Omokri Is Suffering From Multiple-Personality Disorder

By Kikiowo Ileowo

My attention has been drawn to the rant of one Wendell Simlin, better known as Reno Omokri, disparaging the person of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola over facts revealed by the Osun governor on how former President Goodluck Jonathan and his cronies pillaged our national resources before he was eased out by vigilant Nigerian voters.

Reno’s outburst against Ogbeni does not deserve a response and the reasons are not far-fetched. Recall Omokri in a desperate bid to justify the petro-dollar looted under his boss, or perhaps diverted to his office, had lied by taking up the now infamous Wendell pseudonym to slander the former governor of Central bank by accusing him of sponsoring the Boko Haram terrorist group. It goes without saying that, for anyone with a multiple personality disorder, nothing is off limits in their books to justify their pay; hence, the end justifies the means.

For ease of understanding, multiple personality disorder is a severe form of dissociation, a mental process which produces a lack of connection in a person’s thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity. Omokri is obviously dissociated from reality; living a lie, surrounded by unseen forces, and believes in a distorted historical fact of a government he once actively participated in.

For the sake of clarity, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola whilst hosting a team of delegates from the Federal Government on the Digital Switch Over project explained how Nigeria got into this sorry state. Three indisputable facts given by the governor for the payment of modulated salary in his State are the following; economic downturn induced by brazen corruption, wanton theft of crude oil and mismanagement of the country’s resources by the Peoples  Democratic Party (PDP) led Federal Government under Goodluck Jonathan.

Has Reno forgotten so quickly that at least $20bn disappeared into thin air under his master’s watch? Lest we forget, never has Nigeria’s resources being plundered like was witnessed during the Jonathanian era. The brazen theft of cash and unprecedented looting of public funds under Goodluck Jonathan is an historical one since the entity called Nigeria was created. Obviously, Jonathan and his gang of thieves were obviously trying to outdo the colonial masters and all his predecessors combined. The Goodluck Jonathan led administration single-handedly redefined corruption in government.

Lest we forget, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala went on a borrowing spree to pay salaries of federal government workers shortly after she revealed over 400,000 barrels of crude oil was being stolen daily by government protected-plunderers, whilst her colleagues in other ministries busied themselves with thieving what was left in the treasury.

In fact, one of the notorious bandits that made up Jonathan’s cabinet was said to have chartered private jet at will to cater for her housemaid, whilst another abused her office by instructing agencies under her to purchase multi-million naira armoured vehicles for her leisure ride.

I will not belabour the issue of the ruin and destruction the Goodluck Jonathan era brought our way; however, my prayer is that may Nigeria never have to be governed by another president whose singular objective in leadership is to balkanize Nigeria.

Since Reno lacks the requisite knowledge on how governance works in Nigeria, let me take a moment to school him. Theoretically, Nigeria practices federalism. Except the Nigerian Constitution is amended, States within its domain will continue to depend on the federal government for sustenance, except for a few. Many of the resources are locked up in the hands of the federal government. Interestingly, there are 68 items in the exclusive list, with just around 30 on the concurrent list in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Osun for example has enough gold deposits, whose income can cater for a minimum of 50 years budget, is forced to go cap in hand to the federal government because the constitution acts as a major impediment to achieving our dreams as a State.

Beyond the rhetoric, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola continues to deliver on key infrastructural projects that will shape Osun’s landscape for the next 50 years. The Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola administration met a State in comatose, but will be leaving it come November 27, 2018 better than when he took over the reins of power. When he was sworn in, the IGR was an abysmal N300m; now, the State generates around N1bn monthly. Can things be better? Yes, and Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola’s administration is working tirelessly to ensure that his Six points integral action plan is realised in order to improve the standard of living in the State of Osun.

Monisola Bakre: Is The UK Government Forcefully ‘Adopting’ A Nigerian Child @UKinNigeria @TheresaMay_M @PaulTArkwright

…Don’t Come Home Without My Son, Distressed Father Pleads

A Nigerian man, Ayo Bakre has raised an alarm over the curious illegal detention and absurd adoption of his young son in the United Kingdom.

According to Bakre, the issue started in 2012 when his wife, Shade traveled to London with their son Monisola, who was less than one year old then.

