the governing APC for ineptitude and maladministration, alleging that the Aregbesola-led administration has taken the state 25 years backward as a result of huge loans incurred.

In a statement signed by the party’s spokesperson in the state, Barr Kunle Oyatomi, said the claim, aside being untrue and baseless, is also totally undignified.

“The claim by the said Doctor that no single project has been completed since 2010′, by the Aregbesola-led APC government is intellectual dishonesty bordering on fraud.

“Perhaps, Dr Fatokun needs a third and fourth eyes for enhanced vision to see all the completed roads and bridges, schools, parks and other environment projects that have changed the Osun landscape.

“Dr Fatokun would have been ravaged by some weird form of delusion to have said that it is on record that Aregbesola never won free and fair election in Osun.

“Whose record was the so-called Dr. Fatokun referring to, could he be referring to courts’ records or INEC’s records or the phantom records of his delusional mind.

“If Fatokun and his PDP masters of whatever faction in Osun cannot get empirical evidence so obviously ubiquitous all over the State right, the so called doctor would be incapable of making political statement that could be respected in any way,” the statement opined.

The statement, however called on the people of Osun to ignore such claim, describing it as mere “rantings”.

“In the face of the five constructed bridges, the Nelson Mandela Freedom Park, and the state of the art schools amongst numerous others; for anybody to make that kind of sweeping st

Police Arraign Man Over Alleged Felony

By Nofisat Marindoti

The Police in the State of Osun has arrainged a 19-year old, Olaniyi Ayodele in an Osogbo Magistrate Court over alleged intent to commit felony.

Prosecutor, Olayiwola Rasaq briefed the court that the accused on the 29th of December, 2017 at Tanisi area in Osogbo, attempted to commit felony to wit stealing which contravened section 508 of the Criminal code cap 34 volume II, laws of Osun State of Nigeria 2003.

However when his count was read to him, the accused pleaded not guilty and his counsel, Barrister Remigus Nwgu prayed the court to grant him bail in the most liberal terms.

In his ruling, Magistrate Adenike Olowolagba granted the accused bail of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum and adjourned the case till the 7th of February, 2018 for hearing. 19, in court over intent to commit felony.

Okada Accidents And A Wailing President, By Tunde Odesola

Lightning shone into the black night, forewarning about the fast-approaching downpour. Then thunder bellowed from behind the ominous clouds, forearming mortals to scamper to safety for the gods of the sky were about to embrace their earthly counterparts in a seasonal relationship that multiplies the toil of the farmer.

To be caught outside your home in this type of an unkind weather is ‘baba nla’ bad luck. Atmospheric commotion; dust replaced air, swishing and filling all mortal crevices; eyes, ears, noses, mouths, all. With my index finger, I rubbed dust out of my eyes and also blew my nose. Ah! Thank God, I didn’t have my laptop with me. Oh, wait! I have my phone! My phone of inestimable contacts! I grabbed a piece of black cellophane the angry wind blew my way. What kind of ‘lylon’ is this, I muttered. It was even wet. Could the wetness be urine? I was past caring. I switched off my phone and wrapped it with the ‘lylon’, tucked it into my black suit.

‘Agbotikuyo!’ ‘Agbotikuyo!’ I shouted to the oncoming rickety, noisy and dangerous looking okada, which braked temporarily to hear the destination I was calling out. ‘Agbotikuyo!’ I raced up to the commercial motorcyclist, who had sped a few meters past me. The lanky rider, who did not cut the engine, winced on hearing my destination, engaged the gear, and revved off, saying ‘Agbotikuyo ko, mortuary ni’.

