Aregbesola swears in 14 commissioners, charges them to match Awolowo’s record

Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola on Friday swore in 14 Commissioners with a charge to them to match and surpass the benchmark of governance recorded by Chief Obafemi Awolowo in the First Republic.

Aregbesola, who revealed that the immediate past regime of former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola held 48 cabinet meetings throughout the seven-and-half years it held forte in Osun state called on his commissioners to hit the ground running.

In a speech delivered during the swearing in of the commissioners inside the Local Government Service Commission hall, State Secretariat, Osogbo on Friday, Governor Aregbesola explained that the administration headed by Awolowo remained the most progressive in the annals of Nigeria as it became a benchmark and excelled beyond any other since then.

While charging the new commissioners to draw inspiration from that era, he explained that his style was patterned after that of Chief Awolowo whose team he described as the best with every member being brilliant.

Governor Aregbesola recalled further that Chief Awolowo attributed his success in office to his team and quoted the late sage as saying “My team of ministers was unequalled. It was a team of which any head of government in the world will be proud. It was a well knit, highly disciplined and fanatically loyal team. Each of them knew his subject well”.

The governor stressed that he was guided by history in taking every step in governance since coming to power last November as he urged them to demonstrate capacity to justify the reason for their being chosen.

“To the distinguished appointees, you were chosen principally for two reasons. The first is your demonstrable capability and track record. The second is your ideological and political provenance”, he added.

Explaining that all the commissioners drank from the same ideological fountain of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Aregbesola expressed the confidence that his new team would match, if not surpass, the Awolowo benchmark.

Stating that his administration was warming up, the governor promised that “we are going to make a definitive statement on responsive and responsible governance as we transform Osun state positively in all ramifications”.

He told the gathering that he was aware of the enormous challenges in education, healthcare delivery, job creation, infrastructure development, transportation, roads, sports, security, efficient administration of justice and other critical areas of governance.

Aregbesola who called on the new commissioners to shame detractors with resounding success in office cautioned that the detractors of his administration were hoping that his team would fail.

According to him, opponents of his regime were frustrated and disappointed in the past nine months by his achievements in office saying “they were left with mouth agape when we created 20, 000 jobs in less than 100 days in office. They were shocked when we changed the orientation in the state with our rebranding programme that has now respectfully positioned Osun State as ‘Ipinle Omoluabi’. They buried their heads in shame as we launched a very comprehensive agriculture development programme compared to their wasteful and ineffectual attempt in almost eight years.”

“Of course, our other programmes like urban renewal, environmental sanitation, flood control and tourism promotion have thrown them into a fit. These are programmes that resonate with the aspirations and yearnings of the people and are therefore well received”.

The governor added that his administration wanted to hit the ground running and alleged that it was for this reason that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) attempted to impeach him from office within the first week of his taking office.

Mentioning a plot allegedly spearheaded by the Senate President, David Mark, the governor alleged further that the PDP leaders plotted to destabilise Osun State by using PDP legislators to stage his impeachment.

Throwing more light on the plot, Aregbesola said “the background to this was that the leadership of the State House of Assembly was largely reported to have forsworn himself, while we were still fighting for our mandate, that over his dead body would I mount the saddle in the state. But in demonstration of his sovereignty and supremacy over man, my mandate was restored and I mounted the saddle. He was fortunate, and should be thankful, that the almighty did not take him literally at his words”.

The government, he stressed, should be a blessing and not a burden on the people just as he traced the origin of government as a social contract in which individuals submitted their right to self government in exchange for the promotion of their welfare by the government.

Failure on the part of the government to fulfil its part of the contract, he argued, led to rebellion and was responsible for the major conflict around the world currently.

The commissioners were allotted their ministries with Governor Aregebsola and his Deputy, Otunba Grace Titilayo Laoye-Tomori heading the Ministries of Works and Education respectively.

