Yeah, there seems to be a new hope for Wunmi Yetunde who is standing trial for allegedly being in possesion of hard substance called cocaine.

Few days ago, Wunmi who refused to change her clothes, an Ankara fabric print, which she has been wearing since her trial, and always in sober mood pleaded guilty to the charges against her.

Initially, she was not ready to plead guilty, but when another accused, Rev. King, was sentenced to death on the alleged accusation of burning some members of his church, which led to the death of one of them; Wunmi was so scared that she pleaded guilty.

Available information revealed that her case is totally different from that of Rev. King, which  could only see her going to prison; however, pleading guilty as well as her lever of sobriety may tilt the pendulum of judge toward her which may make her spend few years in jail.

Succor is coming to her both  from the prison guards and her lawyer. There was a new trend last week when one of her films which she shot before her arrest was promoted on air. Before this time, she was like a black sheep among her peers as she was rejected.

But  Elesho who is a co-artiste was the first person bold enough to mention Wunmi’s name in his own new movie. If you could recollect, the president of the Association of Nigerian Theater Practitioners , Prince Jide Kosoko placed a definite ban on the light skinned actress immediately her arrest was confirmed. And mum was the words from her colleagues. It was either they were afraid of being linked with her or trying not to step on their president’s toes.

Support. Enough support is what Wunmi needs at the moment. And a change of heart from her colleagues is the major tonic needed to be offered.


Paul Play Dairo, (IK Dairo’s son) has finally fulfilled his childhood ambition to act one day. And the rave of the moment actress, Bukky Wright is making this possible by featuring him in her new movie.

Feran Mi, a new flick from the Economics graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos, has Paul Play Dairo taking the major role. Though not much is known about the whole scenes in the movie, the few scenes promoted on air allowed us to know Paul was Bukky’s heartthrob in the flick.

Flashing back, Paul Play whose late father was one of the foremost pillars of musical entertainment in Nigeria, was set to study Dramatic Arts in 1986 at the then University of Ife now OAU, but the ambition was short lived due to some reasons. Rather than stay at home doing nothing, he ventured into Engineering and worked as a contract staff with an oil company in Lagos.

The successful outing of his first album jerked him up, making him to become the toast of entertainment lovers especially the youths. Paul does not play same music with his father, but he was able to remix some of old hits as well as inject new tracks into it. This is one of the tricks the Ijesa born artiste is using to gather both old and young together.


Thank God for his mercies, Baba Suwe has finally come out at last to reveal his true identity off camera. Not that the Ikorodu born actor who is married to Omoladun, an actress debunked the rumours of alleged dealing in hard drugs, he made people realise that he is 100 per cent opposite the roles he plays.

A comedian, a successful and accepted one for that matter, Babatunde Omidina has been in  the trade for so long. Accepted by his fans, but his inability to shed light on the rumour of his alleged separation from Suwe, his first wife has refused to go down with his fans.

So, Baba Suwe, you are loved. And thanks for letting us into your real life character. We also  know that  you love Omoladun who is mixing comedy with love for you, but won’t you tell us what is going on between you and your first love?


Truly, there is no smoke without fire. And also, there is no fire without smoke. If not, how do we describe the hot romance between the producer cum actor, Fred Amata and ex-beauty queen turned night club owner, Ibinabo Fiberesima.

In the past, tongues wagged and tales told, but as usual it was denial upon denial. Even when Fred Amata’s marriage packed up due to irreconcilable differences between him and his wife; he was not ready to say anything.

Last week, the half caste actress celebrated her birthday. As usual, her friends were waiting to either make it a beach party or Owambe affair; but our delectable actress sprang up a surprise. A surprise? You may ask. Yes, a big and an unusual one for that matter.

She and Fred Amata locked themselves up in a room. And don’t bother to ask me what they were doing, but if you can remember late Fela’s “na Poi” or Femi’s Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! ; then you don’t need an interpreter to guide you.

Next Week:- Single but searching ladies in entertainment news.


Thank God for his mercies, if not, Chief Niyi Ajetunmobi, Adamo Exponent, would have been a dead man by now.

Recounting his experience in the hands of hoodlums who attacked him at Ilaje, in outskirt of Ilesha, few days to Christmas festival; Niyi who claims to modernise Adamo type of music said that, the timely intervention of Police saved his neck from being twisted out of his body.

“I had gone to Ilaje, very close to Ilesa to play my brand of music, Adamo. This was not the first time of going there to play. I was acknowledge as usual. As the music was going on and people dancing in appreciation of a well performance; some hoodlums totaling thirteen in numbers emerged from nowhere and descended on me. Initialy, I thought they had come for “Owo Ile”, which  I was ready to part with. To my surprise, they had another motive”.

Niyi who just came back from European Tour where he dished out Adamo music to different nationals, revealed further that the hoodlums beat him to a state of coma that he could not even shout for help again.

They beat me and my  band boys to a state of emergency. The party folded up immediately. They also damaged my car, the bus which we used to load instrument as well as other personal belongings like handsets, wrist watches etc.”


Wonders they say shall never end. If not, how do we retell the tale surrounding the sudden separation between two lovers who are both artistes? I mean Binta Ayo Mogaji and Jibola Dabo-Iku.

Until few months back,the two love birds who professed their love openly had a baby named Ademide to crown the union. But about three weeks ago, Binta called it quit with Jibola on the ground that the beared actor was not ready to formalise the union. And before one could say “action”, Ayo legally married her childhood love who just came back from abroad.

Jibola on his own went to the police and ordered for the arrest of Ayo, whom she accused of abducting the product of the affair as well as that of his nephew, a young boy living with them.

Who wins? Jibola is shouting to who cares to listen that, He is ready to spill the beans. Ayo on the other hand is not ready to return the kids on the ground that Jibola will not take care of them in the proper way.


Happy New Year you may say aloud and clear to our own evasive actress. Welcome back to our midst Bimbo Osin. Can you still remember how we informed you that Bimbo Osin was nowhere to be found? Thank God for his mercies. As year 2006 was going to fold up, the mother of one came out of the blues looking fresh and lovely.

The most surprising aspect of the gist is that, she did not just come out with a new home movie titled. “Temi Ye Mi”. She was able to confirm the rumour of her relationship with her financier and producer, Ola Ibironke (Dudu Heritage).

Over the years, Bimbo,a product of Lagos State University who had severally denied the love affair between her and Ibironke, would not let the cat of her bag. Even when she had her baby, which was a carbon copy of Ibironke that the media was agog with the news; Bimbo who wrote “Eji Ewuro” still vehemently denied the union.

Well, the latest addition to her maiden which she wrote thus; Bimbo Oshin-Ibironke, has put all rumour to rest.