Luckily, another rickety okada soon pulled up, bearing a passenger. ‘Agbotikuyo!’ I shouted. “Na N200 o, I no get change o,” the okada rider said. “I have change,” I said, struggling to sit in the little space left by the passenger on the okada, who cared less if I sat on needles. The passenger, on whose T-shirt, ‘Call me Emeka’, was boldly written, just wouldn’t budge despite entreaties for him to ‘shift’ for me. I clambered up the iron rack adjoining the seat, and off we zoomed. The okada tore into the night like an accursed arrow shot from hell. Despite the dust and dirt, I opened my eyes to the squinting wind while the teary journey lasted. To take your eyes off the road is to walk into your grave. The wind got colder, bearing with it a drizzle. The okada man asked if he could park somewhere while we wait for the gentle shower to subside. As we all were discussing this, a lightless tricycle, as if being pursued by the anti-Christ, whizzed through the dark and came headlong at us from the opposite direction. There are times when fate cages freewill; this was one of such times. There was nothing I could do; I only braced myself up, opened my eyes in horror and was waiting to hear gbooaaa!!! I didn’t hear gbooaa!!! I heard tyres screeching. I heard curses. I saw the marwa tricycle suddenly switch on its light, giving our okada rider a nail-biting nanosecond to swerve. Vrooooooowwmmm gbaaa!!!! We, the two passengers and the rider, all ended in a gutter – with the okada. Luckily, none of us sustained any life-threatening injury except the other passenger who had some bruises on his legs.

“Sorry o, sorry o, shey una no injure o,” sympathizers rushed to the scene, cursing the marwa and offering thanks to God for our miraculous escape.

“Make una wait make rain stop before una go continue una journey nah, no be house una dey go?” a sympathizer said. Our okada man, referred to as Adamu by his fellow okada riders, who came to our rescue, advised we go to an aboki’s ‘mai tea’ shop by the side of the road – to wait for the rain to subside.

“Person wey dey smoke among una should just buy cigarette smoke o, maybe una for don dey knock for heaven gate by now. Person wey sabi shack ‘mai tea’, make e drink o,’ another customer of the aboki said. “The way wey okada accidents dey happen nowadays sef, e be like say God dey vex for Nigeria. You no hear say Buhari son too get okada accident?”

“Why you dey call a motorbike an okada, idiot? The cost of that Buhari son motorbike fit buy five Tokunbo o,” one of the aboki’s customers remarked.

Emeka, who had been listening to the conversation, quipped, “Buhari dey blame im pikin for riding motorbike, abi; where the boy get money to buy the costly okada? If you buy toy for your pikin, no be for him to ride am?”

I expressed concern over Yusuf Buhari’s friend, who was also involved in the accident. Adamu said, “Oga, nobody mind if anything happen to that one o. You see any of our big men wey dey greet Buhari since this accident happen, greet the family of the other boy? Dis country na Eye Service PLC o. Half of those greeting Buhari go dey talk for back say na God catch am. You think say dem like am? Sai Baba too stubborn.”

A bald man sipping hot tea from a big jug cleared his throat and blamed Buhari for openly condemning the Aso Rock security operatives for letting Yusuf out by that time of the night, saying as President, Buhari cannot claim not to know that his son owns ‘several motorbikes’. “The President should have just kept quiet. What if Yusuf locked his bike in a vehicle and drove the vehicle to his friend’s place? Buhari should just accept that children can beat any form of scrutiny. He shouldn’t try to shift the blame. If the kidnapped Boko Haram girls got a fraction of attention this accident is getting, the girls would have been rescued by now. When the whole country didn’t have fuel, your son filled up a motorbike with fuel and went racing.”

“The lesson wey me I see for this whole matter be say the rich also cry. As we lay our bed, na so we go sleep on top of am. If to say we develop our country well, if we get accident emergency units for our expressways, dem for rush to the scene of the accident and give Yusuf and im friend first aid treatment. Na God save the boy nah, if to say e lose too much blood, na another thing we for dey talk now o, God forbid. Can you count how many of our big men and their families die for abroad this year alone? Why dem no build good hospitals here, shebi we get good doctors?” Wale, a customer who wore an Arsenal team jersey, said.

