Appeal Court Sacks Oyinlola’s Henchmen from 30 LGs In Osun State

Gov. Oyinlola Olagunsoye of Osun State

Nemesis has caught up with the lawless

Judgement of the Court of Appeal, Ibadan which dissolved the 30 Local Governments of Osun State today is another victory for democracy, rule of law and the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It is not surprising that the embattled Osun State Government led by Brigadier-General Olagunsoye Oyinlola is panting and desperately went on air to countermand the Court of Appeal.

It is a blatant lie for the PDP-led regime to say that Local Government Chairmen who took office through an election that violated the laws of Nigeria are not affected by the judgement. Nemesis has finally caught up with the guilty and the law will now take its course.

The Law has taken a clear position; only the lawless will hold otherwise in this constitutional republic.

What the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice said on the Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC) today amounted to high treason and a call to lawlessness.

The Government ought to have told a better lie because it is impossible for the respondent to file an appeal before the Supreme Court when the Certified True Copy of the Court of Appeal Judgement has not been officially received.

The statement by Mr. Niyi Owolade that the Osun state government has gone to the Supreme court over the judgement amounted to panicky step to confuse members of the the public on the verdict.

The statement is a confirmation of the claim by observers of the Osun State Government that it has a problem with the rule of law.

We salute the people of Osun State for their loyalty and perseverance since we announced a boycott of the Local Government Poll on December 14, 2007.

The hen is now coming home to roost for those who have little or no regard for the rule of law and who thrive on illegalities and flagrant disobedience for what is right and correct.

We appeal to our people to continue to be calm and law abiding even in the face of unmerited provocation. The day of justice which we have been expecting long ago shall soon come when darkness will depart from our shores and light will shine perpetually.

We urge our people to be calm, peace full and law abiding and await further directives form the their authentic and credible leaders.
Certainly, victory is at hand

SIGNED: Gbenga Fayemiwo
Media Director To The Action Congress (AC) Gubernatorial Candidate for Osun State, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola

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