Since their departure five years ago, the story has taken bizarre turns in what ended in an unjust, if illegal ‘adoption by the UK government’ under the pretext that the mother could not take care of the child.

Now the UK government is about to deport the mother to Nigeria but without her child.

The wife and son, Shade and Monisola Bakre
The wife and son, Shade and Monisola Bakre

Ayo Bakre who has two other children with Shade (Moyosore and Morolayo), told Osun Defender that “Sade had traveled to London on holiday in 2012 with Monisola who was less than 12 months then.

While in London, Monisola got injured and was taken to an hospital for treatment but the social workers claimed the degree of the injury is non-accidental. Because of this, the mother was charged to court for attempted murder, child trafficking, etc. but she was subsequently cleared of this by the court in Bromley.

“However, the judge says she cannot release the boy to her on the ground that in the opinion of the court, she cannot take care of the boy. After a long legal battle, our son was adopted by a court decision.

“As a father, this does not go down well with me and I have told the mother not to make any attempt to return to Nigeria without bringing my child. I don’t understand this decision in anyway. We have never declared to court in any manner that we cannot take care of our son. I am saying it loud and clear regardless of the consequences that my son Monisola must be brought back home. The mother dares not come back home without bringing Monisola.

” I have appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a letter dated 17th of August, 2015 to help me in this unfortunate situation I found myself but I am yet to get any response. His siblings at home keep disturbing me almost on a daily basis that they want to see their brother but each time they say they want to talk to their brother, confusion always sets in.”


Moyosore and Morolayo Bakre and their father, Ayo Bakre
Moyosore and Morolayo Bakre and their father, Ayo Bakre

The case leaves many questions unanswered as Shade’s family has threatened to report Ade to the police for insisting that the mother must return only with Monisola, his son. This has raised the question of whether the boy was actually adopted or if any shady dealings are playing out

“I don’t care if my wife’s family reports to police because they threatened to do so when I told them their daughter dares not return home, if my son is not released. I am not about the story in UK; all I want is Monisola must be brought back or else the consequence for Shade might be too severe”, Bakre said.

Re: Now That PDP Is Back…

By Abiodun Komolafe And Kunle Owolabi

Bola Bolawole’s article, entitled, ‘Now that PDP is back …’, published in Nigerian Tribune, July 16, 2016, refers.

In his postmortem of how Osun West Senatorial bye-election was lost and won, Bolawole identified three important factors, which, in his opinion, resulted in the loss of the Senatorial District to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) by All Progressives Congress (APC). These factors were: the controversy surrounding the death of the late Isiaka Adeleke (an accusation which was laid at the doorstep of the Government of the State of Osun); imposition of (Mudasir Hussain) as the party’s candidate; and the supposedly abysmal performance of the governor of the state, Rauf Aregbesola.

To start from the foundation of his prognosis, the controversy surrounding Adeleke’s death no longer exists as the coroner inquest into the cause of the deceased’s death has laid it to rest. So, we need not belabour that issue again! But this does not detract from the fact that Adeleke was an illustrious son of the State of Osun and his demise will forever remain an irreparable loss to the state and its people.


Again, the postulation that PDP’s victory in the bye-election was as a result of Candidate Hussain’s imposition is a lie straight from Dante’s inferno! And his submission that the loss is a bad omen for the ruling party is not only false, it is also an inaccurate interpretation of the whole political system; nothing but a columnist’s blatant misreading of the situation.


On a serious note, one wonders what some Nigerians stand to gain by deliberately engaging in the misuse of terms. Essentially, if fielding the best candidate for an election amounts to imposition, then something must be utterly amiss. Maybe Bolawole has forgotten that, in the said bye-election. there was no question of imposition in the APC as was wildly claimed by a sectional few. If we may ask, do you talk of imposition where there was a primary to choose a candidate for an election?

In as much as nobody would want his child christened Judas, Christians still reserve the right to appreciate God for Iscariot’s life; for, without Judas, there probably would have been nobody to betray the Stone of Israel. And, without this betrayal, there certainly wouldn’t have been crucifixion and, we doubt if Jesus Christ’s mission on earth would probably have been complete. Had Bolawole feigned ignorance, especially, with respect to issues relating to the emergence of the younger Adeleke, who was never a card-carrying member of the APC, then, his sins would have been forgiven. Had he come to terms with the fact that it was only the late ‘Serubawon’ who once sought succour in the party when the situation in PDP was getting threateningly deadly for him to withstand, we would have understood where the commentator was coming from. Notwithstanding, wasn’t it disloyalty at its peak for Ademola to have connived with some APC ingrates and renegades for the sinister purpose of making him the only candidate in the primary. For God’s sake, what imposition could be more than this?

