Abuja Protest Against Osun Govt Irresponsible – APC

The All Progressives Congress in the state of Osun has roundly condemned the protest‎ by the so-called Civil Society Coalition for the Emancipation of Osun State at the National Assembly on last Tuesday, purportedly over unpaid salaries.
The party described the action as irresponsible and lacking in common sense, because first,  there is no basis for it and secondly it was ill-motivated.
According to the state party’s chairman, Prince Gboyega Famodun in a statement in Osogbo, Osun, like many other states in the country is doing all that is humanly possible to manage the crisis of economic downturn occasioned by a drop in oil prices worldwide.
Every knowledgeable person about the salary crisis in Osun can testify to the fact that Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been open and transparent in his dealing with the workers, and there is on-going understanding between both parties to address the issue on the basis of whatever fund is available to the state, either from the Federal or internally generated funds.
The peace and understanding that reign in Osun today is as a result of the pact between the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the government to address the salary issue on the basis of the earnings of the state government.
Even the president of the NLC, Ayuba Wabba, in an interview on Monday, ‎confirmed that ‘there is actually cooperation towards addressing the salary issue’, and he indicated further that ‘Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been transparent in putting on the table whatever money comes in’.
So in a situation where there is no rancour, it is most unbecoming for a group like the Coalition to go to Abuja and give a false impression‎ about the crisis which does not exist.
‘And to make matters worse on the basis of a non-existent crisis, the group went to Abuja to call on the National Assembly to intervene.
‘If the group is ignorant and unpatriotic, the National Assembly is not, because members of that Assembly have comprehensive knowledge of what is going on in the country.
The APC therefore called on whatever political party or group of persons who were behind this Coalition group to stop fanning trouble and join hands with the reasonable people in government who are doing their best to manage a crisis that is apparently beyond the country.
‘Aregbesola will be vindicated sooner than later because what he stands for and what he is doing in Osun are  in the best interest of the people.
‘ So any group that wants to be relevant in the state should conduct itself with a high sense of responsibility and commitment in collaborating with those who are striving to make thing‎s work, rather than go out of the state to invite outsiders to meddle in the internal affairs of the state.
‘The earlier the sponsors of this people and those misguided elements in the societies involved come to their senses and do what is right, the better for them in particular and the state in general.


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