“Nigeria no go ever get better if our leaders no dey feel wetin we poor people dey feel. Make dem make law banning our leaders from travelling abroad for treatment, make dem ban dem from sending their children to school abroad; ban dem from spending holiday abroad, buying houses abroad or going abroad to born. Make dem ban dem from having more than two cars, and building more than one house. If dem do so, Nigeria go better,” another customer said amid a mouthful of bread, egg and tea.

The song of Fela Anikulapo Kuti – ‘Shuffering and Shmiling’ – blared from the transistor radio of Adamu, further fueling the conversation on Nigeria.

“Wetin Fela no sing? He sing ITT, Zombie, Original Sufferhead, Teacher, Sorrow, Tears and Blood, Mr Follow Follow, Palaver, Coffin for Head of State, dem listen? Gani Fawehinmi no talk? Ken Saro-Wiwa no talk? Tai Solarin no talk? Awolowo no talk? Ojukwu no talk? Bamidele Aturu nko? Una listen to Aminu Kano? No be kill una dey kill people wey dey talk true? God never vex for us o, God still dey sandpaper the cane wey he go take wipe our yansh,” Wale said.

The man with the big jug said he did not understand why ‘bad things’ were happening around the Presidency, recalling the President throwing a blanket of doubt over his age, fuel scarcity, the ill-timed presidential human side PR and the resurrection of the dead in federal board appointments – all in one month!

“When I tell una say Buhari too stubborn, una listen? Why you go draw up list of federal board members since 2015 and you no announce am? Why we come vote for you nah? To dey do smeh, smeh? Adamu hissed.

As the rain stopped, we left the mai tea’s shop for our okada, bending our heads against the moist wind. I have had enough for the night. All I need now is a bottle of beer, a prayer and sleep.

Agbotikuyo dey o!

Odesola was a former editor, politics, Punch Newspaper

APC Mourns Ex-Kaduna Gov, Lawal Kaita

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has expressed sadness over the death of respected elder statesman and former governor of old Kaduna State, Alhaji Lawal Kaita.

According to the party’s publicity secretary, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, the party expresses condolence to the families of the deceased and the Kaduna state government.

His contributions at the 1994–1995 Constitutional Conference among others. The statement reads:

“Our great Party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) mourns the death of elder statesman and former Governor of the old Kaduna State, Alhaji Lawal Kaita who died at the age of 85.

“We express our deep condolences to his family, government, Katsina Emirate and people of his home state of Katsina and Kaduna state where he governed under the platform of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN).

“The late Alhaji Lawal Kaita was a courageous and principled leader who stood firm and fearlessly canvassed causes he believed in.

“The Party fondly recalls his outstanding tenure and service as member of the 1994–1995 Constitutional Conference; leader of Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) which largely metamorphosed to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) when the fourth republic was birthed and one of the founding members of the Action Congress (AC) in 2006.

“Indeed, the country has lost one of its first-rate and influential politicians who made solid contributions to the politics, political party and democratic development of the country.

“We pray the Almighty Allah grant the late Alhaji Lawal Kaita eternal rest.” the statement concluded.

Buhari Condemns Benue Attacks, Condoles With Residents

President Muhammadu Buhari has commiserated with Governor Samuel Ortom and people of Benue State over the reported killings, injury of several persons and wanton destruction of property in Guma and Logo Local Government Areas of the state in the New Year.

Describing the attack as “wicked and callous” particularly on innocent children, the President in a statement by his senior special assistant media, Garba Shehu assured the governor and people of the state that relevant security agencies have been directed to do everything possible to arrest those behind the regrettable incidents and avert further attacks.

“This is one attack too many, and everything must be done to provide security for the people in our rural communities,” he said. President Buhari also commiserated with families of the victims and wished the injured speedy healin

Bello Swears In 14 New Commissioners

Governor of Niger State, Mallam Sani Bello has sworn in 14 new commissioners, warning them against all forms of corrupt practices.