For Bolawole’s information, the Screening Committee disqualified Hussain; and the Appeal Committee upheld the disqualification, on the ground that the electoral law mandated him to resign one month before the primary. That no doubt was another mis-reading of the letters and the spirit of Electoral Act 2010 (as amended) which specifically states in Section 107 subsection (f) that, if (an aspirant) ‘is a person employed in the public service of the Federation or of any State or Area Council (other than a person holding elective office) and he has not resigned, withdrawn or retired from such employment 30 days before the date of election; then he stands disqualified from the election.” It is the law that has spoken here! So, neither Bolawole’s misinterpretation nor his hues’ grievous error of opinions counts! Thanks to the National Working Committee of the party which, in its wisdom, upturned the decision of the Appeal Committee on the ground of ‘error of law.’ On the other hand, what other name should we call a man who got a party’s nod to contest a major election, even when he was less than 6 hours old in the said party?

Sad that Nigeria’s major shortcoming as an independent nation is her clashing contradictions. Nigeria is one such enclave where world changers who are capable of being in effective interactions and competitions with their counterparts globally are reduced to mere means of self-satisfying ends. So far, ours has been a case of “bread and butter” gastro-politicians exploring the womb of primordial innuendos with acidic fundamentalism, geo-political absurdity and socio-economic silliness. Well, one may blame APC and the governor for removing the disgraceful robe bedecked Adeleke by the PDP buccaneers. But to say that Aregbesola sought Adeleke’s help to win the 2014 governorship election is not only fallacious, it is also an attempt by false friends who delight in mischievously and deliberately writing history based only on their standards and viewpoints.

Curious also that Bolawole even chose to refer to some of this administration’s projects as “elephant projects.” He blatantly lied that some schools were demolished and that they were yet to be rebuilt. Funny enough, he did not mention where those schools were located! But facts on ground proved him wrong! If only he could venture out of his cocoon and visit locus in quo instead of relying on some “good friends, who always called me or I phone them to confirm whatever I hear from Osun.” Sitting down in Lagos or elsewhere and passing fatwa on a man everybody – home and abroad – showers encomiums on for his sterling performance is in contradistinction to the ethics of his profession, which pronounces truth as sacred. The imprint of the governor’s performance litters the state and only infantile minds can dispute it.

Aregbesola’s social protection programmes alone have become so attractive to other state governments and international agencies all over the world that a couple of months back, United Nations International Children Emergency Funds (UNICEF) brought fifteen states in Nigeria to Osun to understudy the state’s School Feeding Scheme, aka O’MEAL; the programme for the vulnerable elderly, popularly referred to as Elderly Welfare Scheme); the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (O’YES); welfare scheme for the widows, called O’widows’ and the rehabilitation of the mentally-challenged persons in the state (O’Rehab). He has so far constructed close to 2000 kilometers of roads and added more than 50 new structures to … Funke Egbemode rightly captured the mood of the moment when she remarked, recently: “One thing is obvious: whether you are in Osun or you are outside the state reading about Osun, you definitely have a feeling that it is a secured state. And one good thing about a peaceful and secured state is that it attracts investors to the state because a peaceful and secured environment helps business to thrive.”

What other confirmation of performance does any armchair critic require?

May principalities and powers, assigned to rubbish our leaders’ efforts, backfire!

abiodun KOMOLAFE & Kunle Owolabi,
Osun State.

Osoba At 78: A Continuing Political Relevance, By Kayode Odunaro

On Monday July 10, 2017 about 5000 Ogun State women under the auspices of “Gracious Sisters for Yayi Movement” in All Progressive Congress, APC gathered in the specious private residence of Chief Olusegun Osoba at Ataba Close, Ibara GRA, Abeokuta to launch their support  for the ambition of  Senator Solomon Adeola  as a governorship aspirant in Ogun State in 2019. Osoba was not at home. He was not even in the country.

