Aregbesola And Investment Drives

A critical element in the methodical governance of Ogbeni Rauf
Aregbesola is a sensible focus on creating the atmosphere as well as
enabling environment to stimulate a continuous flow of direct
investment into Osun state. To state the obvious this is absolutely
essential, for, we are all alarmingly aware that it is not only Osun
state but Nigeria as a whole that is sitting on a demographic time

The reason for this is obvious. A majority of the population is below
30 years of age. A continuous flow of youths are coming out of the
schools, and out of the tertiary institutions. Pray thee, where are
the jobs? Since as is often state,d an idle mind is the devil’s
workshop, there is every need to be perturbed. Furthermore, living
standard in Osun state can only be improved upon by the provision of
long term sustainable employment.

This will translate into a wider tax base for the state and the local
governments, thereby enabling government to have greater resources to
fund the social sectors such as health, education, welfare and so
forth. The determination of the Aregbesola led administration is
therefore commendable. Already, we are seeing results. Name it, the
investors are arriving. From far places such as South Korea, China and
other destinations we are already observing expression of interest and
greater still, irreversible commitments. The enthusiasm being
manifested is an unambiguous vote of confidence and Aregbesola’s
policy thrust and can-do mien.

From what we can observe, the policy thrust very sensibly links the
moderniosation of agriculture with the development of the agro-allied
industries going into light, medium scale and heavy industries. We can
not but observe that the task ahead will not be easy. Due to years of
maladministration the state is starting on a very low base. The
infrastructure of Osun state today is dilapidated where it exists.

Let us realise that to consolidate inward inflow of investments the
infrastructure must be built up. This will be a decisive battleground
requiring massive investments in infrastructure. It is a daunting
task. However, the can-do Ogbeni Gomina is as always up to the task.
Daunting it is! For example the unlamented maladministration of
Olagunsoye Oyinlola blew a fortune in the graft ridden (or is it
induced) attempt to build an airport. There is nothing to show on
ground for this scam. Nevertheless at least a cargo airport is of
vital importance to attract investments. It will have to be reworked
and done.

Other vitally needed infrastructural inputs include roads, power and a
functioning educational system based on skill acquisition. The utterly
irresponsible and reprehensible attitude to infrastructural
development by the Oyinlola maladministration has to be corrected. For
example industrial estates have to be constructed so as to have
clusters with necessary infrastructure from which industries can
operate. We may care to remember that the Awolowo government in the
1950s developed such clusters in Ibadan and Ikeja to stimulate their
investment programme. Their prototype must be replicated.

To overcome the infrastructure deficit nd the obstacles sown by the
departed Oyinlola group will require fastidiousness, the paying of
meticulous attention to details and tenacity of purpose. For this
reason the detractors, the professional rumour mongers should sheath
their swords. Every family in Osun state has something to gain from
Aregbesola’s investment thrust. Every family has a youngstar looking
for sustainable employment.

This is the time to support Ogbeni Gomina’s worthy initiative with our
thoughts, prayers and ideas. This cannot be the time for rascality.
That unedifying piece of mischievousness went out with Oyinlola
maladministration. A capable hand has come to clean up the mess and is
already in a short time reinvigorating the state. Let us all rally
around him.

It’s well!

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