APC Warns Osun Residents Of PDP Lies Ahead Governorship Election

The All Progressives Congress in the state of Osun has warned ‘citizens of the state and those elsewhere in the country who care about truth to be particularly careful of the dangerous lies of the PDP being spread through its fake news outlets in the internet about events in the state’.

According to the APC, ‘in this election year, the PDP will get beyond itself in telling outright lies to confuse, deceive or mislead those  who have limited access to authentic information in order to demonize the state government and attempt to win people’s sympathy’.

In a press release from the APC Directorate of Publicity, Research and Strategy, and signed by its Director, Kunle Oyatomi, the party said that whatever information put out there in the social or regular media by the PDP should be regarded as a cocktail of distorted information, outright lies and disinformation materials, should be taken with a grain of salt’.

The APC was particularly peeved by stories inserted in the depraved social media used by PDP troll to the effect that only about 100 people loyal to the party were paid backlog of pensioners’ entitlement, which the government started disbursing on Monday.

‘But the truth’, according to the APC, ‘is that 2006 people have had disbursements totalling N1.2 billion, either in gratuity or contributory pension and another N150 million has again been approved during the week for the same purpose. And we confirm that the payments were made without discrimination’.

‘So for the PDP media of lies and wickedly made-up stories to diminish the impact of this exercise on the fake news outlets, is disgraceful, and unbecoming of a party that seeks political power in Osun’, the APC declared.

The APC said that ‘the marvelous achievements of the Aregbesola-led APC government, even at a time of limited resources on the home-stretch of his tenure, will get the PDP into desperation  and resort to lies and made-up stories all in the attempt to tarnish the APC before the electorate.

‘Osun people should first demand proof from the PDP  before giving any credence to stories from their factories of lies.

‘Concorting lies against your opponent is not politics; rather it’s wickedness. When individuals who should otherwise behave responsibly prefer reprehensible conduct and trading in criminal falacies, then people of Osun and observers out there should recognize sport-on, that such individuals are both fake and bad losers; they are not to be trusted to run a progressive government.

‘That’s the kind of politicians that the PDP has on offer in the state of Osun – deplorable’, the APC said.