13 thoughts on “Aregbesola, Ajimobi Meets Mayor of Holy Makkah”

  1. Ko sowo, No Money, destroy this nation and be happy. Travel out the way you want and see what will become of Nigeria. God is watching all of you. Politicians……………. You are unfair. God will not allow your plans to work over this country.

  2. I feel like cursing the both of u from that bleeding part of my wounded heart but I’ll hold my peace……you pretend as if u don’t know what is going on in LTH osogbo.for humanity sake the students of that institution have been stalled academically for over a year.I’m just bewildered by the set of leaders who run or should I say ruin our country today.
    Shame on u both!and shame on the much anticipated change of the ACN.come 2015 by God’s grace u’ll all be voted out

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