33 thoughts on “Aregbesola Prays for Osun State from Holy Land”

  1. Enikan, jowo so fun Aregbesola wipe “Holy Land” wa ni Ile-ife, Osogbo, Ijebu-Ode atibebelo. Omo-oshi lo nfi owo-osi ju we ile baba re. Ti Aregbesola ko ba mo nkan to ni, enikan jowo so fun wipe lododuyn “religious tourism” ma nfun Saudi Arabia ati Israel ni billionu owo. Awon eniyan pupo ni Brazil, Cuba, Caribbean ati USA ni won gbagbo ninu Orisha Yoruba. Inu won ma dun gan lati wa si Osun state fun religious tourism. Ti ko ba kin she awon oniranu alaimokan ni awa Afrika nfi si ipo gomina, a ko ni ma gbo oshi bi eyi. Toju nkan ti wa.

    Somebody please tell Aregbesola that Holy Lands are in Ile-ife, Oshogbo, Ijebu-Ode and so on. If Aregbesols does not know the wealth he is in charge of, somebody please tell thim that Saudi Arabia (islam) and Israel (christainity) earn billions every year from religious tourism. Only a bastard child will refer with derision to his or her own heritage. Many people in Brazil, Cuba, Caribbean and USA are very positive about the Orisha Yoruba. They will be happy to visit Osun state for religious tourism. if we Afrikans do not make a habit of employing stupefied bastards into positions of power, we will not be hearing this sort of rubbish.

    1. Ogbeni Aregbe prayer is answered, I personally appreciate this, we need to be thankful to God always. Mecca and Jerusalem are point of contact for prayer hence, unnecessary criticism seems to be politically motivated by enemies of progress.

    2. Remi or wat u call ur name.u r d one of of bad egg we ave in osun state.Although we ave freedom of speech bt u need 2 cencu ur speech dont be idiot cos whom u r talking 2 is old enough 2 be ur father.

  2. What i will also like to know is whether the cost of this billboard message is personally born by Ogbeni Aregbe. Whilst an incumbent Governor does not forfeit his/her religious belief simply by being the Governor to all [the religious and the irreligious}, i think it is a tad imprudent if the cost of the billboard is born by the people of Osun state. I thought these types of injudicious spendings are over with the back of the Okuku princeling!

  3. @ Ade Abanikannda. The billboard is not new. It was on this site last year during Ramadhan like this. It was to be in places all over the state but Oyinlola’s tyrannical regime couldn’t allow it. Remember Oranmiyan billboard @ okefia then? ask Bosun Oyintiloye.

  4. Gov God we answer all our prayer but please find sometin to do on ds strike. OSUN STUDENTS ARE TIRED OF DS

    1. adura ngba ti gbogbo wa ba pa owo po sise ni! owo ara wa la fii maa tun ara wa se o! america ati awon oyinbo yoku ko duro lori adura o, ema se were mo were o, ojojumo ni nwon nse research to muna doko, ti won nse iwadi ati lo si iwaju ati bee bee lo ni ilu oyinbo. Boluwa se da oyinbo, loda larubawa loda yoruba ati gbogbo eyin were ti eko mo wipe Oluwa ko ni so kale wa bayin se ina ati omi ilu yin! O ma se o!!!!! Aregbesola nsise takuntakun osi fi adura kun, ope ni fun Oluwa. Sugbon ti eba fe ki adura Aregbe ogba, eni lati sise karakara tomode tagba atokunrin atobinrin. Ema sun kere ki ena kere, ki ero wipe manna maa jabo lati oke, ko ri bee o. Ask now, what you can do to better Osun State, start a business no matter how small, clean your surrounding, fight corruption, report crimes to the authorities, buy made in Africa products, empower our polytechnics and colleges , universities and trade schools to produce our basic technical needs for farming, transportation, sewage, irrigation, and water schemes. Adura ngba ti eba sise nio – Isiaka Akande

  5. ASALAAAAAAM……… Man of peace, Man of hope, Man of vision. Let QUR’AN and HADITH be ur constitution. We believe in you

  6. I personally join our able ogbeni in his prayer for osun state i belive Allah will answer our in sa Allahu.ohun to ba wu elenu lole fi enu so remi or was so call himself is among devil of osun state.

  7. mr rauf aregbesola, i believe dat god will ans. ur prayer on us. PPle of osun state let’s joing our hand 2geder 2 take osun to d 9ext level

  8. The Governor that has the interest of his people at heart will always pray for his people, and the best set of human being according to the PROPHET OF ISLAM SAW is the set of human being that ”the leaders pray for their followers and the followers pray for their leaders, may God accept all our good prayers

  9. May someone tells Gov, Aregbesola that all these actions are mere prppaganda that has nothing to do with the development of the State. I strongly advise him to borrow a leaf from his fellow ACN governors on how to move Osun State. I admire other ACN governors of Ekiti, Ogun and Oyo States, who started work immediately on assumption of office, instead of rabble rousing the public like aregbesola and his co-travellers are fond of doing. They are still chasing the ghost of Oyinlola administration. A seroius government will come up with the roadmap of his adminstration within the first three months in office or even earlir. I have said it several times without number that holy pilgrimages to both Mecca and Jerusalem are conduit pipes through which our ruling class and their numerous cohorts have milked our treasury dry. If these trips are stopped today, only few of them will dip their hands in their pockets are fund such journeys. We dont necessarily need to go to these lands to pray before our prayers are answered. God is everywhere for everyone us all at all time. Showing the governor on a billboard like a sheik or mullah does not make any sense to all right thinking persons because we are in the 21st century. What the people of OsunState desire from the present administration is delivery of the dividends of democracy. QED!