Speaking at the occasion in Minna on Wednesday, Bello also urged them to work hard to uphold the confidence reposed on them.

“It will interest you to know that we have put in place a mechanism to monitor, evaluate and assess your performance.

“I congratulate you and urge you to take this call to service as a golden privilege to contribute your quota towards the development of our dear state.

“I have no doubt that your appointment will further boost our resolve to transform the state to one of the most socio-economically developed in Nigeria,” he said.

The governor urged them to be proactive, exhibit high sense of patriotism and work hard to enable his administration to consolidate on its achievements in office.

He said the state government would not tolerate laxity and disrespect to established rules and regulations.

Bello had in November last year submitted names of 18 nominees to the state House of Assembly for confirmation as commissioners following the dissolution of the cabinet in October, 2017.

The commissioners include Alhaji Idris Jibrin, Alhaji Zakari Bawa, Alhaji Ibrahim Panti, Alhaji Zakari Abubakar, Hajiya Rahamtu Yaradu and Alhaji Mohammed Mundi.

Others are Dr Mustapha Jibrin, Alhaji Mamman Musa, Hajiya Amina Musa, Alhaji Ibrahim Shiroro, Alhaji Ibrahim Balarabe, Hajiya Fatima Madugu, Alhaji Haliru Jikantoro and Mr Nasara Dan-Malam. (NAN)

Aregbesola Commends NEMA, OSEMA For Prompt Response To Disasters

The Governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has commended the efforts of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the State Emergency Management Agency (OSEMA ) in responding to disaster occurrences in the state.

The commendation was made by the state Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola, during a courtesy visit of NEMA and OSEMA management team to him at the Government house.

Governor Aregbesola, who was represented by his deputy, Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori welcomed them and gave kudos to both NEMA and OSEMA for their services to humanity. According to the Deputy Governor, the operation of the Agencies at National and state levels had brought great relief to disaster victims.

Earlier in his speech, the Head of the visiting team, Mr. Rasheed Adebiyi, who is also the new Head of Ekiti Operation Office of (NEMA ) called on State Government’s collaboration and cooperation with NEMA to improve disaster management in the state.

In his own remarks, the General Manager, OSEMA, Town Planner Olarewaju Olanipekun appreciated Mr. Governor for his kind gesture at all times towards the welfare of the victims of disaster in the state
of Osun.

Nigerian Banks, Billionaires And Your Sorry Ordinary Ass

By Pius Adesanmi

Some of my friends have said that we moved too quickly within the same week from Hijab-Gate (religion) to Innoson-Gate (ethnicity). I told my worried friends that I do not share their despondency.

On the contrary, I am saying Allah be praised for I have learnt to give thanks and praise to God for little mercies concerning Nigeria. At least two days separate our cursing and hating each other on account of religion, from our cursing and hating each other on account of ethnicity this week.

That is considerable progress and sufficient ground to celebrate and give thanks to God, considering the fact that we used to multitask our hatreds on several fronts simultaneously. Now we hate on one basis at a time, before we transition to the next basis for hate. One hatred at a time. No more multitasked hatreds on multiple fronts at the same time.

Having done Christianity versus Islam over hijab before transitioning to Yoruba versus Igbo over Innocent Chukwuma this week, chances are we will be back to APC versus PDP by Christmas. Is this not progress?

Given the fact that we have less than 48 hours before we forget GTB and Innoson and move on to the political front of hatred (then back to religion, ethnicity, politics; repeat cycle of hatred ad nauseam), I deem it important to enter a few pertinent submissions so that your sorry ordinary Nigerian ass may once again contemplate the enormity of the price you pay for your stubborn and congenital apathy towards memory.

Save for a comment on my friend, Barrister Abdul Mahmud’s wall, I have largely stayed away from the raging inferno of ethnicity feeding into a business relationship gone bad between a bank and a business man. In the main, I see a typical Nigerian farcical plot complete with layers of irregularities, counter-irregularities, and plain bad behaviour. Somewhere in all this is a dividing line shaped by ethnicity and primordial sentiments.