The list went thus: Dr. (Mrs.) Temitope Ilori (Health),

Barrister Suraj Ajibola Bashir (Regional Integration and Special Duties),

Mr. Sunday Akere (Information),

Mr. Richard Adewale Adedoyin (Agric and Food Security),

Mr. Muyiwa Ige (Lands and Physical Planning)

Governor (Works)

Deputy (Education)

Mr. Wale Afolabi (AG & Commissioner for Justice)

Mr. Stephen Kola Balogun (Youth & Sports Development)

Kolapo Alimi (Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs)

Mr. Ismail Jayeoba Alagbada (Commerce, Co-operatives and Empowerment)

Dr. Wale Bolorunduro (Finance and Economic Development)

Professor Oyawoye (Environment)

Ms. Mobolaji Akande (Women Affairs)

Mr. Sikiru Ayedun (Tourism)

42 thoughts on “Aregbesola swears in 14 commissioners, charges them to match Awolowo’s record”

  1. This is a crack team but my local government Irewole was not represented. I am strongly making a case for my local government for we have been very loyal party member and deserve to be appointed commissioner.

  2. I wish them best of luck, and I Pray to Almighty ALLAH to strengthen and give them the ability, wisdom, knowledge & understanding to glide their respective ministry. OSUN ADARA O. IPINLE OMOLUABI.

  3. Mr. Governor, I call you a “blessing” to the state. Your programs are lofty and laudable but not grandiose! Your objectives are concise and achievable. Keep your focus and do not fall victim to detractors and soothsayers. Good luck.

  4. Thank you mr. Gov. for giving us the amiable daughter of okuku to partake in your government.osun a dara o!

  5. Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.Ipinle omoluabi,osun a dara o!

    1. Weep for yourself, for he(your father if you have any) forgot to give you name at birth.You could move to Delta or Bayelsa state,the nearest PinDipi’s state.I cann’t recommend Kwara, bcos your people ‘ll soon park their loads.

  6. Great team, may God give them all wisdom to lead our dear state! Annonymous, your days will be filled with tears as this state is now liberated from poverty development party(pdp). No more thugs like Omisore, Oyinlola, etc. For anyone else like anonymous who hates to see the progress of Osun state may your days be filled with sadness, disappointment and eventually death!

    OSUN A DARA O!!!

  7. A possible crack team but disappointingly unbalanced because most communities that fought PDP tooth and nail in 2007 were left unrepresented. For the records, AC won all the polling booths in Modakeke in April 14th election, 2007- a record unmatched in the massively rigged 2007 general elections and majority of party faithfuls suffered untold hardships in the hand of police as agents of suppression by the PDP. Please, Symbol address this issue so that citizens confidence in government can grow, I will not want to believe the story of a third hand influence.

  8. Great team and very impressive allocation of duties. The composition alone is sensitive to a quick development of osun state. I wish them all well and advise they live up to the task before them

  9. I just wish them the best of luck. They should always remember that they are there for the people of osun state. May GOD guide them

  10. I pray to the almighty GOD to give all the appointed people wisdom and knowledge to take osun state to next level in AREGBESOLA regime. To my good people of osun state please let support them with our prayer and we should allow them to deliver by giving the necessary advise when need not to critize the government. Together as a team. I believe we in CAN we have the quality, we have the people, we have the knowledge and experience people. Let’s go their and make another great history in south west polity which people know our great party for. Congratulations. This position is not for money making but to bring back the heritage and pride of our state and our party.

  11. This was so nice am still urge the governor ,in person of mr rauf aregbesola not to forget those supose to fit for the post,like those honorable that are not alow to return to the house because one reason or the other. thanks

  12. Oyinlola and co was only able to have 48 cabinet meetings in their 392weeks in office.More than being lazy they lacked ideas for good governance is al about ideas.Ogbeni,may God help you to transform your lofty ideas into realities.Your cabinet compositioin is very encouraging.It is a mix of vibrant local politicians and acomplished technocrats.Let the good work continue.OSUN A DARA

  13. Congrat…….to the new team, but to you complaining is not possible for everybody to be in government so dont let dt bothers u…… Just pray for them dts all.

  14. sentiments apart,without a mind of ambiguity or regional influence… Indeed,this cabinet is full of men of ambition,integrity,technocrat and progressive minded..only those who want 2 cry will weep to d end of their life.