    1. @Omo-Oba Ayekotito: Your pasted seems like ten years old kid talk who doesn’t appreciate the efforts of his or her parents towards his development. The Aregbesola OYES program has been copied by other ACN in Oyo, Ogun state which means Governor Aregbesola is a self motivated man. Based on the region journey to MAKKAH I can not blame you as you claimed you are from royal family you must definitely find it hard to know the goodness of the both two cities you mentioned which the prophet Abraham the father of the believers has anointed for unborn generation of his children. Governor Aregbesola were amongst the people who did the HAJJ ever before he became Osun state leader which means he afford to do so without looting what you called your father treasure in the palace. And nothing will stop him (Aregbesola) going to MAKKAH in as much is till alive, amin. Anyone that is not happy with his and others trip to holy land like MAKKAH shall never have a step at holy cities in their live time. The freedom of speech should not base on how one practice his or her religion, I just came back from UMRAH 2011 which many well-known Nigerians went as well to pray for what they wants for their lives without looting your father treasury.

  10. Let Aregbe stop deceiving people. He does not know adminstration the only thing he knows is how to sing. Gbogbo aye ti mo ki lo n happen.

  11. Good thing our gov has one to the holy land to seek gods wisdom. im so happy. lets wait till returns and see if he will apply it. may od answer his prayers amen. but we are expectant

  12. it is what u have been doing sir just continue ur good deed and behaviour to the state and human being i farvently believe GOD has answer ur prayer sir.OGBENI RAUF ADESOJI AREGBESOLA

  13. This man,this gov,aregbesola god bless u gives u wisdom in all things.i am praying 4 u that those who wish u not to successed will be put to shame in jesus name.seven & half years wasted by them, who? them! brodas & u want to solve all with prayers,wisdom,connections etc.them no go gree.who? them brodas. i am waiting 4 the best in osun state. aregbe carry go.

  14. Pls let someone tell mr. Aregbesola that he is now ppls governor and prayer like this does not go well in a state with Christian, Muslim and what av u “. . . . . .torment of the Fire. . . . . . worst destination” Where is repentance, forgiveness & so on? . . . we are all once a sinner my friend, somebody pls.

    1. @Amed allah: Your pasted looks like one year old baby who think he /she can walk faster than his or her parents. My bottom line is; you lacked the knowledge of what good governance is all about, that is why you have political biased mind towards Governor Aregbesola.
      The prince of Okuku (Mr Oyinlola) was at that position which Ogbeni Aregbesola is today what tangible project did Mr. Oyinlola did for the state for complete seven good years ? (if you have the answers let know , the places and towns where the projects were been executed completely with osun state funds during Mr. Oyinlola tenure). Mr. Oyinlola travelled more than a pilot monthly rotas to Europe, Israel, China and United states with osun state’s money ( all in the name of searching for an foreign investors to Osun state).
      And uptill his last day at office how many foreign investors did he (Mr Oyinlola) brought to Osun state? Which many sensible Christians, unbelievers and Muslims of the Osun state were screamed for pains of reckless spending of the prince of Okuku (Mr Oyinlola), and somebody like you did not pray hell fire for him (Mr. Oyinlola) or tell him to repent by then?
      But, some like Ogbeni Aregbesola that travelled to MAKKAH to perfume UMRAH with the fear of God in him, who believes in the hereafter in everything that he does, somebody that praying for himself not to be wicked to punish his state people for no reasons. Yet you are not pleased with all his efforts towards the development of the Osun state. Mind you, less than a year he (Ogbeni Aregbesola) has achieved more than what your caucus leader did for seven years! We (the osun state indigenes) should be happy and give prises to God for this present Governor of ours who know the existences of GOD rather than ritual killing sacrifices people. Osun Adara o, Amin, Aseee.

  15. I have more passion for Gov. Aregbesola because he has embarked on some local projects now and as we know that construction starts from the ground i mean foundation consider it to what he’s doing in osun state. Moreover mistake of one minute may never be corrected in ten minutes talkless of seven and half years i even respect his courage to the extent that he can still cope confidently and bouyantly with this volume of pressure, i beleive he’s that man, i can say that with what he has done and would be doing in this state we have a long way to go and success is awaiting us in the near future.
    Osun Adara O.

  16. Ma so yoruba nitori osun lawa, eyin omo Nigeria kilode ti ekun fun ote sise, enikan tun roju lati ma sadura e tun-unbu, orisirisi iroyin ibanuje lagbo lojoojumo nipa Nigeria. Malaysia lemi wa timo ti hun kawe, bemi ko si ni ile molebi mi wa ni ile, ejeki a fowo sowopo ni ipinle osun ko le di ilu ifokan bale yio seseoo. Gomina wa ni osun, ogbeni Aregbesola, adura yin yio gba nitoripe eniyan re ni niyin, atipe adura yin ti hun gba tipetipe etesiwaju pelu daada eo si se aseyori(amin). Mecca lilo kiise irinajo afe rara, origun kan ni oje ninu opo esin Islam. EYIN OMO NIGERIA EKUN FUN ADURA ETIWA TI KUN FUN WAALA TOUN SELE BI, BOMB, WAALA BOKO ARAM, AWON OMO NIGER DELTA, EKUN OMI, IJILILE, ATI BEBEELO, OLILEDE NIGERIA KONI BEJE, OSUN NA KONI BAJEOO, ORILEDE TEMI NA WA KONI BAJEOOO,(AMIN).

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