If you are Igbo, you tend to believe that the bank is a rogue Yoruba bank that has been stealing money from the business man, violating court orders, and corralling the instruments of the Nigerian state to intimidate the hapless business man.

If you are Yoruba, you are probably retailing the acerbic narratives of the bank and the EFCC, aided by your friends from the North who have been dragged in because their Sai Baba is being accused of going after the business of his enemies in the South-East.

This, in the main, is where we are. We are here because, once again, we have sacrificed memory on the altar of primordial sentiments and failed to press our immediate past experience into the service of our collective interests as the little peeps.

You see, primordial sentiments are not just invidious, they are also blinding and require a fundamental surrender of the part of one’s critical faculty that should be constantly sentient in order for one to be able to grasp the full dimensions of one’s situation.

Were your sorry ass as an ordinary Nigerian not blinded by primordial sentiments, you would have been able to reason on the basis of memory that who scammed who between GTB and Innocent Chukwuma is an intra-class fratricide that is none of your business.

When we speak about a particular class we call the Nigerian elite, many have a reductionist conceptualisation of the matter. You think in terms of individuals, of those one percenters in politics, social circles, and business.

It is important that you broaden your understanding of the elite. It is individuals. It is their social group or class. It is also their institutions and apparatuses of dominance, control, and exploitation. In other words, the politicians, the state and her instruments of violence (the Army, the police, EFCC, etc), the banks and other instruments of financial accumulation and oppression, are all part of a one percentile elite organism of exploitation and oppression.

An individual member of this group in a feud with an institutional member of the same group is really a case of Gambari pa Fulani. It is none of your business because however it plays out between Innocent Chukwuma and GTB, none of the feuding parties will lose. YOU will still lose out, you and your sorry little ass. Forget ethnicity. Forget your Yoruba-Igbo incubus: you will both pay the price of this feud between a business man and his bank.

This is where memory helps. Unfortunately, memory and the Nigerian are always hostile neighbours in the same sentence. In 2009, the current Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, rendered an historic service to this country. It was one of the most patriotic acts ever rendered this country by a citizen – a blue blooded one percenter for that matter. He was then CBN governor. He carried out a thorough audit of the banking sector, indicted so many misbehaving and criminal bank chiefs and, in a revolutionary manner, published lists of bank loan defaulters in two installments.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s action was a climacteric. Nearly two hundred and fifty names – the most prominent names from every corner of Nigeria, old money, new money – were involved in the most egregious abuse of depositors’ funds in criminal collusion with our banks.

Virtually every billionaire in Nigeria appeared on the list of chronic debtors – Dangote, Otedola, etc. Virtually every corporation, every holding in the country, featured in the list as owners of non-performing loans or outright bad debts.

We are talking of hundreds and hundreds of billions of naira. Nigerian banks will take your owo oniru, owo oniyo, owo alata, your hard-earned deposits of one thousand naira, the money of the newspaper vendor, the money of the roadside mechanic, the money of Iyaloja, the money of unpaid teachers, nurses, the money of civil servants, roll them into billions and parcel them out as non-performing loans and bad debts to Dangote, Otedola and billionaires of every tribe, politicians of every faith, social climbers of every hue.

What SLS revealed in his 2009 list showed that Bukola Saraki was a boy scout with his heists at Société Générale Bank.

The bank chiefs, mostly Bible-wielding, Holy Ghost fire-spewing morons, understand the game. They do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, tribe, or political affiliation. Once you are one percenter, you are in on the family crime that is the Nigerian banking and financial sector. They give you billions in loans and credit instruments with little or no due diligence because there are all kinds of in-built cuts and kickbacks. The banks rub your back and you rub their backs.

