Aregbesola Extols Chief Bisi Akande’s Virtues At 70

The Osun state gubernatorial candidate in 2007 elections, Engr. Rauf Aregbesola, has congratulated the Asiwaju of Ila-Orangun, and the National Chairman of Action Congress and the former Governor of Osun State, Chief Bisi Akande on his seventieth birthday.

Aregbesola, the chief host of the occasion which will hold on 14th and 16th in Lagos and Osun States respectively described Chief Bisi Akande as an illustrious man, and a leading light, with enviable and impeccable records, coupled with a legacy for uprightness, an archetypal patriot, undaunting in the face of challenges and tyranny.

It is indeed worth celebrating a man of history, an outstanding progressive and administrator, a foremost nationalist who is a progeny of noble-fighters. A man who during his stewardship as the Governor of Osun state clinched the award as the best governor twice from the opposition, Osun state was beyond doubt the epitome of welfares in the nation, as he consistently met the fundamental needs of the people with a monumental effect on the standard of living.

Rising from a humble background to enviable national prominence, he is a man to be praised to the skies as an achiever and a virtuous diplomat worthy of emulation. A man who is highly competent, full of initiative, original in thought, practical and often very immovable when he is convinced about a matter. A man who endures tribulations in his quest for democracy and justice.

He is no ordinary leader. There are those who believe he is divinely inspired, and it is indeed difficult not to believe them. He dared to exhort meekness in a time when the violence of despots exploded on us; he traded self-interest for group interest without minimizing the importance of self. In fact, the interdependence of the social and personal in decision-making was the heart of his philosophy. He seeks the synchronized and interactive development of the moral person and the moral society.

He is a statesman, with a critical conscience, and an endearing witness who does not trifle with the efflorescence of human life and the heuristic value of truth, popularly known as ‘otito koro’, a potent moral force, a man of action, original in thought thrives.

Lastly, Aregbesola admonished Akande’s admirers and friends, not to see the event as another time to only wine and dine, but to ponder and emulate the virtues of the celebrant and rededicate themselves to the cause of redeeming our land and people.

Happy birthday to you Sir, “Igba odun odun kan ni oo.”

Signed by;

Oyintiloye Olatunbosun, Personal Assistant on Media and Publicity

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