Some weeks back another politician similarly announced his ambition to contest for a position in the state under the leadership of Osoba. Numerous other meetings of APC Ogun state are similarly held at Osoba’s.  That is a trend that was sanctioned by Osoba in his position as not only a leader in his party APC in Ogun state but also a prominent national leader of his party and nation. For many wards in Abeokuta South LGA where the residence is located, Osoba’s house is the venue for their regular meeting of APC.

Not many politicians will so indulge his supporters and loyalists particularly when they are not running for any public office. But such is the democratic and unifying nature of the two time governor of Ogun state that his house is now a rallying point for resurgence of progressive participatory democratic politics in Ogun State. As a former chief press secretary to Osoba as governor of the state, I am aware that many decisions affecting appointments and the governance of Ogun state were taken in a democratic setting under the shadow of the trees in the court yard of Osoba’s residence. For many that are associated politically with Osoba his democratic credentials have never been in doubt. Till date, I have never heard anyone accused Osoba of dictatorial or unilateral tendency in relations to his style of governance. Neither have I heard it said that he  exhibit a “ know it all “, “do it all” attitude in public affairs in spite of his rich and variegated experience as a top notch journalist and successful media executive.

As a governor in Ogun State, Osoba’s development approach was biased towards the rural areas of the state and to his credit, many communities in the hinterland of Ogun State enjoys pipe-borne water and electricity courtesy of Osoba’s administration rural development initiatives. Urban renewal as well as social intervention programmes particularly geared towards qualitative education and payment of qualifying examination fees for students also felt the impact of Osoba. Many will gladly give it to Osoba as impacting on people’s lives as a governor for about 6 years. No wonder many are making his private residence a melting point for all desirous of a people’s government.

Osoba by all standards is an elder statesman that had paid his dues adequately in national development first as a renowned journalist, then administrator and politician. It has not always been smooth sailing for Osoba.  Indeed the story of  Osoba,s life has  many up and down that has seen many associates desert him and later come back as whatever Osoba went through with people, he is not a man that harbours grudge for long and you can  never see him harbor bitterness against even those that are ingrates and back stabbers.  And there are many in that category of ingrates and back stabbers whose bread were once buttered by Osoba. Many that had at one time or the other fell out and strayed away from the Osoba Political Family always still feel proud to be associated with him and many had staged a comeback to the welcoming arms of a man with a good heart and unpretentious ways. Osoba has passed through some harrowing times in his political life and narrowly escaped violent  death as well as survived detention and going underground in the struggle for a democratic Nigeria. In his home state of Ogun, there are probably no political leaders alive except former President Olusegun Obasanjo that has had a more variegated political history over the years than Osoba.

At 78 on July 15, Osoba as a former governor of Ogun state and an elder statesman with an unblemished record of public service, contribution to political party formation and development,  is still expected to play a prominent redemptive role in the good governance of not only his state but the nation at large. In this wise, the expectation is that he will use his wealth of experience to guide and influence positively development in the political arena in his state and indeed Nigeria to enthrone true participatory democracy beginning from internal party democracy that he is noted for. Indeed it was absence of internal democracy that led to his surprising temporal exit to SDP from APC, a party he was one of its brain in the critical formative stages. Today he is back and all eyes are on him to so to speak  to play an active last winning card in ensuring good governance and sustainance of democracy. At all events it is certain that Osoba has carved an enviable record as a peoples politician that endures. Certainly he is not your usual garrulous flash in the pan politician.

Born to the family of Pa and Madam Jonathan Babatunde Osoba at an Egba settlement, Egbatedo, in Osogbo on July 15, 1939, Osoba attended African Church School, Osogbo, Methodist Boys High School, Lagos. He was at University of Lagos for his Diploma in Journalism. He took courses at Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom, Indiana University, USA and Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Beginning a career in journalism that spanned 25 years at the Daily Times and moving from the bottom rung to the pinnacle of the profession, Osoba naturally identified with popular causes and advocacy for the downtrodden that the profession of journalism entails in addition to its enlightening role. Osoba is accepted as a role model in the profession of journalism from his days as a reporter in Daily Times, to his managerial position at Nigerian Herald, Sketch Newspapers and Daily Times, all of which flourished under his management. Internationally, Osoba practiced the profession with BBC, Times of London, Newsweek Magazine of USA, UPI News Agency and is a prominent member of the International Press Institute (IPI) being the second African to be a member of the Executive Board of the prestigious international professional body after Alhaji Lateef Jakande, another prominent journalist and former governor.

