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In this interview with ABIODUN LAWAL in Osogbo, the Chairmanship Aspirant of Surulere Local Government Council Area of Lagos State on the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Honourable Aderemi Isiaka Oseni, spoke on his desires and intentions of becoming the next council chairman. He also talked about his plans to give the council…”
August 4, 2011 9:53 am

In this interview with ABIODUN LAWAL in Osogbo, the Chairmanship Aspirant of Surulere Local Government Council Area of Lagos State on the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Honourable Aderemi Isiaka Oseni, spoke on his desires and intentions of becoming the next council chairman. He also talked about his plans to give the council a face lift.

Quest: Lagos State is one of the states in Nigeria that have 20 Local council with about 17 area offices including Surulere Local Government Council. What is your vision for the council?
Ans: It is about development, and development has no other style as far as I am concerned. Surulere Local Government Council
has been in existence for some time now but still lacks socio-economic facilities a council desires. It is not possible for my people to enjoy life when the right leader is not there to provide for their basic needs.
Of course, we have had some administrations in the council from other political party but certainly, the
Action Congress of Nigeria is exceptional in terms of capacity building, socio-economic and infrastructural development for the betterment of a community.
Quest: Don’t you think that the council like Surulere is big and needs continual infrastructural facilities in place?
Ans: Yes, but it can be achieved only when visionary leaders are voted in to steer the leadership of the council. The past chairmen had their own initiatives and programmes but the council never felt its benefits. The people of Surulere have come of age with basic needs on their mind and are ready to vote in their choice and are not ready to accept a situation when someone is imposed on them as a leader. I am very optimistic about what their wants are and how to make it up to their needs. Basic projects have been designed that will change people’s living standard such as, poverty alleviation programmes, mini-healthcare centre, small scale business enterprise and the likes.
Quest: How do you intend to solve the problems of traders who hawk their articles on the road?
Ans: My interest in the position stemmed from my belief that the younger generations should steer the
leadership of the council because the ability will be used to mobilize the youths in so many services to
cater for their needs. There have been acres of land for the stability of marketing of goods and services,
a well built motor park, motorable roads for the conveyance of farm produce from the farm to the city.
There is also another yet unborn sporting facility which will afford the youths of the council an avenue to showcase their talents and possibly become the future stars of our national teams. The future stars can be tap from the grassroots since that is where we’ve had most of the ageing stars in the nation’s football teams.
Quest: What’s your take on the problems associated with child and drug abuse?
Ans: It is very disheartening the ways which our youths abuse drugs and it aches my heart. The increase in consumption of banned drugs like
cannabis, cocaine and heroin was a challenge not to nuclear families, but also to the entire society.
Youths take solace in drug consumption for different peer group reasons. But most times, it is due to lack of
employment. I want to remind our traditional rulers and elders that since youths are the ones that would take over their positions in future; they need to be moulded for such roles and the society can be clean when all hands are joined  together to checkmate this menace.
I remember when our president said he once had no shoes; that is the kind of virtue we should inculcate in our youths that the future holds greater value for them in our society which cannot be achieved with drug indulgence.”
Quest: Who are your role models in politics?
Ans: It is a usual thing when you have someone as your role model in as much as you are a politician. Going back memory lane, in the year 1979, I was the youths leader of the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria with Chief Kayode Olowu, Alhaji K.O Daudu who were among the party chieftains then and Mr. Kunle Adeyemo who is now a member in the Lagos State of House of Assembly.
I have chosen both Lagos and Osun states’ governors, Mr Babatunde Raji Fasola and Engineer Rauf Aregbesola because of the transparency and accountability styles they have chosen as the major tool to steer the affairs of their states. Another thing to be noted about the governors is the provision of employment for the teeming youths, even spread of dividends of democracy and ensuring a clean and healthy environment in their states.
Quest: How do you think the lingering problems of insecurity and national menace of electricity can be solved?
Ans: The most important thing is for us to put in place a mechanism that will bring the faulty transformers back in shape and make some needed wiring so as to enhance a better flow of electricity throughout the council. Those behind the killings and bombings of innocent souls should be brought to book because both Islam and Christianity doctrine preaches strongly against the killings of one’s brother irrespective of tribe and religion. These two religions mean peace and submission to the will of God and thus it should remain so, in both theory and practice.
I was among the security personnel that corrected many of the fraudulently-declared electoral results during last general governorship elections in Osun State and since I could escape the wrath of the opposition party during the judgment of the court that truncated the manipulated election upon which Prince (Mr)Olagunsoye Oyinlola was sworn in and later, replaced with the rightful winner, Engineer Rauf Aregbesolsa of the Action Congress of Nigeria.
So, with my cordial relationship with the Nigeria Police and other security agencies within and outside Lagos State, safety will surely be met quickly and crime rate will be drastically reduced to the barest minimum, which will further enhance the closest communal co-existence in the council.  With the skills and experience acquired from the Lagos State Governor Fashola, whose governance has brought better living to the people of Lagos State since four years and some months now, I am promising that my leadership will never be the opposite of the present dividends of democracy being currently enjoyed in the state.
People will talk at every administration both in council and state and you decide that you won’t do something simply because of what people will say or because of the way you are going to be perceived, then I think leadership is not a thing someone without courage can dabble into.
Long live Nigeria, long live Lagos State and long live Surulere Local Government. Amen.

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