They will never lend to your sorry little ass as an ordinary citizen. They will never lend to your little business. If you are a Mai Shayi, you better not approach them for a loan to grow your business. Pray that Governor Ganduje wakes up on the happy side of his bed tomorrow morning. If you are a market porter in Makurdi, you better not approach Nigerian banks for a loan to help your small business hustle. Pray that Governor Ortom dreams about wheelbarrows tonight. The banks will not give you loans but they will take your little money, your meagre deposits, and parcel them out as loans to the billionaires. Never really to be repaid.

Because it is all a game, Nigeria made noise for about a week after Sanusi published the lists. And we moved on to our eternal shame and damnation as a people. Not a single arrest. Not a single prosecution. We moved on.

In fact, Professor Pat Utomi, who appeared in the list as a loan defaulter, did a lot of gragra. He made a lot of noise and threatened to sue. I guess someone eventually whispered to Prof to observe the golden rule of silence and let the matter blow over. We never heard pim from Prof again. We never heard from any of the 250 people listed again. We moved on.

But your sorry little ass as an ordinary Nigerian has been paying for the crimes of these one percenters and the conniving banks. Oho, so you think that the banks went to sleep just because Dangote, Otedola and every other Nigerian billionaire did not repay the loans?

No, the loans are passed on to you in a cruel Darwinian equation. That is why Nigerian banks are forever making you pay fees that you cannot for the life of you understand. That is why they are always criminally withdrawing little sums from your account – fifty naira here, a hundred naira there. They charge and charge and charge and bill you out of existence. You are repaying the non-performing loans and bad debts of their criminal one percentile family members.

Innocent Chukwuma and GTB are family members in this game. It is poverty that makes you invest in Yoruba-Igbo feuding when there is no such thing going on in this matter. One percenters are too rich and busy to think like you. No matter how this pans out, the debts will be parceled out to your sorry little Igbo and Yoruba asses in the bills and charges you pay for the 17th-century services of GTB. They will milk you to get that money back, while eventually reaching a deal with Innoson.

Let’s recap for it is very important that you understand these things: Nigerian banks, Nigerian instruments of state violence, and social, business, and political actors are all branches of one class organism called the elite.
In Nigeria, this expanded elite is irredeemably criminal. It is also a non-sentient, sociopathic elite with zero inclination towards even the most rudimentary understanding of the social contract. The only social contract between you and this elite is the partnership between the horse and its rider. That is the only way the Nigerian elite can ontologically relate to you.

So, fight GTB but do not fight GTB on account of its family member – Innocent Chukwuma. Fight GTB in a broader, expanded and more meaningful sense because she is a member of a criminal cartel called the Nigerian banking sector.
Nigerian banks are wholesomely irresponsible. They offer you the most atrocious services imaginable. Customer service is zero. Banks in the Songhai Empire of Askia the Great offered better online services in the 15th century than what Nigerian banks currently offer in the second decade of the 21st century.

When they maltreat your sorry little ass, they don’t care about your ethnicity or religion.

With elections around the corner in the next two years in Nigeria, many of them are already prospecting for who could become governor, who could become a senator and potentially head a “juicy” Senate committee. With your deposits, they will extend credit facilities to these potentially bankable politicians.

You will only hear about it if things go south and they begin to fight.

Stop picking sides.

Grab a popcorn, open a bottle of Orijin, and enjoy the fight.

Pius Adesanmi, a professor of English, is Director of the Institute of African Studies, Carleton University, Canada.

Nigerian Senate Ends Plenary For 2017

Nigerian Senate has ended its activities for 2017 for members to enjoy the Christmas and New Year breaks.

The motion to adjourn for 2017 was moved by the Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawan on Thursday.

“Mr. President, I move that this plenary be adjourned till Tuesday, 9th January, 2018”, he said.

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, however clarified that though committee works resume on January 9, plenary will only resume on January 16.

“Let me clarify. What leader is saying that we are adjourning till 9th of January to come back for committee work but plenary is suspended till 16th. We will come and resume on the 9th of January so we can finish this budget”, he said.