Osoba who holds several chieftaincy titles across Ogun State is married to Aderionsola Osoba (nee
Adeyemi) with four children and grandchildren.

Chief Kayode Odunaro,
former Chief Press Secretary to Governor Segun Osoba

Media Adviser to Senator
Solomon Adeola.

#OsunWestDecides: Collation Of Results Ongoing, As APC Takes Leads

Collation of results is presently ongoing in the Osun West Senatorial District by-election to replace Senator Isiaka Adeleke who died on April 23.

OsunDefender notes that the most people trouped out to vote for the candidates of the two main political parties contesting the election.

Whilst the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP candidate, Otunba Demola Adeleke who casted his vote as early as 8:44am got more votes from Ede axis his main base, the All Progressives Congress, APC Candidate, Sen. Mudashir Husain  his leading in at least 7 local governments from the results collated to far.

We would bring you more details as they emerge…

Photonews: Gov. Aregbesola Attends Anglican Church Synod

Governor of the state of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola today attended the opening ceremony of the Diocese of Osun North East Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) to unveil Bishop’s Presidential Address at the 2017 Diocesan Synod.

In an unexpected twist, many Christians who have previously accused the state governor of plans to Islamize the state were taken by surprise as the governor upon entering the church as a sign of respect, removed his cap throughout the duration of the event.

The event which was well attended by the array of church members had in attandant the state of Osun Deputy Governor, Otunba Titi Laoye-Tomori, Royal Fathers and Clergymen.

Find photos from the event below:

Live Update: Osun West APC Primary Begins As Demola Adeleke Move to PDP


The Osun West Senatorial District Primary Election of the All progressive Congress has commenced at the Distinguished Hall, Aje Market, Egbedore Local Goverment, Osun State.

Chairman of the APC Screening Committee, Hon Sanusi Rikiji who is the Speaker of the Zamfara State House of Assembly announced the commencement of the process at exactly 10:42.

Ejigbo Local Government with 416 delegates are cuurently voting as the first local government to be called.

Delegates at the primary include the remaining sole candidate, Senator Mudasir Husein; Speaker, Osun state House of Assembly, Rt Hon Najeem Folasoyo Salaam; and the federal representative of Ayedade/Irewole/Isokan Federal Constituency, Hon Ayo Omidiran.

It will be recalled that Senator Husein main contender, Ademola Adeleke yesterday resigned his membership of APC and withdrew from the race.

In a letter directed to the party primary screening committee, Ademola accused the party of bending rules to favour Senator Husein and rejected the venue of the primary which is in Egbedore local government against Iwo that is the senatorial district headquarter.

However, Ademola is currently in Iwo contesting the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Primary election with Senator Olasunkanmi Akinlabi.

Do Your Worse: Renewed Crisis Brewing In FMC Owerri As MD Moves Against Union

By Uchechukwu Ugboaja

If there is an end to the persistent crisis in Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri it is apparently not yet in sight, this is because the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) FMC branch has made fresh moves to push for their unflinching demand for the removal of the Chief Medical Director, Mrs. Angela Uwakwem even as she remains unperturbed as this new storm of controversy gathers.

Exclusive information reaching our investigative reporter who is live in Owerri, Imo State reveals that the Union has launched a fresh move indicated in a fresh letter written to convene a congress of all union members to force the embattled Medical Director who had been alleged to have committed grave infractions since assuming office.

A union member who spoke to our reporter on the basis of anonimity said that an emergency congress of the union is to be held on the 8th of June 2017 to discuss the way forward on lingering issues that affect their members as a result of the failure of leadership in FMC.

However in a quick move to stop the membera of Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) from conducting the congress, it was reported that the Union submitted the letter for the use of the general auditorium late and therefore may not have access to it. The Union went further to insist that whether the MD likes it or not they will hold the meeting and take critical decisions that will be later revealed to the world very soon on their stand in the ongoing cover up and lack of transparency in FMC since the adminiatration of Mrs. Angela Uwakwem took off one of which is lack of promotion and backlog of salaries owed.


You will recall that in November 2016, the embattled Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, Mrs. Angela Uwakwem, was arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, before an Imo State High Court, on an 18-count charge that border on alleged fraudulent activities. Despite these and many more travails the MD doesn’t seem perturbed as she has continued to go about her normal duties of running the leading health institution in Imo state.

