APC Remains The Party To Beat In Nigeria – Oyintiloye

By Nofisat Marindoti

A member of the State of Osun House of Assembly and the Chairman of the Assembly’s Committee on Information,
Hon. Bosun Oyintiloye has posited that the ruling party in the state, the All Progressives Congress, APC, still remains a party to beat not only in the State but throughout the country.

“You learn success and failure not only in life but also in politics, you learn from mistakes and adopt a system that makes you take advantage of your experience. I disagree with you that APC is not popular, It still remains the party to beat not only in Osun but the nation.”

Oyintiloye said this during an interview with journalists in Osogbo, the state capital on Friday.

Expressing his gratitude to God for his current social status, Oyintiloye said he had learnt that for any task assignment or profession, there is the need for perception to be clear, adding that one must know the fundamental of what the assignment demands or entails.

Oyintiloye who listed his achievements, stated that as a law maker, he has contributed his quota in business of representation, law-making, and community development.

“I have ameliorated poverty, made myself abundantly available for my people, empowered rural farmers, awakened hope among youths, created opportunities, build confidence and inspired change.

“With every sense of modesty I have impacted on my constituency in divers areas, I have sponsored four bills including the Osun historical sites, structures and items designation and preservation bill 2016 which will pave way for the proper preservation of Yoruba’s historical facts, details and items for the coming generation.

“I have moved a motion on suspended Federal Government projects across the state which is about N20.318 billion. These projects includes road infrastructure, water schemes, and housing, as you are aware some of the projects have been awarded as far back as 2008 and have either been abandoned or slowed down owing to non-disbursement of fund by the federal government.

“Though I am a lawmaker, I have taken bold step to complement the efforts of the state government, especially in the area of human development, capacity building and infrastructural developments. My impact can also be felt in the area of security as I facilitated in the restoration of the Police’s Armoured patrol vehicle to Ibokun

“I believe semi urban communities deserves beautification and face lifting, this motive inspired me to embark on reconstruction and beautification of Obokun roundabout as well played leading role in the renovation of the Ibokun ancient palace.

“In addition, I have renovated over 16 shops and constructed an ultramodern 12-room shop at the Ibokun Central Market and built 8-room stalls in Ibokun Daily Market for the teeming market men and women. In Ipetu-Ile markets, I renovated 40 stalls of market buildings; in Ikiyinwa, I constructed market structures of 10 shops among others, for the betterment of our industrious people.

“Not only that I facilitated drilling of boreholes and hand-pump wells across Obokun State Constituency and installation of transformers in Ajebandele/Oja Tuntun and Kojegbin communities among others.”

Asked about his major challenges as a lawmaker, Oyintiloye said he does not have odd challenges and had always managed the ones he has normally.

“I do not think, I have odd challenges per se, just normal basic challenges, really, I got to learn the rope, procedures and proceedings, lobbying, external communication, managing information, social listening, disseminating information, initiating bill and all the rests.

“Nothing odd, nothing strange. You need to learn how to make yourself to be understood, you need to challenge misconception and listen to and respect the opinion of others. Generally speaking, maturity on the part of leadership and colleagues in the assembly paid off.”

One thought on “APC Remains The Party To Beat In Nigeria – Oyintiloye”

  1. What is your APC is doing that we have not seen it. You are very proud of your corrupt APC party and it’s not better than PDP. Sometimes I try to envisage the mannerism of some people Had you ever thought setting aside the Nation recommendations by the people. Which one is that Buhari does not comprehend? In democracy land, the ruling party follows the people yawning. It’s a slap on Nigerians to had not implemented the recommendations eg take a look at Brexit. Lazy thinking people and gloating on mediocre Administration.

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