  15. Truly everybody cannot be accommodated but those left behind should not be forgotiing i.e those that context for rep. and assembly. They are financial members and shoul not be forgoting. God bless Osun

  16. i was total disappointment, how osun-state governor(rafiu aregbesola) appoint their commission and special adversar. firstly i want the governor to answer all this question l got for him
    During PA, cHIEF, GRANDPA, OBAFEMI AWOLOWO Period , he did not appoint anybody from ogun-state to come and rule in oyo-state yes or no
    govenor pls i want you to tell me who among of your commission that stay in osun -state since 2007 till toady. which total bad.
    no honest person again. ACN OSUN-STATE totally disappoint in you.
    if governor continue like this, you can not win second term whether you believe me or not

  17. Moshood Oni & adetola must every family in Osun State be represented before this government can be effective? Your former vote robber governor Oyinlola was he not from Lagos where he ruled without a tangible achievement? And must every family be given the post of commissioner? What about other post? Please think before posting rubbish on this page and if you are fed up then FUCK OFF!

  18. Why should all communities worry about being appointed commissioners?
    Is appointment given to serve your community or the interest of the state?

  19. I have been hearing of how soon politician forget their promises but this selection only confirmed that character of is on record that out of the towns in osun state it was only in Modakeke where ACN had a landslide victory in 2007 Gubernatorial election yet they are not reckoned with when it comes to sharing of positions.why did we modakeke people that belived in the principles of papa AWO and manifestoes of ACN and despite moving against the majority at that time are been treated this way?or is that there is nobody that is worthy of any position in that community.Oranmiyan ,pls help look into this case of marginalisation.ODUN MERIN MIRAN TUN N BO OOOOOOOOO!

  20. Akindele and co please think commissioners are not appointed to serve only their communities but the state in general. OBJ was our president for 8 years what did he do for Yorubas? Let us forget about this my place, my people stuff and concentrate on good people to represent us.

    My brothers and sisters let us support these people and demand they do great for the benefit of all of us and our children yet unborn.

    OSUN A DARA!!!

  21. Congatulations to the newly appointed Commissioners, may God Amighty give them and the State Governor the wisdom, ability and capability to lead the state to our promised land of our dream.
    People should realise that not everybody can be appointed Governor and Commissioners. If all of us are masgurade, who will be the spectators? People should pray for these honourable gentlemen and women, your time will come also to contribute to the development of Osun State. It is not easy to lead, the sit is hot and one needs prayer and support to be able to achieve the aims and objectives of the state.
    I was intereted in contributing in one way or another to Osun State and came to work as a volunteer at one hospital in the State. Let other people who are professionals at home and abroad come home to work voluntarily for the state for two weeks or one month without taking salary. Not everything is money. Many Nigerians are money worshippers and if you don’t have money in our society you will not be recognised. People should ask for what they can do for Osun State at this crucial period and Nigeria as a whole and not what Nigeria as a nation can do for them.
    Nigeria as a nation have done a lot for me, what have i done for Nigeria?
    I attended primary school without paying a kobo, the same thing in school of Nursing where i was receiving salary while studying and i didn’t pay any fees at the University. What more do i want the country to do for me.
    I am planning to bring some of my friends from the United Kingdom to Nigeria to work as volunteers for the state. Not all of us will be as generous as Chief M.K.O Abiola, the ability we have can be used to developed our state. Let us stop unnecessary and uncontructive criticism of the State Governor and his team.
    May God Almighty bless Osun State and Nigeria as a whole.
    Musa Olaiwon is a native of Ikire in Irewole Local Government.