A source who wouldn’t like to be named in the office of the MD insisted that the workers who are complaining and revolting are simply not happy with the change that Mrs. Angela has brought to FMC. According to her these people have been used to doing nothing yet get paid at the end of the month, but since madam came in she stops the salary of anyone who fails to show up for work. She is said to have raised the ethical standard of the medical staff and has tried to raise the welfare standard of the workers as well.

Bello Assures Igbos Of Their Security In Kogi

Kogi State Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello, has assured Igbos in the state of the readiness of his administration to continue to protect their interests, saying Nigeria will continue to be a united entity.
Speaking in Lokoja through his Director General on Media and Publicity, Kingsley Fanwo  on the backdrop of events in Kaduna where some people are threatening the Igbo community, the Governor said he supports the stance of the Kaduna State Governor to protect the Igbos in the state.
“As a nation, our strength has always been embedded in our unity in diversity. Nigeria is home to all and we must continue to see ourselves as brothers and sisters in a united nation. Ethnic segregation is unacceptable to humanity and we must continue to wax stronger and unbroken as a nation. The God that created Nigeria is a God who believes in the strength of unity.
“The Kogi State Government under the leadership of Alh. Yahaya Bello wishes to assure all Igbos that they are not only safe in the state, but that the administration will continue to consider Igbos resident in the state as partners in the New Direction Agenda of the government. Igbos should go about the legitimate businesses in the state as they continue to contribute to our economy as a state and a people.
“With the appointment of Igbos into strategic positions in Kogi State, we are making a strong case for social integration in Nigeria. Let me once more salute the courage and nationalism of the Kaduna State Governor who has shown with his recent actions that Kaduna will remain the home of all nationalities.”
Bello tasked the  Northern leaders to continue to defend the interests and safety of non-Northerners living in the North, insisting that unity is more of an action than word.
“As we strive to move out of the economic recession in Nigeria, bloodshed would only compound the situation. We are the same before God and we should always play up the factors that unite us. We can only be strong when we are united.”
Governor Bello called on Nigerians to intensify prayers for the full recovery of Mr. President, saying the health of the President is “quite reassuring and encouraging.” He said the President is sacrificing a lot for the “greatness, prosperity and unity of Nigeria.”
“President Buhari has sacrificed a lot to ensure we remain a respected nation in the comity of nations. Nigerians should pray for his full recovery as he is determined to tame corruption and drive the nation toward prosperity, responsibility and respectability.”

Adeleke: Police Toxicology Report Rules Out Poisoning #AtTheInquest

A toxicology test carried out by the Nigerian Police has ruled out the possibility of poisoning in the death of late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke.

This was made known following the testimony of SP Moses Eleta who took the stand for the second time at the inquest today.

Eleta reading sections of the police toxicology report tendered as exhibit 6 and 8 to the court stated  that  “ exhibit 6 are three bottles containing dark brown liquid labeled blood while exhibit 8 is one postmortem  bottle containing a pale yellow liquid labeled urine”.

“Analysis of exhibit 6 and 8 gave negative results for the presence of chlorinated hydrocarbon herbicides, organo-phosphorus pesticides, rodenticides, metallic poisons, cyanide and tri-cyclic anti-depressants”

CP Eleta submitted others reports including a reply to an enquiry written to the school of nursing Osogbo that confirmed that Alfred Aderibigbe is a licensed nurse.

The toxicology report however revealed a mismatch with the testimony of Aderibigbe a day before. Aderibigbe had yesterday testified before an open court not to have administered gentamicin to the deceased.

#AtTheInquest: Chilling Testimony of Man Who Injected Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke with Banned Drugs

The Coroner’s Inquest sitting at the Osun State High Court today received the chilling testimony of one Alfred Aderibigbe, a self-professed nurse who injected late Senator Isiaka Adeleke with banned drugs shortly before his demise.

When the court resumed at 9am in the morning to hear is testimony, the court registrar read a letter from his lawyer, Mr. Lekan Alabi stating that he was unavailable as he was appearing before another judge at the state high court three. The coroner subsequently adjourned till 12 noon.

At exactly 12noon, the coroner entered the court room to an anxious crowd. He immediately called on the witness to take the witness stand. Alfred who wore a better composure compared to yesterday, began by describing his relationship with the late senator who he described as very cordial.