  22. I congratulate mr gov for swearing in commissioners and i wish them all good luck.
    Mr. gov should stop referring to oyinlola’s tenure and many of what he assumed the man did wrong. Oyinlola has ruled osun in his own strength as no man is perfect and i know he tried very well when as governor.
    It is not going to be on pages of newspapers that we list what he has done but they are all there for all to see.
    Aregbesola should focus more on what he wants to do because its not funny for you to be telling people all the time of your vision…like “i will make osun the best in africa” am not saying its not possible but first things first.
    God bless osun state

  23. mr. gov should realize one thing about oyinlola that osun state people loved him and not words from him will make osun people to say they dont know oyinlola again for he did well and thats the truth.
    oyinlola never fought osun state people while in government , but against acn i think that came not as fellow citizen but with force and confusion….a sane person will do what he does.
    aregbesola was not the only gov aspirant in Nigeria but did as if gov was the highest office one can gain in life.
    there are excellent citizens of osun in other party who wants the best for thier dear state probably more than aregbe’s but his own was quite alarming, forceful, frustrating and any name that is not good one can call it that even citizen were embarrassed by his words and actions even outside the sate.
    His own term too will end very soon whether he uses 1000000 terms, and people coming after him will talk too.
    posterity is there for us and people knows what they are doing even if they pretend to be silent
    God bless osun state.

    1. Evry developed nation in d world were able 2 closed there eyes against parties immediately after electn & open dem 4 d support & dvlopmt of any succeedn govt. Pls, stop nagging & console urself. D damages done by Oyin is numerous, ordern of d killn of his fellow state citizens, draggn d state in2 an adject poverty mansion, enriching his party members & stalwart, crazy school fees, wastefulns of d state property(LAUTECH), helpn pdp members wt funds in constructn of filln statns, 2 mentn bt a few. Au did w luv him? 4get about ur party & give a reasonable advice 2 ds govt. God bless Osun(ARA-ADESOJI RAUF AREGBESOLA)! God bless Nigeria(JEGA-JONATHAN EBELE GOODLUCK AZIKWE)! My piece

  24. my gov i thank god for the wisdom given to you to delay the appointment of the to commissional to this moment because PDP has it in mind that they will have the candidate to be report about the gov activity

  25. I sincerely commend the efforts of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola for steering the ship of the state from Nov.2010 till August 2011 single handedly without sinking. Your ship was full of passengers and heavy loads: OYES,OREAP,OCLEAN,Re-branding”Omoluabi”, Channelizations of major streams, among other lightweight passengers.
    Sir, we would appreciate a throughou overhauling of the existing operational structures in all Ministries and parastatals , now that your fellow combatants have being recruited and assigned responsibilities. Ministry of Environment is one of the ministry that needed your attention. there some oyinlola boys’ called Benny consulting collecting money illegal under the cover that they are working for the state. These people collects and repatriate osun money to pay their former mentor . who is now at the law school. The Local government council who are suppose to be collecting advert. rate are at the losing ending , poor them, some of them don’t understand much about IGR.
    I wish Prof. Oyawoye or who ever is in charge of Billboard will sit down and implement the composition of and An Agency of Advertisement and Signage for the state.
    I wish all the newly commissioned commissioners the best in all the official endeavor. Osun Adara o.

    1. When hon. femi ….. , who was the chairman of house committee on appropriation during oyinlola regime was spearheading the speedy passing of the bill on Street trading and advertisement on behave of benny consulting , 2 weeks to the end of their tenure, where are you.?. I beg it was bisness as usual. let BENNY CONSULTING milk osun a bit before this government send them parking . Remember they’ve invested a lot. thank God those people who used to check our Car Emission have disappeared . I beg Ride on OOO BEENY or what is your name.

  26. Who tell you that Ogbeni Knows these. I am sure if Ogbeni or Otunba Knows something drastic must have being done . But tiem still dey. Let Prof Find out?. If it is true , we want Omo osun to work for osun , not a ton rin wa , who are failuers at 70 to be playing upon our intelligent here. Osun N Tiwa.

  27. I am not impressed that these commissioners choose to dress in Foreign garments as if they are not children of Oodua who have a culture. It is my view that until we are ready to look inward for the solutions to our problems and stop aping and copying the whiltemen, we still have a long way to go.

    From the way they dressed, it is easy to gues the mentality they are going to bring to bear in solving the issues in the state.

    Aregbesola should enjoin the commissioners to help in the cultural revival of our people. It serves its purposes in revising our economic, social and moral degeneration.

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