Alfred who spoke in Yoruba through the help of an interpreter when asked how he met the late senator, stated that; “late Sen. Adeleke was like a father to me, a helper; we were like father and son.”

“I met Sen. Adeleke, then a former governor, after I treated one of his daughter for convulsion many years back, our relationship blossomed thereafter.”

Recalling how the Senator died, Mr. Aderibigbe who has been treating the former Osun governor for over 20 years, reveals he was summoned in the middle of the night on Sunday 23rd April 2017 around 4.33am to come attend to the senator. On getting to his bedroom, Alfred revealed the Senator complained of severe pains in his legs and requested for some drugs to be administered on him in the presence of his friend, one Dipo Fagborode.

Aderibigbe recalled that he left his home with four (4) ampoules of Diazepam (valium) 20ml each, two (2) ampoules of Analgin 50ml each, two (2) ampoules of Hydrocortisone 100ml eachs , one ampoule of Pentazocine, and two vials of Gentamicin 80ml each, but did not administer all the drugs on the late senator.

The nurse informed the coroner that it was his practice to administer prescribed drugs to the senator, even though he prefers overdose. He said, “I only administered only 20ml of diazapram, 50ml of analgin and 200ml hydrocortisone, even though he wanted more. I also administered the Gentamicin on his friend, Dipo Fagborode without a prescription.”

“I opened all the ampoules of drugs in his (Sen. Adeleke) presence, but I did not administer it on him. The essence is so that when he wakes up, he would think I used everything. I only used one ampoule of diazepram. It is my practice to kick the remaining away with my leg.”

When asked if he knew that Analgin was banned by the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control, NAFDAC, over ten years ago, Mr. Aderibigbe said he was aware, but it is his usual practice to make use of the drug on insistence of the senator who he described as ‘powerful’.

“I don’t buy the drugs myself; the senator buys them and keeps with me. Anytime he needs them, he beckons on me. The drugs I used on the 23rd April 2017, was handed to me by Senator Adeleke on 17th of April, 2017.

“Whenever he was given prescription and he probably didn’t complete his treatment in Abuja, I would administer the remaining.

“He had other nurses in Abuja, and some in Lagos.

“I’m his nurse in Ede. I don’t know any of them (other nurses), but I know that whenever he was given injection by those nurses, he would show me in order to know the new area to inject him.”

Aderibigbe though stated that he knew alcohol exacerbate Gout, a condition he knew senator Adeleke was battling with, he stated that the senator rebuffed his advice to stop drinking and opted for treatment with the sedatives, steroids and analgesic.

He revealed the Senator’s choice of drink was Remy Martins, a position which corroborated the testimony of a party chieftain who had received the late senator at his daughter’s wedding the previous day.

Engr. Olasunkanmi Olaniyi whilst testifying earlier in the day had said the late senator did not eat at his party, but he noticed one of Adeleke’s aide served his boss with a bottle of Remy Martins and glass cup.

Continuing his testimony, Aderibigbe said he couldn’t perceive if the late Senator was smelling of Alcohol, but agreed that it was improper to take sedatives, steroids and analgesic after the consumption of Alcohol.

Recall the Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital pathologist who carried out an autopsy on Senator Adeleke revealed his corpse was oozing of alcohol during his testimony yesterday.

Aderibigbe however stated that he left the Senator around 8am to go take a leave of absence from his church where he teaches a Sunday School every Sunday morning.

“On getting back around 9am, Dipo Fagborode told me the senator beckoned on him, with a weak hand, so he asked me to quickly attend to him.

“On getting into his room, he had little life left in him. His pulse was weak and his breathing was almost shutting down. I had to perform a cardiac massage on him. I beckoned on Dipo to assist me and we both continued the cardiac massage, and when he wasn’t responding, I shouted for help, and that was when he was taken to Biket Hospital in Osogbo.

“I didn’t follow in the Senator’s Cardillac vehicle, but I know before getting to Biket Hospital in Osogbo, he would have died.

“At Biket Hospital, Senator Adeleke was pronounced brought in dead.” Aderibigbe revealed.

The coroner has since issued a summon for Dipo Fagborode to appear before him and thereafter adjourned sitting till Friday, 18th May, 2017.